Bangkok was one of my latest trip for this year. One of a place that recently open up my eyes on how much they have change since I last visit them 2 years ago. Its a whole new ball game now where I am so impress over it, till I touch down in a while ago. Beef & Shake is one of a random shop that we went into for quick bite as the street food in front of the hotel (I Residence Hotel Silom) did not open.

beef & shake (1)

Beef & Shake just establish 3 months ago and had gain its popularity among all the office workers in the area. Just like any other burger joints that is similar like a fast food chain concept, just that everything is cook fresh. How the history grew was quite interesting where they were one a pop up store in those famous night market, moving from one event to another event such as Artbox, K-Village and others, that now landed them operating this shop right below at Chong Nonsi BTS station.

beef & shake (2)

beef & shake (3)

beef & shake (4)

beef & shake (5)

beef & shake (6)

One of their signature stack up is this vegetarian burger Crispy Portobello Mushroom 

beef & shake (7)

While waiting for our food, we kick of with their signature cheezy fries @ 95 Bhat. Cheese is creamy enough, yet not too salty and sprinkle with fresh cheese flakes on the top. The best part is their chili sauce. Do dip along with it as the chili sauce do have hint of herbs, garlic and mild spicy end.

beef & shake (10)

Here comes their house signature burger as one is not enough, so we order their signature stack up. Double Beef Burger with Cheese & Bacon (as they use 100% Australia natural beef) @ 289 Bhat. You get to choose, medium rare, medium or medium well. So we ordered medium well. 

beef & shake (11)

AS we cut open the patties, it surprise s as it cook to perfection – medium rare. This burger is so good that we keep expressing that one of the best that we come across. Easily beat any of the burger joint we have in KL. On the first bite, it gives you the layer of taste that you need from juicy beef patty flavour which is not too dry yet just nice enough to capture a great patty being used, follow by bacon flavour that ooze out from the patty as it is not the oily taste but the fragrant of it just sips in, along with crispy crunch,great cooking method and lastly with a great combination of mild salty cheeze that blows at the end. Indeed it is a great burger!

beef & shake (12)

beef & shake (13)

In Bangkok how can we miss out their pork range of burger. After the satisfaction from their beef, we decided to place an order to try out their pork – Double Pork Burger with Cheese & Bacon. This takes about 10 minutes to cook  it as pork uses longer time frame. Similiar to the taste of beef where patty did not overcook, yet juicy and fragrant, the only best part is they add in coleslaw to balance up the taste, that gives you the crunchy bite of it. Perfecto!

beef & shake (14)

beef & shake (15)

Before we went off, since we ordered both their best and owner introduce us to order their milkshake which is famous too. We started again with only one to test out their quality which is their best seller Banofee Milkshake @ 145 Bhat. Thick enough to give you a punch in the flavour, as he use 5 scoops of ice cream to made it up and owner secret homemade banana puree at the side. It is so good that we ended up their Green Tea Milkshake for takeaway @ 145 Bhat. Green tea is refreshing where can taste the strong matca yet not too overpowering and balance up with the fresh powder form on the top to give the refreshing bit.

Before we leave Bangkok, we drop by again to this shop for last meal before flying off. It is indeed that good! Highly recommended.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 9/10 , awesome! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

*I might have not tried other burger joints in Bangkok, but as percompare to KL, this is base on my own personal preference. 

93 Soi Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra 3,
Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500, Thailand

Phone:+66 95 949 2646

Operating Hours:
Daily : 8am – 10.30pm

Asiatique The Riverfront is one of a most prominent open concept shopping mall & night market in Bangkok. When it hit night, the whole place is bustling with shoppers. The area were once well known as a international trade port has now been transform to house more than 1500 boutiques and 40 restaurants within this premises.

Love the whole concept of conversion from old port warehouse to modern yet rustic look at this river front..

Asiatique (1)

To visit this place, best is during the sun set as you can hop into their fairy’s wheel and enjoy the magnificent river front view or head to their front  with wide streets run between each warehouse and choose one of the F&B and enjoy the view.

