With current economic conditions, many have opted to travel locally as one of the options. Labuan as one of a new destination that currently being promoted by Cuti Cuti Malaysia along with Malaysia Airlines. Hence I come out with Top 8 things to do in Labuan.

Little did I know that Labuan is a petroleum town that makes them one of a duty free island in the country besides Langkawi and not only that, it is a town that filled with alot of historical moments especially during World War 1 and 2.

Labuan is a federal terriory of Malaysia off the coast of Borneo in East Malaysia. It is made up of the homonymous Labuan Island and six smaller islands, and is located off the coast of the state of Sabah. Labuan’s capital is Victoria and is best known as an offshore financial center offering international financial and business services via Labuan IBFC since 1990 as well as being an offshore support hub for deepwater oil and gas activities in the region. It is also a tourist destination for people travelling through Sabah, nearby Bruneians and Scuba divers. The name Labuan derives from the Malay word labuhan which means harbour. (source from Wikipedia)

As for such there are Top 8 things to do in Labuan that I have come out with:

NO:1 – Visit all historical area in the island

1. Labuan Museum 

Labuan (1)

Labuan Museum is located in the financial district itself where is just 5-10 minutes walk from luxury Dorsett Grand Labuan Hotel. Entrance is free.

Labuan (2)

Labuan (3)

We got a passionate guide (Willie Teoh – 0198820551) whom he have passion in sharing all the island history to all travelers. Will be your perfect guide if you are looking one when you are there.

Labuan (4)

Its a nicely done museum that showcase the historical moments of the island and all the details that what had happen during the World War.

Labuan (5)


Labuan Museum,,
U 0364, Jalan Dewan, 87008 Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan.
Tel: 087-414 135
Entrance: FREE

2. Labuan ChimneyLabuan (6)

How and why this chimney was built in the year of 80’s and the usage of it is still a mystery. Traces of this chimney are all the way back with paper trails and locals remark still could not get a clue out of it. There are various perception on the purpose and usage for it such as : maybe a ventilation shaft? unfinished light house? an emergency smoke alarm tower?

Labuan (8)

The mystery of it still remains as mystery till date as historians are still trying their best to find out the main purpose of it. This do not hinder them from getting one of a latest recognition known as The Green Apple Awards for Heritage Architecture.Labuan (9)


Chimney Museum
Lot 2 Tingkat Bawah,
Bangunan Tabung Haji Jalan Kesuma 87008
Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan

Tel: 087-463 603

Entrance: FREE
3. Peace Park 

Labuan (10)

The Peace Park is an important monument located in Labuan Island. It was built by the Japanese as they felt sorry and guilty of what their forefathers have caused in those early days. The Peace Park acts as a promise to peace and mankind. It also acts as an important bond between Japan and Malaysia. The Peach Park is a tribute to those who sacrificed their lives in the World War II. (source by: attractionsinmalaysia)

Labuan (11)

4. Surrender Point Memorial

Labuan (12)

Surrender Point Memorial is located directly next to Peace Park as this area is where the Japanese officially surrendered their ruling on Labuan to the Australian in charge. About 50 meters away from the surrender point, the ceremony of signing and the handover took place to mark end of World War II in Borneo.Labuan (13) Location:

Peace Park  87000 Labuan,

Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan, Malaysia

2. Adventure + Cycling around city areaLabuan (14)

One of a cool activity that you can do during your stay is you can get a bike and cycle around the city center or to some of nearby historical area. From hotel we cycle about 10 minutes to this Labuan War Cemetery where it is build to remember those that had sacrifice during Japanese Invasion during World War II.

Labuan (15)

Labuan (16)

Labuan (17)

Labuan (18)

Moments later, we cycle for another 10 minutes to Labuan Botanical Garden.

Labuan (19)

Right after that, we head to Bukit Kubong for a quick hiking to check in with nature. The hike ended in another location that facing beach.

Labuan (20)

3. Labuan Fish Market

Labuan (22)

Woke up at 5am and reach this place at 5.30 am to check out their fish market. Located in the city itself as this is where most of the market traders will come to this early market to grab all fresh seafood from fisherman that just came back from sea.

Labuan (23)

Labuan (24)

catch of the day depending on what they have. This huge lobster which are easily weight 3.5kg – 5kg are selling about RM180-RM300.

Labuan (25)

Other fish and prawns can be crab here as indeed it is really cheap!

Labuan Fish Market (Labuan Fisheries)
Jalan Merdeka 8700, Labuan

Labuan (26)

Next can head to their wet market which is nearby from the dock. It takes about 5-10 minutes walk to be here.

Labuan (27)

Market here is huge, well plan and segregated into sections which is very easy for shoppers.

