Since we are no stranger to Oktoberfest in Malaysia. While visiting my friend in Munich last month, I manage to attend Munich Oktoberfest 2022, Germany which is the origin birth of this festival backed 200 years ago. It is also the world’s largest celebration of Bavarian culture that is attracting Millions of visitors travel thousands of miles to Munich each year to experience this 2-week long festival.

My first curious questions for this Munich beer festival when I was in this festival. It is called Oktoberfest but why starting in September. During October is early winter and its getting cold. That is why they push it 2 weeks early into end September. 

I was shared by my friends husband that the Oktoberfest in Munich takes place on the Theresienwiese where it has  large field to host its first-ever Oktoberfest. Partly is also the wedding celebration between Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese took place. Theresienwiese (“Therese’s Meadow”) and was named for the bride herself. The location is just a few stops from city center and  easily accessible via its own dedicated stop Theresienwiese on Munich’s U-Bahn train line.

How it gone so big is very interesting. If you do have free time, my friend introduce this Netflix drama series Oktoberfest – Beer & Blood which is sort of how this whole Oktoberfest comes to this scale. 

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