Asiatique (3)

Asiatique (4)

with my best friend Goft, thanks for bring me around again. 😀

Asiatique (5)


Asiatique (6)

Asiatique (7)

For those who love to take more pictures, there are more area and props for you to take creative pictures with anchor, steel human statue that previously work in this busy port, tram car & many others. The whole area certainly do transport you back to the 1900’s century when this area were once the main highlight and now it still is, in the modern way.


Asiatique (8)

Asiatique (9)

Asiatique (10)

Asiatique (11)

Asiatique (12)

Asiatique (13)

Asiatique (14)

Asiatique (15)


Asiatique (16)

Asiatique (17)

Asiatique (18)

Asiatique (19)

Asiatique (20)

Asiatique (21)

Asiatique (22)

Asiatique (23)

Asiatique (24)

In the heart of hangar there is this clock tower that house a mini lover garden, with many love birds pay a visit, walk around in a sequence then come out and place a lock with their love sealed and place it on the fence.

Asiatique (25)

Asiatique (26)

In some of the hangers, house many vendors that sells from cheap bargain goods to local designer with accessories, souvenir, handicraft, jewelry and others.

Asiatique (27)

Asiatique (28)

Love some of the food kiosk which is unique in its concept.

Asiatique (29)

Asiatique (30)

Asiatique (31)


Asiatique (32)

At the entrance facing main road, there is where all the main attractions are, with upscale fast food chain, entertainment area such as Live Muay Thai show at The Stage, historical board of Asiatique and others.

Asiatique (33)

Asiatique (34)

Asiatique (35)

Asiatique (36)

Some street performance. . .

Asiatique (37)

Asiatique (38)

Asiatique (39)


Asiatique (40)

Asiatique (41)

Asiatique (42)

Asiatique (43)

Asiatique (45)

Asiatique (46)

Took a break at Love Milk that sells variety of colorful drinks and interesting food.

Asiatique (47)

Asiatique (48)

Asiatique (49)

Nothing fantastic as the drink is too sweet and the savory bread taste kinda weird with the base sauce.


Asiatique (50)

Asiatique (51)

Asiatique (52)

Paper craft  .. .

Asiatique (53)

Pop up draft beer stall . ..


Asiatique (54)

Asiatique (55)

Its a very huge area as you will be spending quite a lot of time here. Take your time and stroll around, and I miss the moment where enjoying one of the restaurant with casual chit chat and wine that facing the riverfront.

Asiatique (56)


Asiatique The Riverfront

Opening Hours: 17:00-midnight
Location: Chareonkrung Soi 74-76
How to get there: The easiest and fastest way to get there is via boat. Take the BTS to Saphan Taksin and jump on the free shuttle at the end of the pier. It only takes ten minutes, and the boat runs until 23:00. Taxis are not recommended as the traffic can be terrible in this area.

Website: Asiatique

Bangkok, not only well known for shopping heaven, as they are very well known with their various kind of night market. When I pay a visit to Bangkok again at June 2014, this night market were one of a highly recommended by my friend as they are more well known to the locals as many international travelers have yet discover it. Srinakarin Train Market.

The night market were once operate an open-air bazaar set beside an abandoned railroad tracks behind JJ market and near Chatuchak area. However, the train market has since moved into a new location (Srinakarin Road) behind Seacon Square since June 2013. How the word came about whereby “Talad” means market and “Rot Fai” means train in Thai

Train Market (1)

Upon reaching the area, on the frontage does not look anything fantastic, as upon walking in, I am falling in love more with this place as its so huge. For the first time, I got excited over a night market. We were strolling from 7pm till 12am still have yet to cover the whole market.

In this market, you will be amazed with alot of local vendors selling incredible cheap and unique item from vintage collectibles, antique furniture to hippy fashion, great second hand item and Mao kitsch.


Train Market (2) With many sections for you to cover, first you will be greeted with their concept cafe upon walking in from the main road. Love their creativity of each concept cafe that makes it very unique.
Train Market (3)

Train Market (4)

Train Market (5)   With a few bars design and there are one that capture my attention which is a cafe that feature an old classic cinema, with all the whole seating, with look and feel. Too bad, that cafe was close on that day.