Labuan (28)

Labuan (29)

Labuan (30)

Never knew this few types of fishes can be eaten.

Labuan (31)
Labuan (32)

As you move to another wing, this is where all the locals ingredients such as sauce, chilli padi, fruits and many others can be bought here.

Labuan (33)

5. Island Hoping (Pulau Kuraman) & Diving

Island hoping is next thing to do in Labuan. You chater a boat and head out to those beautiful island. Not only that, as there a few islands that is nearby which is very suitable for diving.

Labuan (35)

Along the way, this got me excited as I have never seen an oilrig before, as usually seen it in game or newspaper. Indeed it does lift the expectation of oil producing state.

Labuan (36)

Labuan (37)

Labuan (38)

Totally in love with this first island that are stopping by. Crystal Clear water, warm and a perfect day for a swim.

Labuan (39)

Labuan (40)

Labuan (41)

We keep taking pictures non stop.

Labuan (42)


6. Sunset Viewing

Labuan (43)

there are a few beaches in the island and Labuan United Nation 2008 beach is one of the place to be for sun set viewing.

Labuan (44)Labuan (45)

Enjoying my cocktail from Dorsett Grand Labuan outdoor catering team


Labuan United Nation 2008 Beach, UNO8

Jalan Sungai Pagar

7. Seafood Hunting (Food)

Labuan (47)

Kampung Nagalang Seafood Restaurant is one of a recommended restaurant from hotel local staff as they regard this is one of a proper seafood restaurant in terms of taste, quality and presentation. Just recently open its door to public for less than 3 months. Labuan (48)

Pretty good seafood range and food.


Kampung Nagalang Seafood Restaurant

Jalan Kerupang 1, Kampung Nagalang, Simpang Ikan Todak 24.

Tel: 012 – 8341997

8. Duty Free Shopping

Labuan (49)

Labuan is regard one of a duty free zone state, and of course this shop is a must not miss whenever you are in town. Dirt cheap items can be bought here too.

Labuan (50)
Labuan (51)

Location:  One Stop Duty Free Shop Sdn Bhd

Victoria Point, Jalan OKK Awang Besar,  Bandar Labuan,

Labuan Federal Territory

Tel: 0162020200

Taking 2 hours and 30 minutes flight to this duty free zone island from Kuala Lumpur known as Labuan, it is even better when you are staying at the most prestigious hotel in the island.

Dorsett (1)

Its an island that famous for its oil industry in Malaysia, makes this island pretty ideal for local travelers as this island is strategically located in the heart of Southeast Asia, 8 kilometres off the coast of Borneo, the glimmering Pearl of the South China Sea.

Setting your foot into this hotel that won 3 three prestigious achievements, namely the “Best Business Hotel Brand Malaysia 2014” and “Luxury Business Hotel 2014”, with its guest mainly from both local and international, makes Dorsett Grand Labuan the only ideal five star international chain hotel on the island to stay in. It sits right directly in the business districts and also 10-15 minutes walk to down town.

Dorsett (2) As we arrive, we are greeted with all the hotel main personal by singing hotel songs for the welcoming entry. 

Dorsett (3)

Right after we check in – we were given 15 minutes to freshen up before we head to our hotel tour.

Dorsett (10)

Knock knock! Sliding the card in and swing the door wide open, I am greeted with a huge walk way that makes me walking in like a boss. I am excited and checking out every single corner of my room .

Dorsett (11)

This Executive room price at RM 350 – RM 500 (depending on season) is filled with all basic necessity that you need. Iron board, bath robe, slipper, security safe, and extra pillow is nicely pack. Follow suit with some drinks such as complimentary water, coffee & tea.

Dorsett (12)  

Dorsett (13)

They have a bath tub for you to soak into. Girls certainly would love their long big mirror and spacious toilet flooring.

Dorsett (14)

Dorsett (15)

Impressive toiletries are given too at the state of Labuan, its also nice enough for them to add have the bathing salt for the bath tup for you to prepare.

Dorsett (16)

The bed is so inviting that I just fell into it like a freshly log timber. My body just sinks in and I am sure that I will have a great night sleep. 

Dorsett (17)

A cushion and Tv with estimated 15 channels for you to pick from

Dorsett (18)

Dorsett (19)

From my balcony, I am greeted with Labuan City main ground area and as I close my door, I am greeted with a beautiful port view.

Dorsett (20)

First tour, we head to the most expensive hotel room in the hotel is Royale Suite

Dorsett (21)

Located on the 8th floor, the Royal Suite faces the breathtaking sea view of Labuan Island .The suite has a living area, dining area and pantry to further enhance the meaning of comfort The bedroom suite is fitted with one king-size bed in the master bedroom. .Best experience for this suite will be enjoying personalized services during your stay.

