One of the most anticipated theme park in  Malaysia Asia is now open its door to public after 10 years of renovation. Genting Skyworlds Theme Park starting its Soft launch from 8th February 2022 onwards.

What can public expect from this soft launch is, of course there wont be fully operational park and with the term soft launch means there are rides would not be fully running and of course you get a glimpse of preview the whole park and perhaps selected rides base on your luck on the day.

genting theme park ticket

of course this comes with a Genting Skyworld Ticket price special pricing of Soft launch from:

  1. Kids/ Old folks : RM 128

  2. Adults : RM 151

you can purchase your tickets in Genting Skyworlds Theme Park website

Actually the park is not small, and if not mistaken is about 25 acre. this is the first park that I took 4 hours to walk around, move around, minimal ride, some video and picture taking here and there.

4 hours just gone down the drain and I would highly advise all of you to go to the park early. IT IS BECAUSE alot of CORNERS FOR NICE PICTURE TAKING. very instagramble. 

genting skyworlds theme park

upon entering from the Genting outdoor Theme Park Skyworlds, you will be greeted with this super fragrant popcornlicious booth.


Andromeda Base (2)

then you will reach the main attraction of Andromeda Base.

Andromeda Base (3)

Andromeda Base (4)

andromeda base (5)

Andromeda Base


boot camp training

Boot Camp training is very interesting. Do head for this

bluesky carousel

Blue Sky carousel which is merry go round ride.

central park

Genting Skyworld Central Park which is also do open to public after the park is close. For stroll and picture purposes.


Including this colour full area which will be one of the main attraction for tiktokers


jetpack skyworlds

Surprisingly, the pastry here is pretty good. Did grab their sandwich, and egg tart.


liberty lane (1)

The Planet of the Apes attraction is not yet ready. Believe will be done after few months.

liberty lane (2)

an area which is great for picture purposes.

independence day defiance
Independence Day

Independence Day

eagle moutain (1)

eagle moutain (2)

Many commented that this burger place is pretty good. I did not try personally.

eagle moutain (3)

Epic Skyworlds

Epic waffle is not bad. very fragrant that will certainly attract you. The Kai Dan Zhai so so only.

Skyworlds Epic (2)

Skyworlds Epic (3)

Skyworlds Epic (4)

food in genting theme park

Genting Theme park food menu

genting skyworld ticket price

Genting Skyworlds Epic


genting theme park food menu

If you are looking for theme park food more atas, here you go  and I think price is quite reasonable.

Golden Gate Garage

ice age genting

The signature Ice Age scene

ice age kids play land

I think kids will go yaya in this play land. Parents can easily take care of them as it is only 1 singular entrance and they can run around the whole place.

ice age

sids playhouse (1)

Sids Playhouse is more for kids with the signature character singing and dancing.

sids playhouse (2)

new edut

rio animation

If you want to feel happy, go to RIO. Colourful town and happy background tunes.

rio theme park


night at the museum

What about Night at the Musuem?

liberty lane (3)

If you are the last to leave the theme park, you will be accompany by the Police Bantuan to escort you out.

skyworlds locker

Genting Skyworlds locker facilities

starbucks skyworlds

If you forgot your coffee dosage, then the only Starbucks coffee place in Genting Skyworld Theme park.

skytropolis indoor theme park

If you lazy walk all the way to the main entrance, then you can go access to the nearest theme park entrance thru Skytroplolis Indoor Theme Park in Skye Avenue. 

Headown the escalator from the restaurant nearby.

Skyworld second entrance

Beauty In The Pot 美滋锅 at Sky Avenue Genting Highland is making a huge buzz all over the online portals that you can get. Most of the people would purposely travel up to Genting to enjoy this hotpot. Under the cold weather up there and eating hotpot is the most perfect combination.

Only then I realize that this shop is operating under Paradise Group of Restaurants, This hotpot is slightly different from others as they brand themselves as collagen hotpot, where they add in premium ingredients in it to enrich the soup.

A glimpse of the place.


Little did I know that they queue is kinda crazy. I reach at 8pm and my number I got in line is another 53 pax in line. Bare in mind that the calculation goes by every 90 minutes per session table. Therefore average waiting time is that. Hence average wait is about 2 hours with least with 50 pax in front of me.

Good note is that the front desk will give you a call when your table is ready. Hence you can stroll and walk around everywhere. But do remember to pick up your call, if not your table will be given to the next patron in line.


