If you are looking for some steamboat in Melaka then you can head for something unique. Jiu Xiang Hotpot Restaurant at Melaka is one of a locally assemble taste that follow the new trend of Mala Hotpot that is booming in Melaka.

Favors to diners whom is not keen on strong numb spicy soup pot then this is the perfect substitute for the locals. They are gaining its popularity among the locals, especially its Mushroom soup base.

sauce rack tablejiuxiang menuJiu Xiang Hotpot Restaurant menu and price I think its okay for the ambiancechina sauce

some of the condiments area that you can customize your own sauce. There are one special sauce avaialble.
mushroom soup in melakathere are 2 signature soups. 

1. mushroom soup that is cook for a few hours  – highly recommend. fragrant, mild with hint of herby taste. pretty solid with mushroom taste.

2. Signature Mala soup base which is for beginner level. less spicy and numb
china hotpot in melaka

very interesting concept as the hotpot can be enjoyed along with bbq in classic China environment. Cater for both worlds. there are a few ingredients to highlight. Their own plantation fresh Mushroom – a must order as the bit and chewiness is different yet juicy.

If you are a fan of noodle then their Hand pulled noodle, do give it a go.
fresh noodle in mala
lamb sliceIberico pork slice is pretty good. thin, and nice layer of fats in betwee. Perfect for boilling or even bbq. Best is go for bbq. Their lamb slice  is pretty decent edut4

others depending what you like order as you go.haidilou in melakamala hotpot in melakajiuxiang hotpot melaka

Overall, is a nice comfy dining and if you are looking for steamboat in Melaka to dine in, then this might be one of your destination to hit on.


Jiu Xiang Hotpot Restaurant

No 8, Jalan KPKS 5,

Kompleks Perniagaan

Kota Syahbandar Daerah, 75200 Melaka

Operating Hours : 12pm – 10pm (Tuesday Close)

Tel:012-712 7432 

Many of you been to Jonker Street Melaka and also take a famous mural art wall of Kiehl’s Mural art in Melaka. This famous 1405 Art Cafe at Melaka used to operate right at the Keihls mural wall. Now they have moved to this new location Taman Kota Laksamana where currently is the new hub of F&B in Melaka. 

*muslim friendly cafe

jonker street

I have never been to the their old cafe before, as their new outlet sets as a cafe ambiance by offering local food. Good is also they are one of a  Pork Free cafe in Melaka now.

1405 Art Cafe 艺术茶餐厅

1405 art cafe menu

check out 1405 Art Cafe Menu

1405 Art Cafe jonker street

Cafe vibe and photo opp wall. 

fried cempedak

cafe in jonker street

Setting out the my classic palate, of course I aim on their classic local Signature kopi. @ RM 7.90 It is “kau”! Strong, with bitter end taste and not too sweet. Punch with nice dark roasty end taste.

halal cafe in melaka

Since there are many people who order their signature Royal Nyonya Laksa, lets try that out.. We can pick Choice of noodle, I picked thicker noodle Mi’xian which is my substitute to Penang style laksa noodle. Bee hoon and mee certainly do not sound right to me. Love the Soup base which is is creamy and fragrant. Chili paste given is just to enhance slightly for little spicy. 

quite a unique kind of laksa and I think I am recommended you to try too. @ RM 14.90

nyonya laksa melaka

halal cafe melaka

their Nasi Lemak @ RM 14.90 certainly do caught my attention as I wonder how would the taste of this place in Melaka like. Rice seems serve with like blue pea flower colour. 

Rice is fragrant with light mild end of coconut and pandan flavour. I wish that the chicken could be slightly crispier but it was how the locals like it. Sambal is on the sweet side and I guess I would rate this as a Chinese version of Nasi Lemak which I think very near to Nyonya style nasi lemak which certainly sits correctly in Melaka as they are well known for nyonya food.

coffee in melaka

If you think the rest are heavy, then their Classic Tomyum Fried Bee hoon  @ RM 8.90 is actually not too bad.