Dorsett (22)

If you are in rush with work materials, they have mini office for you to work with. 

Dorsett (23)

Dorsett (24)

huge king size bed

Dorsett (25)

Dorsett (26)

Toilet are segregate into a few section, with shower room, toilet cubical and spa are all different.

Dorsett (27)

Dorsett (28)

Next tour is their Premier Suite. 

Dorsett (29)

Furnished in walnut wood with beige tones, the Premier Suite comprises a master bedroom with a king-size bed, a dining area with kitchenette and an adjoining living room. A bathtub and a shower cubicle are fitted in the bathroom for those intending to unwind after a long day with a nice warm bath.

Dorsett (30)

Dorsett (31)

Guest whom are staying at Level 8, will get additional benefit with unlimited entry to Executive Lounge during your length of stay.

Open from 4pm – 7pm daily comes with:

Dorsett (32)

Some snacks, tapas and fruits platters and of course unlimited refill of alcohol during that period of time.

Dorsett (33)

Dorsett (34)

Some selection for you to choose with. If you do not like alcohol, you can opted for tea or coffee.

Dorsett (36)

Other facilities available will be their ball room, gym and swimming pool.

Dorsett (37)

Dorsett (39)

Right after the tour, we are hungry and starting off with their, specialty dessert.

Dorsett (40)

Dorsett (41)

If you are keen to enjoy some great tea seasion during in the late afternoon , they do have hi- tea set that features  western vs local food at the moment.

Dorsett (42)

For those who are out of idea on where to eat outside, you can check them out as they serve very reasonable buffet range at RM 88 ++.

Dorsett (43)

Fresh seafood and ready to cook for you.

Dorsett (44)

 highlights would be their meat and lamb.

Dorsett (45)

Fresh seafood and oyster for you.

Dorsett (46)

Dorsett (47)

Here is one of a Asian section with Japanese fried Tempura, Teppanyaki and others.

Dorsett (48)

Dorsett (50)

For sinful moments, their dessert range is decent and enough to make you sugar high.

Dorsett (51)

Dorsett (52)

On their normal days, they do have Chinese Chef cooking for you.

Dorsett (53)

Dorsett (56)

Sorbet as its own character for palate cleansing and follow with their last signature dessert which is their coconut ice cream. On that night was also Jennifer Birthday and we ask the girls to sing along too.Dorsett (57)

Dorsett (58)

The last stop which we ended in is this bar next to their lobby – Fun Pub. Love their range of drinks that they are providing and as a duty free zone island, alcohol is cheap here.

Dorsett (59)

Be entertain by great music band from Philippines – Perfect Jam that have great voices.

Dorsett (60)

breakfast (1)

For breakfast, you will be pampered with a great selection of food that will be ready to fill in your stomach.

breakfast (2)

Usual egg/ omelette station. They have fresh croissant bake for you too.

breakfast (3)

breakfast (4)

Fresh yogurt and pippin hot soup base noodle . .

breakfast (5)

breakfast (6)

Local fare for your selection.

breakfast (7)

catering (1)

Last but not least, Dorsett Grand Labuan do have an amazing team that do cater for any outdoor event or coporate function. They do have their special division that cater to this request and best of all, it is very interesting as after our driving range session, we end the evening with a great sun set view with beach cocktail session being prepared for us. Drinks can be cater with alcohol and mock tail, along with some bite sizes food available for your convenience.

catering (2)

catering (3)

Sitting at the seaside and enjoying my sip of Sangria. 

catering (5)

If you are stopping by Labuan and looking for a good place to stay in the city, then check them out with special offer:

Special Room Offer – Staycation with Dorsett Grand Labuan
Check out the Special staycation room package
– Staycation at “The Pearl of South China Sea”.
Dorsett Grand Labuan is offering RM550 nett per night in a Deluxe Room. Upgrade to an Executive Room with just RM100 more
(rate at RM650 nett per room night)
and enjoy a host of extra benefits for FREE.

Package inclusions:
– Complimentary breakfast and dinner (based on single occupancy).

Additional person will be chargeable at only RM70 per room night
– 2 hours tour of Labuan historical sites
– Extension of stay with Best Available Rate
(inclusive of breakfast) offered by the hotel

Package is available from 1 Nov 2015 till 29 Feb 2016.

To reserve the above packages or other hotel offers, kindly log onto

462 Jalan Merdeka,
87029 Labuan F.T.,

Tel: +608 7422 000

Fax: +608 7422 222

Email: [email protected]



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