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Life in Bangladesh Part 3

I was lucky when I got selected by the company to get send over to Bangladesh for a showcase, during the past 4 days I am there, with very limited free time that I have, I manage to take a peek of the city during last day of the fair, the food there was great (click here) and the fair where I was attending (click here). During the last day, I woke up very early and went to the fair…

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Life in Bangladesh Part 2

During the period of my stay in Bangladesh, I seriously wanted to try on their street food but its highly advise by my company partners and colleague not to do so, is because their food on street is quite dirty, they scared that our body immune system cant take it and fall ill. Well, the only place I have my food for 5 days in a row is in the hotel restaurant. So it is all one shot of food…

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Life of Bangladesh Part 1

Most of us have encounter last minute process, order or anything. For me this would be my very first time I got notified that I have to fly to another country within 2 days and I have to prepare all the devices and test run everything to ensure that it is working perfectly fine as the exhibition that I am assisting is regard as high priority during for the first day as the Prime Minister is going to officiate the…

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Life at Dhaka, Bangladesh

Last week I have not been updating my blog as regular as I should as I was send by the company to oversea for a exhibition and I was send to this country Bangladesh. At first when I put my status in FB a lot of my friends thought that it was a joke not until I keep explaining to every 1 of them then only they realize I was serious. Hehehe…. Seriously it was a great experience to understand…

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