Christmas is a timeless occasion filled with joy and happiness. We could celebrate Christmas the same way we did last year and the year prior, or perhaps we could bless our loved ones with an unforgettable Christmas, rendered special by the infinite innovation of InfinityLab.

 Gifts that keep you close to their hearts

 Children, teenagers and adults alike have come to see the handphone as an indispensable device in their lives. Regardless of its usefulness, we can all attest that the advancement of technology has yet to solve the prime problem, which is battery consumption. 

 Imagine your loved ones unwrapping an InstantGo 10000 wireless charger under the Christmas tree. It fits right into the palm of their hands and comfortably too. Watch as their eyes light up with awe as the InstantGo 10000 wireless charger with its capacity of 10W of Qi quickly channels power into their energy-starved devices with the unique Power Delivery 3.0 feature.

 For a better description, an iPhone12 may take up to a record 30 minutes to charge up to 50%, while it is 40 minutes for the Samsung Galaxy S21. Since your loved ones will be charging their phones often, just the sight of the InstantGo 10000 wireless charger puts you into their thoughts, every day.

InstantGo wireless 10000 Charger (2)

InstantGo wireless 10000.

Being a one-of-a-kind charger, the InstantGo 1000 wireless charger instantly sets itself apart from the generic chargers by eliminating those wires that oftentimes form a tangled mess. Built for style and functionality, its slim build allows it to nestle so snugly in your pocket. 

 Since it is manufactured in neutral black and white or rich blue, your fashionable teens will certainly appreciate the fact that they could now rock their latest apparel with a charger that puts other chargers to shame. Even better, the InstantGo 10000 wireless charger comes with an auto-protect function that allows it to safely charge up to three devices at a time. 

 The smart passthrough function also allows you to charge your phone and power bank at the same time with just a single electrical outlet. All these wonderful attributes are bound to put a wide smile on their faces. And incidentally, making them happy makes you happy. And that is the joy of giving!

 Long-distance relationship is no longer a problem

 Grandpa and grandma might not be in their physical prime to travel for Christmas. Or you may have a relative or two who decided to go on their second honeymoon instead of sharing a plump turkey with you at the dinner table.

 But fret not, because with technology in our hands, or more specifically, the ClearCall portable USB and Bluetooth speakerphone, distance will not dampen our love and affection.

 Crystal-clear hands-free communication provided by the ClearCall makes it feel as though your loved ones are speaking right in front of you. The echo and noise-cancelling tech incorporated into the ClearCall clear all distractions. And what’s more, you can speak freely too, since the 360-degree microphone technology allows you to be heard from anywhere in the room.ClearCall Portable USB and Bluetooth speakerphone (2) ClearCall Portable USB and Bluetooth speakerphone.

Sometimes, your technology-illiterate yet adorable grandparents need to summon you into their room too. InfinityLab understands this issue, hence, the setup is made simple where they only need to plug the ClearCall into a USB port. Bluetooth 5.0 wireless streaming also seamlessly connects the ClearCall to a smartphone, laptop or both.

 Note that it is compatible with a wide variety of conferencing applications such as Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, Webes, Facetime, Google Hangouts and more. There is a lot of catching up to be done during Christmas and the ClearCall gives you exactly that with up to 24 hours of talk time. That is about a whole day of hands-free calls. Think about that!

 Celebrating Christmas with a conscience

 The true essence of Christmas and all the happiness that comes along it can only be justified when our actions take into account the environment and all the voiceless stakeholders. Hence sustainability has always been at the core of InfinityLab’s product, from the design, production and even to the delivery stage.

 First and foremost, all InfinityLab products are eco-friendly, being composed of 90% recycled plastics. Not only do they come in plastic-free, right-sized packaging, but all the papers used are also FSC-certified and printed with soy ink. 

 These are but several of the prominent strides taken by InfinityLab to address the problem of pollution that exacerbates as civilisation continues developing. The ethos towards a more sustainable tomorrow forms part of the key pillars that govern the actions of the design team behind InfinityLab.

 In a nutshell, the products of InfinityLab are easily identifiable through their exceedingly novel and unique characteristics, a manifestation of the four virtues—functional, fashionable, efficient and sustainable. Undeniably, those who purchase the products of InfinityLab incidentally subscribe to these tried-and-true values. 

