One of the best festive season of the year to me is always Chirstmas, I just do not know why that Christmas songs and deco always make the whole place and ambiance very nice and happy. Its the time of the year again as now its Chirstmas Eve and I am sure every one is busy’in getting last minute Christmas present for their love one’s, friends and family.

christmas deco (1)

This Year I stumble on the mall less so manage to capture some of their deco’s. . . .Sunway Pyramid Chirstmas Deco. ..

christmas deco (2)

christmas deco (3)

KLCC Chirstmas Deco is always very bored and plain . . .

christmas deco (4)

The mall that nearest to my house is Pavilion. I guess this year they do not have any snowfall as didnt see any one blog about it but their decoration yearly is very impressive on the whole mall. At their main entrance. . .

christmas deco (5)

Indoor with a huge cage style pavilion build in the center hall..

christmas deco (6)

christmas deco (7)

christmas deco (8)

and I just dream and wish that we do have White Chirstmas.  . . .

Have or do not have is just a wish. . .. I would like wish all my friends and readers. . .

Merry Chirstmas




 Happy New Year . .


Enjoy your night, drink safe and drive safe!

One of the thing that I have been asking around from my Malay friends and colleague are which pasar ramahdan is recommended to go? There are a few actually with like of Kelana Jaya, Taman Tun Dr.Ismail (TTDI) Pasar Ramahdan 2010 and one of the most highly recommended was Taman Melawati but then for this round, we, me, Ken and Andrew decided to make our first street photography and food hunt at TTDI.

We reach the place pretty early around 3pm and there are still some stalls setting up but most of them are already selling like hot cakes. One of the reason that the residence are unhappy about this about the traffic is cannot deny that this TTDI Pasar Ramahdan is quite impressive with its size of the bazaar is big, circulating the main middle area of shop houses.  It will be start off with the stretch in front Popeye towards KFC and to Shell end, more like a retangular shape. You Imagine yourself how big it is.

this post will be more on pictures on this lovely Pasar Ramahdan.


Ayam Percik

TTDI (2)

TTDI (3)

Kelantan Style Ayam Percik

TTDI (4)

Kuih Muih

TTDI (5)

Krim Karamel

TTDI (6)

Malay version of Leng Chi Kang

TTDI (7)

TTDI (8)

the Legends Continue. .

TTDI (9)

Pipping hot Ayam Madu

TTDI (10)

Pan Fried Cockles

TTDI (11)

A juice drink from Egypt, Best is the brand and we tried all the juices as were selling 3 for RM10 and the best is Mango.

TTDI (13)

 Putu Piring Gula Melaka is one of the longest que that we have seen in the bazaar from start to end.

TTDI (14)

TTDI (15)

TTDI (16)


TTDI (17)

TTDI (18)

Roast Lamb for Kebab

TTDI (19)

Ayam Percik 1 Malaysia

TTDI (20)

More like east malaysia cuisine Kelantan area as she homecook it.

TTDI (21)

TTDI (22)

TTDI (23)

TTDI (24)

Indian Ice Kacang with optional of adding pulut.

TTDI (25)

TTDI (26)

Fried Popiah

TTDI (27)

TTDI (28)

TTDI (29)

Selling pretty fast.

In Penang, besides famous for its food, one of the signature landmark that represents the island is known as Kek Lok Si Temple (known as Temple of Supreme Bliss) which is more than 100 years old that is located at Ayer Itam, which is consider one of the biggest Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia. More info:

Kek Lok Si (6)

Kek Lok Si (5)

The Old Guan Yin Statue that had been reconstruct.
The new Bronze statue of Guan Yin that completed in the year 2002 had make a hit in the island to replace the white statue that got damage in a blaze and the newly build roof top to cover and protect the Guan Yin Statue had make a breath taking sight from far that completed end of the year 2009 and now alot of tourist are flocking this place.

This magnificent temple was build upon the fund of the public and tourist and donations from all around the world to preserve the great history of it.

Kek Lok Si (4)

Kek Lok Si (3)

Kek Lok Si (2)

Kek Lok Si

Besides this, during Chinese New Year is also consider one of the place must visit during this festive season as the whole temple is fully light up to give the spectacular night view and will last for 33 days. Thanks to Ken and Coco for the night photoshot.

kek lok si 7

1 (2)


For foreign travells, you can get to this temple by public transportation which is one of the main change terminal is at Penang Jetty or Prangin Mall/Komtar with bus:
Rapid Penang Bus Route No: U201 / U203 / U204 / U206 / U502

After so many years I did not go for the Chinese New Year street heritage trail and this Chinese New Year I went with my parents as I am quite free on that time, then also take the opportunity to do some street photography as I never do before. It was burning hot in the afternoon and my parents plan to go in the evening. This event had attracted more than 100,000 people around the region.

