Making its mark in their main branch at Chappel Street, Windsor, welcoming Agathe French Patisserie to this neighbourhood where they are young and growing fast.

Establish since 2015 where a Paris-inspired bakery serve the freshest French pastries that are baked before your eyes. They love to show the Melburnians to experience it too.

Agathe (1)

Agathe (2)

I love their selection of patisseries as nearly everything is good. Set back is I am alone and could not each much. Have to choose the best that caught my interest.

Agathe (3)

Agathe (4)

Agathe (5)

I love their Nutella Madeleines as it is bake so soft, aromatic and slightly airy in between. Slightly crust on the edges make it even better.


Agathe (6)

Agathe (7)

Purchase another item which is their signature Chocolate Croissant. Baked to perfection where crunch on every single bite.

Agathe (8)

Agathe (9)

Perfect for morning breakie.

Agathé Patisserie, South Melbourne Market

Agathé Patisserie, Prahran

Queen Victoria Market, is not a stranger to world travelers, however this round I was recommended by my friend to check out South Melbourne Market. They have different offerings compare to QVM, to make the difference South Melbourne Market is a local market or a community market that cater for the community.

South Melbourne Market (1)

South Melbourne Market (2)

Right outside the market you can see a stretch of  F&B..

South Melbourne Market (3)

and upon entering it, I love how the layout is being arrange and how each of this shop design it out.

South Melbourne Market (4)

South Melbourne Market (5)

Agathe is one of a famous French baker that make its mark over past 2 years, as saw it in instagram to try it out. Worth checking out as they are famous for their croissant. I bought a few of their signature and sit at Clement Coffee to enjoy cuppa.

South Melbourne Market (6)


South Melbourne Market (7)

You can get variety of boutique beers here too ..

South Melbourne Market (9)

South Melbourne Market (10)

South Melbourne Market (11)

South Melbourne Market (12)

One of a shop that build up differently that sells premium tea.

South Melbourne Market (13)

The sales person is giving an explanation about his tea different that caught all the attention of women and right after most of them purchase quite a lot too.

South Melbourne Market (14)

I am in love with their premium gift tea sets. So pretty and colourful.

South Melbourne Market (15)

South Melbourne Market (16)

I love their meat sections. Every thing look so fresh and good. Price is indeed cheap if we compare money to money without currency conversion.

South Melbourne Market (17)

South Melbourne Market (18)

South Melbourne Market (19)

South Melbourne Market (20)

South Melbourne Market (21)

South Melbourne Market (22)

For their craft sections, it is filled with interesting items. Most of them are handmade and produce locally.

South Melbourne Market (23)

South Melbourne Market (24)

Once you are done, and looking for a good decent breakfast, this place is worth checking out as you can find another famous cafe which is right opposite them – Chez Dre de Patisserie.

Corner of Coventry & Cecil Streets,
South Melbourne

Phone: 03 9209 6295

Public Transport | Market Map | Operating Hours

More Info : South Melbourne Market

I was influence so much by Masterchef Australia 2015 where one of the judges-Christy Tania is one of a invited chef that runs Om Nom at Flinders lane is in one of the episode, with the challenge that she had set it it and her end result for her signature dessert is rather mind blowing that turns out to be in a form of ART, where so elements are being infused.

Since then, I had pen down Om Nom as one of a dessert place to visit. With a few advise from my friends, they mention to dine without expectation.

Oh Nom (1)

It is a small dessert place with only handful of tables and it is advisable to make a reservation before heading over.

Oh Nom (2)

It was just random on that night where we just would like to test out our luck after we had dinner. Stepping into the place, it certainly amaze me where it looks like a mini art gallery.

Oh Nom (3)

Waiting area is comfy.

Oh Nom (4)

The restaurant is poorly light up where it is filled with dim colours – yellowish gold lighting that also making it extremely hard for any nice photo taking during night time. It is best advise to visit this place in the afternoon as it would certainly have nicer lighting where the dessert is too pretty not to be captured.

Oh Nom (5)

Oh Nom (6)

I love the floor staff as he is very attentive and pretty good in recommendations too. You can check out their menu here. 

Oh Nom (7)

We start off with one of their signature Chocolate Terrarium @ Aud 28 – Cinnamon Sugared Churos, chocolate ‘Gravel’, pistachio + chocolate sponge, Chocolate Ice Cream, Valhorna manjari 64% moosse + Milk foam

Oh Nom (8)

Oh Nom (9)

As for this, it is spread with some alcohol to infuse the taste of it.

Oh Nom (10)

Oh Nom (11)

Raspberry Field @ Aud 25 – Raspberry + Lychee sorbet, baked meringue, Raspberry panacota, rosewater pearls + white chocolate.

Oh Nom (12)


They have lunch and dinner menu too. Overall, I guess my expectation were sky rocket high with all the glamour from MasterChef as for the taste of the dessert, I should have listened to my friend by lowering down my expectation.

If I would say on the amount of dessert that I have tried during my vacation, this sits right at the bottom of my list. No doubt presentation is awesome and blow blowing. Taste is rather disappointing.

Indeed only worth visit once.

Oh Nom – Adelphi Hotel
187 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000,

Phone:+61 3 8080 8827

Hours: 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM, 6:00 – 10:30 PM

Looking for some healthy options in the city? It take me a while to hunt down this store as it is sited right under a office building with its entrance is right at the side as the signage of the shop is at the door. Tricky as it is, and it is worth the hunt. The Grain Store is pretty well known for their healthy option as they value fresh produce.