1405 art cafe melaka

Signature Salted Egg Croissant @ RM 17.90, flaky outside and inside ooze with salted egg base. Perfect to go along with coffee. It would not bee too much for a person to finish it up. Just a nice portion and ratio of the salted egg base in it. 



cempedak ball in melaka

I must say that their Cempedak kuih is da bomb. Must Order. It is like muachi in punchy flavours. One of my best highlight for the day. One bite that breaks its crispy outer layer, then you reach on second layer which is like muachi texture and the filling of cempedak, is just flavourful. Do give it a try – recommended

They do sell in frozen and you can buy and take back to your origin place! 

cake in melaka

Lastly, for tea time, they do have a few variety of cakes available. From their own signature crepe and tiramisu. 

1405 art cafe

If some of you still miss the food of 1405 cafe, do find them in their new location. 


1405 Art Cafe 艺术茶餐厅

Jaya, 26, Jln KLJ 4,

Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Malacca

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm (close Monday)


One of the most anticipated theme park in  Malaysia Asia is now open its door to public after 10 years of renovation. Genting Skyworlds Theme Park starting its Soft launch from 8th February 2022 onwards.

What can public expect from this soft launch is, of course there wont be fully operational park and with the term soft launch means there are rides would not be fully running and of course you get a glimpse of preview the whole park and perhaps selected rides base on your luck on the day.

genting theme park ticket

of course this comes with a Genting Skyworld Ticket price special pricing of Soft launch from:

  1. Kids/ Old folks : RM 128

  2. Adults : RM 151

you can purchase your tickets in Genting Skyworlds Theme Park website

Actually the park is not small, and if not mistaken is about 25 acre. this is the first park that I took 4 hours to walk around, move around, minimal ride, some video and picture taking here and there.

4 hours just gone down the drain and I would highly advise all of you to go to the park early. IT IS BECAUSE alot of CORNERS FOR NICE PICTURE TAKING. very instagramble. 

genting skyworlds theme park

upon entering from the Genting outdoor Theme Park Skyworlds, you will be greeted with this super fragrant popcornlicious booth.


Andromeda Base (2)

then you will reach the main attraction of Andromeda Base.

Andromeda Base (3)

Andromeda Base (4)

andromeda base (5)

Andromeda Base


boot camp training

Boot Camp training is very interesting. Do head for this

bluesky carousel

Blue Sky carousel which is merry go round ride.

central park

Genting Skyworld Central Park which is also do open to public after the park is close. For stroll and picture purposes.


Including this colour full area which will be one of the main attraction for tiktokers


jetpack skyworlds

Surprisingly, the pastry here is pretty good. Did grab their sandwich, and egg tart.


liberty lane (1)

The Planet of the Apes attraction is not yet ready. Believe will be done after few months.

liberty lane (2)

an area which is great for picture purposes.

independence day defiance
Independence Day

Independence Day

eagle moutain (1)

eagle moutain (2)

Many commented that this burger place is pretty good. I did not try personally.

eagle moutain (3)

Epic Skyworlds

Epic waffle is not bad. very fragrant that will certainly attract you. The Kai Dan Zhai so so only.

Skyworlds Epic (2)

Skyworlds Epic (3)

Skyworlds Epic (4)

food in genting theme park

Genting Theme park food menu

genting skyworld ticket price

Genting Skyworlds Epic


genting theme park food menu

If you are looking for theme park food more atas, here you go  and I think price is quite reasonable.