This event is held yearly during the 6th or 7th day of Chinese New Year or mostly on that weekend to ensure everyone from the north side can enjoy this street thing. All of us that went there will be entertain by a lot of street performance as in the later photo will trail through what is going on. To a lot of photographers, this would consider a great for photoshoot. This post would be alot of photo’s.

CNY Heritage Trail

The first stop for the day.

CNY Heritage Trail (2)

CNY Heritage Trail (3)

CNY Heritage Trail (4)

CNY Heritage Trail (5)

CNY Heritage Trail (6)

a lion dance performance on the street.

CNY Heritage Trail (7)

CNY Heritage Trail (9)

the band of drummers

CNY Heritage Trail (10)

the mini chingay festival

CNY Heritage Trail (11)

CNY Heritage Trail (12)

CNY Heritage Trail (13)

CNY Heritage Trail (14)

CNY Heritage Trail (15)

CNY Heritage Trail (16)

CNY Heritage Trail (17)

I did not know that, there is a hidden temple inside this building.

CNY Heritage Trail (18)

CNY Heritage Trail (19)

CNY Heritage Trail (20)

CNY Heritage Trail (21)

CNY Heritage Trail (22)

CNY Heritage Trail (23)

CNY Heritage Trail (24)

CNY Heritage Trail (25)

Another temple.

CNY Heritage Trail (26)

and another temple.

CNY Heritage Trail (27)

CNY Heritage Trail (28)

This is how the crowd had pour in from all over the place.

CNY Heritage Trail (29)

A very historic building during long long time ago when Sun Yat Sen had a meeting to overturn China empire back in those days. If you do watch Bodyguard and Assassins the story is in it.

CNY Heritage Trail (30)

CNY Heritage Trail (31)

Then there sell the mini opera puppet.

CNY Heritage Trail (35)

Then if for Chinese that do not know what is the custome when comes during certain month of the calender, this streets has it all to help you understand chinese customs. With the ingrediant/item need to prepare and when is it and also with the explanation behind the whole process.
CNY Heritage Trail (34)

CNY Heritage Trail (36)

This is one of the booth that displaying the item of praying the 9th God which is during the 9th day of CNY.

CNY Heritage Trail (37)

CNY Heritage Trail (38)

Further explanation banner is add up on the side of the booth, to help us understand the reason or the story of the whole praying event.

CNY Heritage Trail (39)

CNY Heritage Trail (40)

CNY Heritage Trail (41)

CNY Heritage Trail (42)

CNY Heritage Trail (43)

CNY Heritage Trail (44)

CNY Heritage Trail (45)

CNY Heritage Trail (46)

CNY Heritage Trail (47)

CNY Heritage Trail (48)

CNY Heritage Trail (49)

CNY Heritage Trail (50)

CNY Heritage Trail (51)

To the main area of the night which is consider one as most of the heritage place. Khoo Kongsi.

CNY Heritage Trail (52)

CNY Heritage Trail (53)

On the way walking in, there are a few stalls set up along the path with those who are good in hand craft..

CNY Heritage Trail (54)

The main temple of Khoo Kongsi is beautifully light up on the night.

CNY Heritage Trail (55)

Facing directly of the temple which is this stage.

CNY Heritage Trail (56)

CNY Heritage Trail (57)

One of the very tradition Putu Mayong from indian.

CNY Heritage Trail (58)

One of the thing that track back my classic memory was this little cotton candy stall by this uncle. Modern days, there are not many places that offer this kind of cotton candy machine making already as I remember when I was a little kid, during fun fair my parents would buy me and my bro one stick each. Using a stick and circle around the mini cotton candy web around it to make it very fluffy and its best to eat it fresh!

CNY Heritage Trail (59)

The husband and wife doing it.

CNY Heritage Trail (60)

CNY Heritage Trail (61)

CNY Heritage Trail (62)

If you are looking for a very classic type of item, this shop has it. 47 Armenian street, Pg.

CNY Heritage Trail (63)

CNY Heritage Trail (64)

When I am walking back, the chingay team still there and this round they are performing more daring tricks already with 2 person standing on the back and the front one will kick the whole flag post to let the other guy hold on his teeth.