Train Market (6)Train Market (7)Train Market (8)Train Market (9)Train Market (10)

After walking thru the long walkway, you will then reach this huge first night market area with variety of street food, and clothing for you to start shopping

Train Market (11)Train Market (12)Train Market (13)Train Market (14)

Train Market (15)Train Market (17)

Do not know what is the tag that the dog is wearing  but certainly do look cute.

Train Market (18)

Discover another new local brand beer, Leo. Good stuff as its stronger than Singha.

Train Market (19)

Train Market (21)

Train Market (20)

Train Market (22)

This is one of my favorite all time slipper, not only they have my size, yet its one of the most comfortable slipper that I have got. At 200 bhat is value worth and definitely much better quality compare to Flipper.

Train Market (23)

Train Market (24)

Train Market (25)

Train Market (26)

Train Market (27)

Train Market (29)

Train Market (29.1)

We then move to another indoor section, more like a indoor outlet, that features a few local street brand too..

Train Market (30)

Train Market (31)

Alot of collectibles item can be bought here too.

Train Market (32)

Train Market (33)

We decided to take a quick break at this old fashion “Kedai Runcit” that brings us back to the 70’s. Love the look and feel of it.

Train Market (34)

Right next to it, there is a huge street food area, follow by another section that capture our attention is selling some furniture and concept item along with second hand items.

Train Market (35)

Train Market (36)

Train Market (37)

Classic instant camera

Train Market (38)

Train Market (39)

We thought that the market stops there and as we walk thru at the end of second hand item area, it leads us to this amazing area with all cars and local trucks are converted into mini bar and cafe.

Train Market (40)

Train Market (41)

Train Market (42)

We try out their concept, that follow with low seating and cute tables and chairs.

Train Market (43)

A huge jug of their local made mojito are only 80 Bhat. Dirt cheap. Alcohol are pretty strong and many flavours to choose from.
Train Market (46)

Famous local Thai Milk Tea. I find it a bit sweat.

Train Market (47)

In this huge area along with the bar, is where I rate it the bargain area. With at least 4-6 long stretch, you will find your bargaining power begins. From fashion, toiletries, accessories, local made clothes and many others that will amaze you. Price range is very cheap as some accessories range starts from 20bhat and clothes starts from 50bhat. The girls went crazy over here as there is a jean manufacturer clear their stuff here with 3 pieces of short jeans pants going off at 3 pieces at 130 bhat.

Train Market (48)

Train Market (49)

Train Market (50)

Train Market (51)

Train Market (52)

As you walk to the last section, I rate this area is the most impressive as the whole warehouse zone area are converted to collectibles item area and also some showcasing of products. You will find products from household goods, old electronic appliances and used auto parts to second-hand clothes, shoes and fashion accessories,  bikes, Coca-Cola collectibles and Japanese anime toys on sale as well.

Train Market (53)

Train Market (54)

Train Market (55)

Train Market (56)

Train Market (57)

Train Market (58)

Even they recycle some theme park rides item and place it here to sell off.

Train Market (59)

Train Market (60)

Train Market (61)

Train Market (62)


Train Market (63)

Train Market (64)

Train Market (65)

Train Market (66)

Train Market (67)

Train Market (68)

Train Market (69)

Train Market (70)

Upon walking out, we were greeted with this concept bars with one of it looks like 70’s petrol station kiosk that play all the latest EDM music.

Train Market (71)

If you do visit Bangkok, I would highly recommended this night market as do prepare to walk alot and do prepare some cash as most vendors here do not take credit card. If I were to compare, this night market is much better than their famous Chatuchak Market.

Read an article from A Second Train Market Now Open on Ratchada Road which is located at Ratchadaphisek Road, much closer to downtown Bangkok. which just opened in January 2015, Ratchada Train Market is not as big as the original, but it has the same arty vibe, retro gear and tasty snacks to enjoy. It is very easy reach, a few minutes walk from Thailand Cultural Center MRT Underground Station, behind Esplanade Shopping Mall. Ratchada Train Market is open from 17:00 to 01:00, from Thursday to Sunday. (source from
Rod Fai Market Srinakarin Road Soi 51
(behind Seacon Square)
On Nut – closest station but still requires a taxi journeyHours:
Indoor Market-Tuesday to Sunday, 3pm to 11pm
Ourdoor Market-Friday to Sunday, 4pm to 12am
NOTE: It is best to visit on the Saturdays when the market is most happening. Other days might be quiet/some stalls are not opened.