Golden Gate Garage

ice age genting

The signature Ice Age scene

ice age kids play land

I think kids will go yaya in this play land. Parents can easily take care of them as it is only 1 singular entrance and they can run around the whole place.

ice age

sids playhouse (1)

Sids Playhouse is more for kids with the signature character singing and dancing.

sids playhouse (2)

new edut

rio animation

If you want to feel happy, go to RIO. Colourful town and happy background tunes.

rio theme park


night at the museum

What about Night at the Musuem?

liberty lane (3)

If you are the last to leave the theme park, you will be accompany by the Police Bantuan to escort you out.

skyworlds locker

Genting Skyworlds locker facilities

starbucks skyworlds

If you forgot your coffee dosage, then the only Starbucks coffee place in Genting Skyworld Theme park.

skytropolis indoor theme park

If you lazy walk all the way to the main entrance, then you can go access to the nearest theme park entrance thru Skytroplolis Indoor Theme Park in Skye Avenue. 

Headown the escalator from the restaurant nearby.

Skyworld second entrance

What I hear alot is go Seremban must eat crab. I have really no idea why but then did ask my friend and recommendation was Crab in Restaurant Bee Kee in Seremban is one of their favourite place. reasonable price and decent portion for their other dishes.

restaurant bee kee

Of course we are sucker for reasonable price not the touristy price. A nice restaurant with decently deck up that serve pretty good range of seafood too.

restaurant bee kee (2)

restaurant bee kee menu

Menu are pretty straight forward like any other usual dai chow.

restaurant bee kee (4)

Their Signature noodle is pretty good. Nice noodle texture, and filled with wok hei @ RM 8.50

restaurant bee kee (3)


restaurant bee kee (1)

Centry egg veggie Superior soup anchovis is one of my favourite. Simple and pretty spot on. Saltines comes from anchovies which I like @ RM 13 small

famous crab in seremban

This is their signature crab. I asked for their reocmmendation and its steam version. Steam crab with egg white at the bottom and bath with their special soy sauce. this is my first time to eat this version as usually the broth is something else but this is with Soy sauce. however, the crab is fresh and meat is chewy which I like. Broth and egg is something new to me but acceptable.  There are more than 6 diff types of cooking method for this.

Is this the best crab restaurant in seremban? there are a few handfull around the area. Do share to me also.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating  8/10, price and portion pretty onz eh! Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk–

Restaurant Kok Siong. 海鲜大炒
45, Jalan Bandar 16,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,
47100 Puchong, Selangor

Operating Hours: 10am – 6pm

Tel: +60192853338

21A, Jalan Temiang,
Seremban, 70200

Tel: +6067635306

Operating hours: 11am – 3pm / 6pm – 11pm

Every state certainly do have their own flavour profile. Char Koey Teow from Penang, KL, Johor certainly taste different. When last year went to Batu Pahat, I was introduce to this Famous Ah See Wan Tan Mee to try out. This wan tan mee in Batu Pahat have been operating more than 60 years which is all the way since 1950’s yet still thriving today. This street food is famous amongs the locals too.
famous wan tan mee in Batu Pahat

I was lucky that it was less crowd on that day where usually he do have a long queue.

wan tan mee batu pahat

of course Wan Tan mee need to have, wantan, char siew slices their own chili paste and some add in their own special gravy too.

Chop See Kee (3)

Chop See Kee (2)

Noodle texture here is certainly different. abit chewy, slightly fatter and certainly the sauce that they have is one of its kind. Unique yet pretty good.

Wan ton size here is slightly bigger compare to KL too, in a normal traditionally wan tan mee per plate. Adding their own chili sauce is abit unique but still prefer the original taste which is better. Simple and direct.

Best of all quite similar to Penang version for the char siew slices in red been added.

famous street food in batu pahat

Chop See Kee (2)

Chop See Kee (1)

For a small town that is rich with culture and street food, this place is certainly one of the place to begin with for breakfast.

After this wan tan mee, you can hop to next door for cafe chilling. a place which is rich with collectable items and have rules and regulations to follow.  Cafe Niqiu.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7.5/10, Wan tan mee worth trying,  will come back  !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Chop See Kee or Ah See wanton mee, 亞泗雲吞面
2, Jalan Jenang Dalam,
Kampung Pegawai, 83000
Batu Pahat, Johor

Operating Hours : 9am – 8pm
(close Thursday)

Tel: 07-448 4646

Okay lai lai. This round before I share my full itinerary of Jalan Jalan cari Makan at Batu Pahat that took place last year August 2020. I am going to kick start with this famous hidden cafe known as Niqiu Space in Batu Pahat, Johor. Upon stepping into this cafe, I instantly fell in love deep deep with the whole concept.