CNY Heritage Trail (66)

CNY Heritage Trail (67)

CNY Heritage Trail (68)

If you are looking for any firefood Char Koay Kak…add on with more tauge and garlic…its just yummm..

CNY Heritage Trail (69)

went back to the place with Chinese Opera on the stage streets.

CNY Heritage Trail (70)

CNY Heritage Trail (71)

The temple was beautifully light up during the night during my first stop.

CNY Heritage Trail (72)

Am I am very happy with what Penang had held during this festival and surely next year I would return again for more photography. Happy Chinese New Year to all of you again… Huat AH~~~~

Armenian Street, Penang.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Every Chinese is busy replanish stock for other family members and friends to visit them. Traffic and parking is a pain in the ass but another thing that draws alot of people to the mall is to take picture of the deco. The deco in most of the malls now are really putting alot of efford and investment in it. Its very impressive as part of the crowd drawing. Did not went to alot of malls but just went to the very main few ones.

CNY Deco'10

The decoration of 1-Utama is the ‘Fatt Choy Mau’ Prosperity Cat.. When it was setting up, I always keep wonder will the hand move like what most restaurant display.

CNY Deco'10 (11)

Sunway Pyramid

CNY Deco'10 (2)
Mid Valley very ancient China feel

CNY Deco'10 (4)

and recently most people flock to this place for the Christmas Deco and now their Cny Deco also very impressive with alot of ‘Mei Hua’ deco on the side walk at Pavilion

CNY Deco'10 (3)

a good place for photoshoot

CNY Deco'10 (5)

Fresh flowers decorated along the hallway main entrance

CNY Deco'10 (6)

CNY Deco'10 (7)
With lotus and water lily to act like a mini pound

CNY Deco'10 (8)

CNY Deco'10 (9)

Not to miss their night view~

CNY Deco'10 (10)

Since this 2 months is all about wedding season so I take this opportunity to blog about this as it was on my previous long holiday back at Penang and that is when I got a chance to tag along with Sunny to deliver his cake to the client for his wedding cake. To my surprise, I never thought that the wedding cake could weigh so heavy that easily weigh around 9-12kgs as I always thought that the top layer would be the original and the bottom layer is all dummies that proves me wrong on this wedding cakes until I lifted it myself.

Helping out Sunny to do the delivery as the cake is place on my lap and have to take a good care of it during the journey to Parkroyal at Batu Ferringi. When I reach, I was bombshell that it was actually a garden style wedding dinner instead in a ballroom that I have not attend one in actual before.

It would actually be a girls dream to have a garden style wedding, perfectly setting up garden style with outdoor atmosphere that located next to the seaside, with sea breeze blowing and the smell of the salty sea.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake (2)

The lovely board that show the seating of all the invited guest which pair with the theme of that place.

Wedding Cake (3)

This is what I mean with garden style wedding dinner concept.

Wedding Cake (4)

The seating arrangement of the newly wed and all their fellows parents will be seated in this area facing all the crowd. Feels like one of the part in Hollywood movie.

Wedding Cake (5)

Wedding Cake (6)

I just love how the tables got set up with lovely Chinese fusion influence with the guest name all on the table with a pair of chopsticks as their souvenir.

Wedding Cake (10)

Wedding Cake (15)

Wedding Cake (11)

Yet you are enjoying the rest of the night with nice char grill, bbq, and buffet style dinner.

Wedding Cake (12)

With the invited singers that singing slow ballet songs on the background yet we get a chance to talk with every one on the table with some windy sea breeze yet if you don like it here, you can walk to the sea side or pool side.

Wedding Cake (13)

Popping your champagne with a blast …

Wedding Cake (14)

Cutting the cake by Sunny Yaw with the white wedding cake with something relates to home, she wanted flowers and have the seal on the cake that had requested by Kelly.

Wedding Cake (16)

Yet amazing natural portrait photo shoot that will capture the happy moments of every one at such a nice environment is absolutely memorable.

Wedding Cake (18)

The photoshoot of both the families.

Wedding Cake (19)
Yet I want to congrats to the newly wed Kelly & Matt.

Wedding Cake (20)

Wedding Cake (21)
That few years from that, their families will grow and kids will be as cute as this little girl.

Wedding Cake (22)

and wish their moments will last forever and lovely yet to capture another portrait again 30 years down the road as their child get married.

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