Tel: Srinakarin Rot Fai Market: +66 (0)8 1827 5885, +66 (0)8 6126 7787, +66 (0)8 1732 8778, +66 (0)8 1752 5588,
Ratchada Rot Fai Market: +66 (0)92 713 5599 Opening Hours: 17:00 – midnight (Thurs-Sun)

Mr.Jones Orphanage is rated among my friends is a must visit cafe in Bangkok and there are two choices for you to choose. One which is conveniently located in Siam Paragon and their original outlet is located at Thonglor Soi 13. Among the two, I have chosen to head to their original outlet as I find that their interior decoration is more interesting that features a huge wooden teddy bear house.

Mr Jones (2)

We head here very early as read alot of review that it is constantly pack with people and I guess we were too early. Great that we do not have to queue and plenty of photo opportunity.

Mr Jones (3)

Mr Jones (4)


Upon entering the main entrance you will see a hop scotch in front of you that instantly brings you down to memory lane. As you look up, you will be greeted with this huge minature wooden cabin that filled with alot of bears from all angles. Instantly it reminds me of Harry Potter.

Mr Jones (5)

In the main area, they have long tables and on the right, you can see “The Playground” where there is this large carousel-design dining table in the center which gives me the feeling of King Arthur and his knights table in teddy bear version. 

Mr Jones (6)


Mr Jones (7)

Mr Jones (8)

I believe many of you have seen this shot in instagram where by their famous cake area, that is filled with variety of cakes yet very colourful.

Mr Jones (9)

Mr Jones (10)

Mr Jones (11)

Mr Jones (13)

Mr Jones (14)

Mr Jones (15)

Mr Jones (16)

Mr Jones (17)

Menu are pretty straight forward as they are more towards cakes and desserts, with Mr.Jones Brunch Menu as the side option.

Mr Jones (18)

Mr Jones (19)

Mr Jones (20)

Mr Jones (21)

Mr Jones (22)

Mr Jones (23)
Mr Jones (25)

Mr Jones (26)

Mr Jones (27)

As I explore around, this is more like I found a new area to explore which is their Chocolate Lounge, as it is more like their hidden attic that is leaded up by a flight of narrow wooden stairs. Upon reaching the top, I basically have to crawl around as the ceiling is super low and it is filled with comfy seating sofas and tables are placed at various corners. You can camwhore with alot of their items that being place around the area such as toy soldiers, library books and plush toys.

Mr Jones (28)

Mr Jones (29)

Its a great hang out place for KIDS ONLY. 😀

Mr Jones (30)

Mr Jones (31)

Mr Jones (32)Mr Jones (33)

Mr Jones (34)

Some other items for you to play with as they have toy soilders, teddy bears and others.

Mr Jones (35)

Mr.Bear was our breakfast host for that day.

Mr Jones (36)

Introducing their signature which is their M&M Chocolate cake with Kitkat and Strawberry Bubble Gum Milk.

Mr Jones (37)

Love their Mocha as its well balance and aromatic.

Mr Jones (38)

Mr Jones (39)

Mr Jones (41)

Mr Jones (42)

Our next order came by with Le Croque Madame and their Pancake with mini marshmallow, chocolate chip and maple syrup.

Mr Jones (43)

Mr Jones (44)

Mr Jones (45)

Mr Jones (46)

Mr Jones (47)

Full English Breakfast.

Mr Jones (48)

Their special bubble gum drink. 