Products mentioned are available on InfinityLab official stores on Lazada and Shopee. For more information on InfinityLab, please visit here.


Expensive phone indeed is very painful when you purchase with your hard earn money. Not only that, sometimes we want the phone to looks good, we got ourselves some nice ones but is not well protected. OtterBox Iphone 12 case is indeed one of the brands to grab for its solidness. When I was using Iphone, OtterBox was one of the covers that I have been using as I drop my phone a lot as I always like to put on the edge of the table. They are the No. 1-selling smartphone case brand in the U.S

One painful lesson learned from fixing the screen lead to this.

iphone 12 pro case

OtterBox comes with various options and designs that suit your style.

The OtterBox collection of cases for iPhone 12 models has something for everyone:

  • Symmetry Series is a slim, stylish cases available in clear, graphic and colorful options.
  • Award-winning Otter + Pop is now available in clear! Otter+Pop features an integrated PopTop for added fun and versatility. Otter+Pop Symmetry Series is available in glitter, clear, color and graphic options with a swappable PopTop that expresses your style.
  • The tried-and-true Defender Series is ready for any rugged adventure from parenting toddlers and teenagers to climbing mountains with multi-layer defense against everyday drops.
  • Commuter Series offers two layers of protection for life on the go. From bedroom to living room or home to office, Commuter Series protects iPhone 12 models from everyday scrapes and bumps and features port covers to keep dust and dirt out.
  • Strada Series is a luxurious leather folio with a built-in card holder for the most essential cards and cash. The folio acts as a kickstand for on-the-go viewing or can be used to cover the brilliant displays on iPhone 12 models.
  • Add 360-degree protection to your device with Amplify for iPhone 12 models. Amplify Glass and will help keep your screen safe from damage with 5X anti-scratch and shatter resistance. OtterBox Alpha Glass is available with privacy option.


With a purchase fo the cover, you are also supporting the OtterBox and the OtterCares Foundation for kids in learning to be entrepreneurs, philanthropists, makers, doers and givers for more than a decade. New this fall, OtterBox invites you to join in this mission by purchasing a case then selecting one of the following non-profits to support with a donation from OtterBox:

  • The International Youth Foundation (IYF) stands by, for, and with young people. A global nonprofit with programs benefiting 7.7 million individuals and operations spanning 100 countries, IYF partners with local community-based organizations and its network of corporate, foundation and multilateral partners to connect young people with opportunities to transform their lives.
  • Khan Academyis a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission of providing a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. Khan Academy provides over 100 million learners with high-quality lessons, interactive software, exercises, videos and articles — all for free.
  • As one of the world’s largest youth-serving NGOs, Junior Achievement prepares young people for employment and entrepreneurship, delivering hands on, experiential learning in work readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship.



Otter Box (3)

Otter Box (4)

Lifeproof series.

Otter Box (5)

For a kind like Uncle Roger style, that you need to clip on your belt or bags, this would be the perfect choice as this is the most well protected. It comes with shock absorbent.

Otter Box (6)

Otter Box (7)

For a simple one, I used to use this. Cover from lenses to screen and edges which is the most important yet still not bulky.

Otter Box (8)

Otter Box (9)

This is one of the design that I have not seen previously but a good choice for its thiness and hard edges. That gives a pretty good grip.

Otter Box (10)

Otter Box (11)

Otter Box (12)

Otter Box (13)

Besides that, I am using this for my note10+ as it comes with double protection. A reliable OtterBox case for Samsung Note 10+ .

Otter Box (14)

samsung note 10 case

To learn more about the OtterBox giving back program and how you can donate a dollar when you purchase a case, visit

OtterBox cases for Apple iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max are available now and coming soon on OtterBox cases for iPad Air (4th gen), Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE are also available now on

Prices of the models are as follow:

Devices Series MYR (RRP)
iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro Max

Defender Series RM 259.00
Commuter Series RM 149.00
Symmetry Series RM 189.00
Otter + Pop Symmetry Series RM 239.00
Strada Series RM 239.00
Alpha Glass RM 129.00
Amplify Series RM 189.00



Suddenly a few friend text me. Hey Bok, you got this series. G-Shock x One Piece Limited edition, 2,000 pieces world wide only is the most anticipated series at the moment. One-Piece is the best selling manga of all time and have created a huge fan base in the world including me.




