I guess I have been travelling around quite alot yet none I did not blog any of it detaily  for the past 3 years and I guess this trip would be the first. Was early to arrive in the airport for the flight as I always got confuse in their boarding time is the departure time. Well, its good to be early in this new gigantic KLIA 2. If you are late and need to run for international flights, do prepare to run at least 800 meter and check into F1 Hotel Manila.

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This would be my first trip to Manila as I have always wanted to visit this country for its culture and food of course. Well, this one is slightly different as we are heading to Bohol, another unexplore or not commercialize compare to the famous one like Boracay. As for this route, we are flying off with Air Asia to Manila, Philippine then take another transit plane the next morning to head to Tagbilaran to reach Bohol Island.

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This is what I mean if you are late, you have to run accross the bridge which I estimate easily 400-500 meter by estimation and one of the side wings another 200-300 meter to reach into the gate.

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Another new item being introduce for their meal is this Maans Pasta Arrabiata that can only be order on their pre-book meals. Slightly spicy, and for a simple meal up there, there is no complain.

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In flight, I have always love to see at cloud and always got me curious how those cloud are form to give you the imagination like its a tiger, elephant and stuff.

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Here we are, reaching to Manila.

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Upon arrival, we are being transit with this bus to the main terminal as we are in Manila Low Cost Terminal.

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We were then transported to this nice accommodation for the night – F1 Hotel Manila. I am impress with the security here as I thought it was the goverment move but actually it is not. It is an initiative of some of the private property/developer owner to hire a private security that comes with K9 unit.

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I am impress with the lobby as I reach here without any expectation. Warm and classy interior that gives me the impression that this is a business traveler hotel. The hotel is situation in the middle of this new town Bonifacio Global City.

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I love my room as its very spacious, that comes with a bed to die for, easily can sink me in  for the night. Build with a partition to separate the reading area and mini living room. The only set back in the bed room was the TV as the room is so huge yet the TV is small .

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This is the mini living room, that can fit any guest that comes along . . .

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Bathroom is clean and comes with all basic necessities, towels, shower gel, lotion and others.

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Also including safe, robe, iron board, complimentary coffee and tea. . .

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Great gym room, a cafe/bar area for you to chill and they have 3 pool. 2  Children pool and 1 infinity pool.

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Upon Check in I do have another 90 minutes to stroll around as some of them decided to take a rest in the hotel. The night sets in early as when comes to 6pm its turning dark very fast.

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As I wander around bymyself in this new Bonifacio Global City with their new goverment planning and direction for this, I am totally involve with the ambiance of it. It does not give me the feel that I am in Manila as most of the architecture here are so western and the instant build up and walkway reminds me Melbourne.

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They have nice modern dining area, restaurant and cafe. ITs all  wihtin a stone throw away from the hotel.

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Then came acorss this PAn de Manila as the smells of the bun is so good. Decided to grab one as pretty hungry while waiting for dinner session. It is more like a Hot Cross Bun. Serve pippin hot, aromatic, super soft and without any filling. Just nice to eat it like that for breakfast.

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Found that they have quite a number of Burger and Burrito Joint. Love every of their concept as its very nice.

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Then I walk to the other side of my hotel I came accorss this Shopping area which build low rise by max only 2-3 levels but stretch 4 blocks away. Bonifacio High Street would be one of the place you would want to drop by as they have hotels, cinema, high end shopping brand to low end shopping brand. Something similiar like our Bukit Bintang. The concept is more like a park walking style.

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Bonifacio Global City is very clean, well light up and modern.

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Right in the center of the city, the goverment also build a jogging track that reminds me like those in movie, New York Central Park, but in a very much smaller scale but good enough for the folks around this business district area.

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I have always love to visit oversea 7-11 as its bigger and more things to see. Beer in here is comparable with ours. Just slightly cheaper.

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They have also some art wall around the city area.

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After dinner and stroll around, its time to hit the bed as we are flying off with their first flight – Air Asia Zest to Tagbilaran .

The room, available from PHP 10,200 comfortably houses 2 houses and 2 children while 24 hour security gives you great security.

32nd Street, Taguig,
1634 Metro Manila,
Bonifacio Global City
Can check out their website for further info:

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