Mr Jones (1)
Indeed it is a very interesting cafe to visit with plenty of corners for you to take picture or Instagram. I do not recommend to walk from the station to the location as we tried to talk and it takes more than 20 minutes to reach. Best option is to take a cab from Thonglor Station

Mr Jones’ Cake Shop

Location: G/F SeenSpace, 251/1 Thonglor Soi 13, Bangkok
BTS: Thong Lor
Tel: +66 (0)2 185 2378


Other Locations:

Siam Centre, 3rd floor
Tel: +66 26581163

Central World, 7th floor
Tel: +66 22521895

Empire Tower, G floor
Tel: +66 22861140

The Mall Bangapi, 1st floor
Tel: +66 27344121

Terminal 21, 4th floor
Tel: +66 20220451

Continuing on my last trip at Bangkok, the last night itself we wanted to visit some sky bar in the city itself as I have seen many bloggers went to many nice sky bar that available in Bangkok. Then told Goft about it and she mention to us that she will be bringing us to this Red Sky Bar which is located in Centara Grand Hotel in Central World.

Red Sky (3)

As you head upon the bar you need to do a lift transfer as you need to head to the lobby floor then change lift to head up to level 55 whereby the RedSky Bar is. Love the hotel lobby as it feels so luxury to walk in and all of us were greeted by the friendly staff there.

Red Sky (4)

Ding Ding, here we are upon reaching the highest floor of the hotel at level Fifty Five.

Red Sky (5)

Welcome to Red Sky Bar, a bar which is located on the 3rd highest building in Thailand and from the 55th floor itself with 360 degree view accross Bangkok City.

Red Sky (6)

Here are the details of the bar. .

Red Sky (7)

Red Sky (8)

The bar offer relaxing ambiance that filled with jazz band, a perfect interior whereby you can bring your love ones to this place for special occasions.

Red Sky (9)

This would be their private function room covers with huge curtains that make it a total private space for you and your friends that totally no one can look thru it whereby the table will be facing with magnificent view of the city itself.

Red Sky (18)

The careful consideration from the bar also offer a single seater area for people who just love being a long for a moment  ..

Red Sky (10)

The place are pretty pack for Friday night and many people came here just to chat or hang out.

Red Sky (11)

The bar is serve full range of spirits, wines, champagnes, cocktails and beers along with happy hours between 5pm and 7 pm. Get to know that it is one of the popular time with many locals on that time to catch the nice sunset.

Red Sky (12)

Live Jazz from 7.15pm – 11.30pm daily.

Red Sky (13)

Too bad that we cant be seated outside that night as it was raining quite heavily and sad to enjoy a perfect view of the city from last night itself.

Red Sky (14)

I manage to take a few pictures from the top how it looks like ..

Red Sky (15)

Then heading back where we are seated, as for the night we were super full, so we opted to drink wine for the night.

Red Sky (16)

Nancy and Goft

Red Sky (17)

Me enjoying the drinks, companion of my best friends and the ambiance~

Red Sky (19)

Red Sky (20)

Before we left they are all busying taking pictures of the well lighted wall that fully decorated with wine bottles which is quite impressive.

If you prefer some where you can dance or shake around, then you can consider other sky bar as this one are meant more for relaxing as they have jazz band playing along.

You can find out other info on other by this checking out this website – Top 10 Sky Bar in Bangkok

Red Sky Bistro & Bar, Rooftop
Centara Grand at CentralWorld,
999/99 Rama 1 Road, Pathumwan,
Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Tel : +662. 769 1234

Opening Hours-
Red Sky Bistro- daily from 7 pm- 1:00 am
Red Sky Bar- daily from 5 pm- 1:00 am ( happy hour 5 pm- 7 pm)

Red Sky (22)

So this ends my adventure in Bangkok and flying off. . . Next trip . .Cambodia~

Red Sky (23)

This is the new international airport of Bangkok and some predict that it will be one of the busiest airport in Southeast Asia ..

Red Sky (25)

The airport is quite huge and offers quite a good range of mix retailing in the duty free center.

Bangkok trip is all about makan on my 5th day trip, after heavy dinner at one of good restaurant that Goft recommended which is Taling Pling at Central World then now we are hunting for one of the best desert around that area called Mango Tango that operated by Hong Kee according to Goft. On the way walking there, if it wasnt raining, there are night market directly opposite Central world heading to Siam square.

Mango Tango (1)

I find that the street market here sell clothing which is pretty nice as if we do not have time to shop alot in famous JJ Market (Chatuchak Market), here would be one of the good option too as you can bargain.