While waiting in line and you have kids,  they have kids play area for them to run around.

beauty pot (1)

While the assign waiter/waitress for your table, they will make sure your soup is being ordered first and drinks arrive soon.

beauty pot (2)

Order their Signature Pot tea which I would recommend and it is good. Fragrant and unique yet refillable. Another is house plum juice which is also free flow refill.

beauty pot (3)

Love the ambiance of the place as it is with pink sakura theme.

beauty pot (5)

Like most of the China hotpot place, sauces are additional charges and it is at RM 6.80 including fruits. Not too sure how to mix? they have a board on top with guided condiments for you to mix.

beauty pot (4)

There are types of 6 Broth/Soup available for you to choose.  :
1. Beauty Collagen 胶原蛋白养颜美容锅
2. Vitamin C Tomato Sweet Corn 维他命C番茄玉米锅
3. Herbal Drunken Chicken 养生药膳醉鸡锅
4. Cooling Coconut 清凉解热雪耳椰子锅
5. Spicy Nourishing “Malat” 滋补养身香辣锅
6. Longevity Long Pine Mushroom 长生抗癌松茸野菌锅

You get to choose your soup base from Quart to half or whole single flavour pot. (RM10.00 onward per quart RM60.00+)  as I order mine is Half / Whole @ RM32.00

beauty pot (6)

We pick Spicy Nourishing Malat” 滋补养身香辣锅 is a must have for me then another choice is Beauty Collagen 胶原蛋白养颜美容锅. Find that the soup are quite interesting and it is quite thick in flavour. Especially Beauty Collagen. Indeed it is thick broth and as it is cooked longer, it become thicker and saltier.

Spicy soup is not that spicy as like the one from China, but decent enough for the weather up here and good to those who cant really take spicy.

beauty pot (8)

beauty pot (9)

I thought I could find the menu online I guess it is a bit hard now. Some of the ingredients we order are, signature mix home made balls.

beauty pot (10)

Pig Intestine

beauty pot (11)

Lamb slices and beef slices (Small) estimated RM 25 each

beauty pot (14)

Still prefer my own special mix sauces that had been thought previously by a China guy.

beauty pot (16)

My beef slices which is quite long in a small roll.

beauty pot (17)

At the end of the meal, we are served with Yuzu Ice Blended for digestion.

There’s also a 20% discount from 10.30pm onward, limited to food ingredients only, and excludes soup base, condiments and drinks. (only available from Monday to Thursday)

Overall, for a hotpot such as this and impress with their service. Only pity all the floor staff there as they have to bow 90 degree on each servings finish. Their back must be very strong! A place can explore up there if you are craving for hotpot. I think they are the only restaurant that have outdoor seating area.

As on the way down from Genting, I already gotten very thirsty and have to stop by at the rest area to get a bottle of water. Either it is the effect of MSG or the saltiness of it.

Expect to pay RM 100 – RM 120 per head easily and depending what you are ordering.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, not bad for a pot in Genting !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Beauty In The Pot
Level 5 Rooftop, Sky Avenue Rooftop,
Genting Highlands 69000, Pahang, Malaysia.
(above Power Plant)

Phone: 03-6101 1392

Opening Hours: 12pm – 2am Daily.

Many of us love to travel up to Genting Highlands for fun. Besides the whole top part of Genting is currently undergoing huge renovation for the upcoming theme park, there is now another reason for us to go up there. Genting Highlands Premium Outlets Find is indeed quite impressive with the brands offerings.  Quite a alot of international brand are being house in here and now do not need to travel all the way to Johor Premium Outlets for branded bargain hunting. Of course here is much win over Mitsui Outlet Park at Sepang.

Genting Premium Outlets (1)

Quite variety of F&B in this area too. Godiva is one of a famous stall among many out there.

Genting Premium Outlets (2)

Those who love good bargain for branded goods and sports wear, I think Genting Premium Outlets price offerings are pretty decent compare to other outlets. I felt that they are cheaper. Many international brands up here such as: Adidas, Aigner, Coach, Furla, Hugo Boss, Kate Spade New York, Michael Kors, Moschino, Polo Ralph Lauren, Superdry, Tumi and more.

Genting Premium Outlets (4)

Genting Premium Outlets (7)

Coach is definately one of a shop that you should check it out. I find that the price in here or item discounts are quite huge. The last round I went up to check this place out, Coach seleted item are at 50% off.

Genting Premium Outlets (5)

Genting Premium Outlets (6)

Genting Premium Outlets (9)

Another shop that the girls find it cheap too is Micheal Kors.

Genting Premium Outlets (8)

Genting Premium Outlets (10)

New favourite brand among my friends.

Genting Premium Outlets (11)

Superdry is so so only.

Genting Premium Outlets (12)

Genting Premium Outlets (14)

Lacoste sale up here is not that fantastic.

Genting Premium Outlets (13)

Well, this premium outlets did more damage to me as compare to the rest of the available three premium outlets. However, what I heard over the radio, they are doing massive promotion over month of December. Do prepare to fight with the huge crowd over this festive seasons.

You can click here for list of stores: 

KM13, Genting Highlands Resort,
69000 Genting Highlands,
Pahang Darul Makmur.

Tel: +603 6433 8888.

