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Pork Satay at Puribambu Family Restaurant @ Bandung, Indonesia

Another outlet I found out during my trip to Bandung on Jan 2015 is this place which is recommended by many, with its well know Pork Satay. Puribambu family restaurant which is not too far away from Rumah Mode and it is certainly worth a visit. Could not eat much as this was the 4th location right after a few meals and tried their signature – Sekra @ RP 37,500 (RM12.50) . Pungent in flavour with a good mix of…

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Sukha Delights @ Ruko Paskal Hyper Square, Bandung

When I reach Bandung, my best friend insisted that I need to visit this shop – Sukha Delights which she rate at that moment is one of the best shop that serve Patisserie, Boulangerie, and Croissanterie. Not too sure about now if there is any shop which is better than this as this is much a backdated post as I visited Bandung again on Jan 2015. Indeed the place here is very nice, as on this narrow walkway with 3 tables at…

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3 Things to do in Gili Trawangan

Lombok had recently gains its popularity among us Malaysians and I have listed down top 3 things to do in Gili Trawangan at Lombok. Their famous island Gili Trawangan is one of a prefer destination and regard as a MUST visit island destination. Among the 3 little island, Gili Trawangan which is the biggest among 3 of them and sits on top of the list where it is known for happening night life, food and resort. The other 2 known…

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Mount Rinjani @ Lombok, Indonesia

Oh well, I just finish my 2 weeks trip recently which I did had an enjoyable trip. This is also to mark my first time traveling alone to hiking at Lombok, Mount Rinjani and travel around Lombok and to the little island Gili Trawangan. Never thought that I would do this in my entire life. Ended up to be a fantastic trip. [Alert, Spamming of pictures] This trip was influence by my friend (Pamela) last year as she did hiking…

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Hakwer Food at Menteng @ Jakarta

One of my favourite place that I used to hang out in Jakarta when I was based there quite a while is Menteng. Supper spot there is like those few particular place that must drop by or my friend often feed me along as they know I just love their food. Menteng is slightly off from Jakarta City it self, not too far yet is about 15 minutes away only for night drive. If you are talking about day time…

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Paulaner Bräuhaus @ Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jakarta

Continuing my food hunt in Jakarta that my friend bring me along to a few nice places. One of it is this Paulaner Bräuhaus that I have heard my Indonesia friends talk about it alot last round and here am I, hunting for this place. It is located next to Grand Indonesia, right below Hotel Indonesia Kempinski. Night landscape of the hotel is very nice with multi colored Led lighting around that  building that constantly changing colors. This are the main entrance to the restaurant. For those of…

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