This is the DW-6900. Just look at the casing itself. Like a treasure box.


  • Shock structure
  • 20 bar waterproof
  • Stopwatch
  • Timer
  • multi-alarm
  • Full automatic calendar
  • 12/24 hour display switching
  • EL backlight (with afterglow function) Flash feature and sound information
  • urethane resin Belt
  • urethane resin case
  • inorganic glass
  • 67g
  • 53.2 × 50.0 × 16.3 mm
  • 145 ~ 205mm band lengh
  • black screen
  • white case and band
  • “Straw Hat Crew” printed on dial



Recently I purchase a Edifier TWS1 earbud for Review & Unboxing from past 11.11 sale at RM 126. Find it pretty good value in Lazada which is from Edifier Official Store. Now Available in Shopee Official Store too. 

edifier tws1 (2)

Order pink for girly look

edifier tws1 (3)

The butt of it is slightly bulkier

edifier tws1 (5)

Love the smooth gloss surface but the problem you might face is scracthes is quite prominent

edifier tws1 (7)

edifier tws1 (6)

edifier tws1 (8)

Comparing it to my other 2 units like Xiaomi AirDots and ZNT series, this so far perform much better. Just my mini thought on edifier earbud review

my like:

– better sound quality
– better feel of base compare to the other 2 units I have
– better talk quality on phone

– a bit bulky for my ear

Here you go on my review on ZNT Earbud

3 months ago, I was looking at a handheld vacumm cleaner till discover Dibea UV Vacuum Cleaner UV-808 review at Lazada thru a review from one of the influencer. Dibea UV-808 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Ultraviolet Light Dust Mite Vacuum is indeed quite interesting and during 9.9 I bought it at RM 169 after discount with free shipping. Shopee do have special price too. Do check them out on and off.

After I share in my @taufulou Insta stories, many of you ask me to review the product and here you go.

My full review with unboxing in Youtube.

Dibea UV Vacumm Cleaner (1)

When I received the package, I am impress with the packaging as it comes with double layer, with another box outside and some wrap in between to prevent major impact. the parcel shipped all the way from China and takes less than 10 days to arrive.

Dibea UV Vacumm Cleaner (2)

Product Details
Cleaner Types Vacuum Cleaner
Function Dry
Type Handheld
Battery Information
Dimension and Weight
Package weight 3.1500 kg
Package size (L x W x H) 35.00 x 32.00 x 23.50 cm / 13.78 x 12.6 x 9.25 inches
Package Contents
Package Contents 1 x Handheld Dust Mites Cleaner, 1 x English User Manual, 1 x Adaptor, 1 x Hepa, 1 x Cleaning Brush

Dibea UV Vacumm Cleaner (3)

Overall it is quite a nice vacuum and it is slightly heavy, weight about 1.3kg

Dibea UV Vacumm Cleaner (4)

On off button is on the top which is very convenient.

Dibea UV Vacumm Cleaner (5)

at the base of the vacuum. that is where the UV light is, brush and a mini beat rotation motor in the middle that act like a mini pulse beating for the dust to come out.

Dibea UV Vacumm Cleaner (6)

Dibea UV Vacumm Cleaner (7)

AS this is a product from China, hence you need to get a local multi-plug to plug in.

Dibea UV Vacumm Cleaner (8)

Main purpose to get this is for my sofa which I bought one without able to take the sofa cloth off to wash except the pillows. With the UV light that able to kill the bacteria seems one of the best way to go about it without burning a hole.

Dibea UV Vacumm Cleaner (9)

As you turn on the power, the UV light auto light up at a close proximity.

Dibea UV Vacumm Cleaner (10)

Safe distance detection as if you lift the vacuum more than 5 inch, the UV light auto turn off. According in the handbook, if UV light shine into our skin will cause skin irritation. Therefore do take note especially for family with kids. 

Dibea UV Vacumm Cleaner (11)

After I got my item, I clean my sofa, carpet and bedroom carpet.

Dibea UV Vacumm Cleaner (12)

Quite impressive on the amount of dust collected.

Overall, I have nothing to complain as it works quite well beside being heavy. For the price I am paying with Free delivery at Lazada, what can I ask for more. It is also available in Shopee. so for you to compare pricing see which offer is the best for you.



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