Grain Store (1)

Head chef Ingo Meissner (of St ALi and Fitzrovia) draws on his German heritage, traditional French and Mediterranean training combine his skills together to prepare a both traditional European and contemporary Australia influence where he play with some ingredients such as quinoa, goji berries and farro grains to create a unique collection of sweet breakfast options and warm, cosy lunch selections along with some seasonal menu.

Grain Store (2)

Interior of The Grain Store some how is contemporary yet homey with a touch of rustic where flooring is painted with timber, marble and fresh flowers, and it can be converted into event space too.

Grain Store (3)

Grain Store (4)

Grain Store (5)

Grain Store (6)

This is a pretty huge private function room or to cater when you have a bigger group.

Grain Store (7)

Some food selection or snacks can pick up at the food island counter too.

Grain Store (8)

Grain Store (9)

Menu is pretty interesting as there are quite a number of it attracts me and I ended up with my usual which is latte to start off with.

Grain Store (11)

Grain Store (12)

Pink Lady Apple, Buckwheat & Ricotta Pancake with Nuttella, orange, spiced pear, mandarin gel, pistachio crunch. @ Aud 18

Grain Store (13)

Love their simple presentation and you can see its a plate that is pack with flavours. with acidic taste, chocolate and fruits end. Interesting combination and worth it. Goes very well with my coffee too where it is not acidic yet the aroma of coffee is just to my liking

Grain Store (14)

The Grain STore
517 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 3000

Trading Hours:
Mon-Fri 7AM-4PM
Sat-Sun 8AM-4PM

Phone: 03 9972 6993

Docklands, used to be one of my favourite place as it is quite near where I used to stay. While strolling back around the area and sky is getting more gloomy and stumble upon this cool green house and only realise that its a mini cafe Hortus x Seven Seeds sitting right in the middle of the walk way at the Harbour Esplanade facing the docks, or right behind Etihad Stadium where used to be Telstra Dome.

Hortus (2)

This is Seven Seeds one of their new concept to capture market around the area.

Hortus (3)

Love their creativity of this space where it certainly gives you the vibe more like a green house and a mini wooden house is build inside is as a coffee counter.

Hortus (4)

Hortus (5)

Hortus (6)

Food are from provider – Fitzroy’s Rustica bakery and pastry wunderkind Matt Forbes, which delivers sandwiches and sweets daily.

Hortus (7)

Hortus (8)

Hortus (9)

enjoying my evening coffee and pastry. Great stuff.

Hortus (10)

Hortus (11)

It is a simple place for hang out and I find that their coffee here is better than their original branch Seven Seeds. 

This also boils down to your own preference and taste. But a nice place to hang out.

Hortus x Seven Seeds
131–141 Harbour Esplanade, Docklands

Phone:+61 3 9347 8664

Operating Hours: Daily 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

There is a huge hype on this cafe where their original cafe Top Paddock  make a big wave into the market here. .Then they have grow another new concept, Kettle Black which located in Richmond and junction of St.Kilda, you will find this lovely small house that sits below a huge glass of office building.

It is a classic infuse modern society.

Top Paddock (1)

Its a cafe that constantly pack and you will have to queue most of the time. Average waiting time can be 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

Top Paddock (2)

Top Paddock (3)

Top Paddock (4)

Top Paddock (5)

Top Paddock (6)

Top Paddock (7)

Love how they play with fresh ingredients where they have an option of honey as substitute for sugar.

Top Paddock (8)

Menu is pretty direct where they have mostly is brunch menu.

Top Paddock (9)

Their single origin of the day definitely catch my attention and I was so amaze at first when they serve and got very curious how they serve in 2 different dimension, Only soon realise is an ice cube that sits below. In this also they provide you with tasting notes.

Top Paddock (10)

After the ice had melted, the taste texture change.

Top Paddock (11)

Top Paddock (12)

Top Paddock (13)

Hot Chocolate @ Aud 4.

Top Paddock (14)

Hot Cakes with ricotta, blueberries, pure mapple and double seeds @ Aud 18 is one of their signature. It is a huge portion and inside the hotcakes they stuff it with blueberries for flavours. Every bite is punch with flavours.

Top Paddock (15)

Top Paddock (16)

This is one of our favourite. Their Takaki Ocean Trout with a raw kale, and pickled vegetable salad, seaweed, nut & poached egg @ Aud 20. Fish is cook to perfection where outer layer is slightly cook and in the middle you can see the freshness and orangy cut of it. Balance of the taste is amazing where you can taste the freshness of fish, little hint of sour taste from pickled vegetable and slight munch crunch from seaweed.

Top Paddock (17)

Top Paddock (18)

Polenta Porridge with burnt mapple, texture of strawberries and basil @ Aud 15

Top Paddock (19)

Top Paddock (20)

Its a great place to hang out and catch up with my another group of friends that I bump into. 😀 We enjoyed our brunch here and my friend mention their actual brunch place – Kettle Black serve better food which I miss out that outlet.

Also got to know that the Kettle Black team also run Top Paddock and Two Birds One Stone.

The Kettle Black
658 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121, Australia

Phone:+61 3 9429 4332

Hours: Open today · 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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