Genting had been into massive renovation and touch up. Skyavenue is their lattest attraction especially for shoppers and also filled up with alot of new F&B outlets. Motorino Pizza is one of the latest addition with its fame being regard as best authentic Neopolitan Italian pizza restaurant in New York. Owned and operated by Belgian-Italian born chef Mathieu Palombino who makes Neapolitan-style pizza in wood ovens imported from Italy, Motorino has multiple outlets in New York, two in Hong Kong and Manila, one in Singapore, and now with its first restaurant in Malaysia, it is located up here at Resorts World Genting’s – SkyAvenue.

Motorino (2)

Motorino (3)

Motorino (4)

Motorino (5)

Motorino (6)

Motorino (7)

Motorino (8)

Motorino (9)

Motorino (10)

Motorino (11)

Motorino (12)

The roasted chicken wings (3 pcs) @ RM20 are seasoned with olive oil, mint, lemon, chilli flakes and sea salt for a light yet tasty treat.

Motorino (17)

meatballs comes in a set of 3 @ RM 26. Mariana sauce is pretty good and best to have a slice of bread so can dig the gravy along.

Motorino (13)

Marinara (tomato sauce, oregano, garlic, extra virgin olive oil) @ RM48.

Motorino (14)

Cherry Stone Clam (mozzrella, oreganata butter, parsley) @ RM54.

Motorino (15)

Motorino (16)


Motorino (18)

One of a pizza place up there.

Motorino Pizza at Sky Avenue
Level 1, Sky Avenue, Resorts World,
Genting Highlands, Malaysia.

Contact: +603 6101 1118

Operation hours: 10am to 10 pm (DAILY)

It has been a while since I last went to Genting. Went there again last 2 weeks. Didn’t manage to blog yet. Went up there, luckily it has a very good weather. Cold and windy, this is what I am expecting. By the time I reach there, I were so hungry. Didn’t take my breakfast and we took cable car up. Come across this restaurant whereby so many people and have to take number. So we decided to join the crow. My number was 83 and the current number is 74. Asked the waiter how long do we have to wait, he said not long. Great newS!!!

This restaurant has funny name, its called Restaurant Good Friends. It is located directly above the cable car station. We were into the restaurant within 15 minutes of waiting and after we orderd to wait for the food to be served, it is killing me. So Bloody long

This is my favourite tim sum, ‘Lo Pak Gou, but does not really taste nice. Very oily as you can see and inside its not soft.

Wow!!! The Siew Mai’ is a must try food, when you eat it, has a big prawn in there, and have the primary school ‘feel’. Reminds me during when I am so damm young.

The Pai Kuat is high recommended also, with the black bean and the gravy of it, it taste so nice and very ‘hiong‘. The meat is soft and definitely with alot of bones also. The ‘Char Siew Pau its juicy with its meat and gravy. Yum! Yum!

This is the Har Kau just ngam ngam whereby the skin of it is not too tick nor too thin. The prawn given is not kedekut. Ngam its size of the skin.

This Loh Mai Kai’ its highly recommended by me also. Its hard to find nice Loh Mai Kai to eat whereby the rice is soft yet juicy and not too salty yet the chicken, meat and mushroom its just perfect. Thinking of it, makes my saliva drooling. With all the waiting for the food. It is just worth waiting.
Total bill comes to around RM33. Was not expensive after all cuz its Genting.
To those who going to Genting, I totally highly recommended this restaurant


-= KA CHING =-
Food rating 8.5/10 , GOOD
– WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
After finish our lunch we walk across this bakery shop. So many people were taking pictures with this cupcakes but definitely its well decorated to attract customer to get into the shop. We have decided to go for tea break here. It is just located 4 shops away from Restaurant Good Friends.
With Christmas around the corner, the Ginger Snap cookies.
This is something unique when I was inside the theme park. While waiting to go for the ‘Fairy Wheel’ and a bit hungry so decided to try this stall, Sim O Donut or located next to Solaro Shot
The sizes are so Mini. With 1 mouth per piece and it sells for 6 for RM 5 (if I am not mistaken) Quite alot of flavours also you can pick and choose and the staff there are definitely friendly.
This is what I had pick and choose. I just point and point with no idea what flavour is that. Just judge by its look.
This is one of the newest attraction in Genting outdoor Theme Park. Beryl’s Chocolate factory. The design of it is just so nice and for people who loves to take pictures, a must place to visit. Something like ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’
After taking all the rides and walk whole day long, we have decided to come back to this nice looking shop for our tea.
I took this Mushroom Quiche, after so long I have not eat it, Used to eat it a lot when I was working in a cafe in Melbourne. It is quite nice, have the taste of eggs, the cheezey taste and of course with the mushroom.
My friends trying the chocolate chip cup cakes and Mocha. I would personally said that the cupcakes is not nice, my first time trying cupcakes. The texture its hard, the icing sugar sucks and the best is the chocolate chip. Should not go for this flavour. There are more to choose.Try other’s.
The Mocha is RM 10, Cupcakes is RM5 and Quiche is RM8 if not mistaken.
-= KA CHING =-Stamped
Food rating 6.5/10 , OKAY
– WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

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