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The Daily Fix @ Jonker Street, Melacca

How many of you would thought off that walking up and down in Jonker Street that there is actually a hidden gem in this street. The Daily Fix is one of a latest introduction by my friend that I should not miss out this place for my next visit to Jonker Street. The Daily fix is actually hidden right behind this Next KK snd Bhd souvenir shop which actually operate by their family and the cafe is operate by their…

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ALai Coconot Shake @ Kampung Alai,Melaka

It seems that coconut shake in Malaka do take a big hit after the commercialize of Klebang Coconut shake. However, I was recently introduce to this stall by a local friend that Ah Lai Coconut Shake, located in Kampung Alai is one of their favourite. price is nearly the same as per compare with other stall. If I remember correctly, this taste slightly better as to compare with Klebang Coconut shake for its sweetness and this stall is slightly creamier.…

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Famous Pork Satay at Lung Aun Kopitiam at Melaka

I have encounter quite number of Melaka famous pork satay and till I am not too sure which is the better ones. However, this was one of the most recent one that was recommended and it was by luck we reach early and got a spot immediately. Pork Satay at Lung Aun Kopitiam which just only a street away from Jonker street is one of a coffee shop you should drop by if you are moving around by foot. A…

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Satay Celup, Restaurant Ban Lee Siang @ Jalan Ong Kim Wee, Melaka

[Repost from 2009 – due to updated pictures] Every state is famous for their own local food, especially when one do travel to Melaka, ‘Satay Celup’ is a food that you would rarely miss. There are numerous hype over Satay Celup in Melaka from years ago till now which is heavily commercialize. Comparing to Penang version, their soup base is made of satay penut sauce as per compare to Penang on clear soup base with 3 sauces to choose from…

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La Bodega @ The Shore Shopping Gallery, Melacca

When I first discover La Bodega, was when I started working in KL or when Pavillion just open its door to public. It was that moment when I tried it out when I hit my sales target at that time. Now La Bodega brand is no stranger to many and they have expended their wings out from Klang Valley to Melacca. Today’s they are operating in this new shopping mall known as The Shore Shopping Gallery and its hard for…

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Delicious Nan @ Pak Putra, Melaka

Last round when I was in Melaka, we did alot of food hunt and thanks to Jason introduce us one of his all time favourite nan place – Pak Putra. We were already full day of food hunting and this was the last stop before we head back to KL and all of us were already complaining super full max till want to vomit out. Pak Putra is famous among local crowd and now which had grown to draw many…

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