A cafe that is run by a young group of people with true passion to put Batu Pahat into a well known town again. As Batu Pahat now is an aging town with many youngsters jet to Johor city or Klang valley to persue their career. Then left this group of young people hoping to bring up the community. I am totally impress by their passion and direction.

Oh well, some of the owners are famous wedding photographer in Batu Pahat. Hence with a few of their strong passion to build up this Niqiu Space Cafe.

A transportation of yourself back into the 60’s 70’s era. I have always love shop which is back dated like during my grandparents time. Huge square box tv, metal filing cabinate, huge ass wooden counter top and many more. When I was brief by my friend about the uniqueness of this concept cafe, I am totally blown away!!!!!  (there are T&C to follow) : for me I got discount cuz my friend know the cafe owner and they were just operating about a month old. SO i get to roam freely.

Niqiu Space (25)

Before entering this cafe: there is a signage that written Do and donts! (as the owner want all of us to respect their space, customer space and enjoy the ambiance)

  1. Do’s
    1. do come in, order your drinks
    2. Sit chill and enjoy the ambiance
  2. Dont’s
    1. Do not move around to take picture everywhere
      1. you are only allow to take picture at your seating area
    2. you are not allow to talk loud (talk like you are in library)
    3. Kids are not welcome (because the whole shop sells antique) anything broken is not cheap !
    4. Space is very limited or compact, hence group movement might not encourage.

Blown away right? but the owner highly want all the customers to comply. I am okay with that. Every establishment have their own uniqueness.

Niqiu Space (31)

Below are more pictures for you to see and enjoy. If you are in this cafe, PLEASE DO NOT take picture like me. I do have special permission to move around like this! Respect the owner’s rules and regulation!!!

top cafe in batu pahat

Anything you see in the cafe, do ask the owner for pricing. 90% are for sale. I am sure they are like the largest antique collection in Batu Pahat.

Niqiu Space (27)

Our order for the day while soaking ourself into a chill environment.

Niqiu Space (20)

Niqiu Space (19)

Niqiu Space (18)

Niqiu Space (17)

you see you see, even their menu is unique!

Niqiu Space (16)

Niqiu Space (14)

Niqiu Space (13)

This is my favourite area. They cleverly and creatively convert the old big ass tv box into aquarium.

Niqiu Space (12)

Niqiu Space (11)

Niqiu Space (10)

hidden cafe in batu pahat

hidden cafe in batu hapat

famous cafe in batu pahat

event space in batu pahat

coffee in batu pahat

cafe in batu pahat


antique in batu pahat

Niqiu Space (26)

seasalt latte

This is their signature and also my highly recommended one. Salted Caramel Coffee Latte

green tea latte

Niqiu Space (28)

Some snacks as I think this was our first station of the day before another 5 more to go.

cheese cake

carrot cake

Carrot cake do look like Coffee Bean.

Niqiu Space (29)

Niqiu Space (21)

A classic place. Wooden table, huge glass jar. classic calculator and alarm clock. Just enjoying myself with cakes and Green Tea Latte.

Niqiu Space (32)

Well, my tour guide for Batu Pahat that is bringing me around for food hunt.

Niqiu Space (33)

A cafe by its unique charm. Totally a place to visit but do prepare to queue now as the popularity is over the roof.  Good luck!

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8.5/10, in love with the ambiance and salted caramel coffee latte !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

5, Jalan Jenang,
Kampung Pegawai, 83000
Batu Pahat, Johor

Tel: +60127411268

Operating hours: 11am – 6pm
(Close Wednesday)

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