Mango Tango (2)

After about 5 minutes walk from Central World, here we are, as we reach our jaw drop as the place is so little and flock by so many people ready to hunt for places in the compact shop.

Mango Tango (3)

This place got famous with alot foreginers because it got feature in some international food guide in Hong Kong and Japan. There is where how they gain the popularity and branding.

Mango Tango (4)

Cannot deny that I love the concept of the shop that show’s purely they are selling desert and only desert that they are serving. They source the best mango in Thailand and its pluck fresh. A simple decoration of the outlet make it outstanding around the neighourhood area as it is very hard for you to miss the shop that is well light up.

Mango Tango (6)

Mango Tango (7)

Mango Tango (8)

I guess these are their best seller therefore put at the counter

Mango Tango (9)

We are amaze how fast this worker cut on the mango and look so pro .. . We were just drooling like a small kid looking at candy when me, Steven and Tatt saw the mango how yellowish and how sweet it is going to taste like. .

Mango Tango (5)

Annie always love to promote how  god the food is and this round with menu, I guess she will be a good food ambassor. Too bad I was not allow to post her eating pose. Saliva will drop just by seeing her tam chiak face (the way she eat). The cute menu also in Mango shape and the have selected menu for you to choose from and we have let the desicion for Goft again to go for our menu.

Mango Tango (10)

Getting ready with my spoon to attack on the desert yet the funny thing is that I have heard An Apple a day keeps the doc away and now, its A Mango a Day keeps the Doc away . .kekeke I sure do not mind by having lots of sweet aromatic mango. . .

As we were super full from dinner, and now its very hard for us to resist to say NO to deserts after looking on how the way they do it and die die also must try quite few. Our initial plan was order 2-3 to share and the end up result every one having one portion. 😀

Mango Tango (11)

Mango Sticky rice is just so opposite version of what we have in Malaysia and the servings there as I meant, that in Malaysia our sticky rice is a huge chink of it with a few slices of mango and in Mango Tango is a huge big ass mango with small scoop of sticky rice. Its served warm, soft and very aromatic with their superb coconut milk as we love it so much on the taste and pair with the smooth sweet mango is just perfect.

Mango Tango (12)

Mango Tango (13)

Do not know what to choose get Mango Tango Signature dessert and consists of a half nicely cut mango in cubes, with a side of mango pudding topped with whipped cream and a ball of mango sorbet. A perfect combination to try all version in their outlet.

Mango Tango (14)

Mango Delight comes with a mixture of fruits base, kiwi, mango, honeydew, aloe verra, watermelon and some other ingredient, and all the fruits are fresh and sweet.

Mango Tango (15)

Mango Smothie is super good,very smooth, easy to drink yet the mango is so aromatic like drinking pure mango juice.

Mango Tango (16)

Mango Tango (17)

all of us having great time with our desert and this is one of Goft’s fav drink .

Mango Tango (18)

One thing I regreted that I did not buy enough is their Sensational Mango Tango Desert – Preserved Fruits. One of the best I have eaten so far as they sell it in lose pack or economy pack that comes in a pack of 3 boxes. As for  now, whenver my friend go to Bangkok, I will try to ask them tapau this back for me .. Hehehe .. Once you eat it, its addictive even my parents finish this whole pack on the night itself.

Dry, not too sweet, as its like eating pure mango in another version. Recommended to get at least 2 pack.

Mango Tango (19)

Here we are, our desert hunter and Collen always busy with her food, that is how tam chiak she is whenever taking pictures. 😀

As for last say, any order in the menu, surely will satisfy your crave on desert as all also pretty good!

If you do go Bangkok in the area of famous shopping districk Central World that area, please do not miss this super good yet delicious Mango desert, as you would not regret even though its a bit hard to find as you have to walk thru some alley turn right turn left.

Highly Recommended if you love or do not like desert.!!!!

They have 4 branch in Bangkok check out their website for other branches location :

I just wish  Malaysia have such a good desert shop. The set back is our mango is so exp and import in even worst. I guess I shall keep my mango crave till next holiday . . 🙁


Mango Tango
Siam Square 7, Soi 5
Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330
(next to Hotel Novotel, Bangkok)

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