My buddy Jiun came down to KL for his Street Fighter tournament which held in 1-U which he manage to get 4th place, the only pad survivor to the last 4. All of his friends were pretty proud of him.

During the break, he took me to this place, which I thought it was Dave’s Deli on the corner… mana tau is Dave’s then I was ha…can eat 1 boh, seems like no ppl and it was like dinner time. Then he said, kia la..I wont bring you Holland. Here very famous for pork.

The group of girls were standing there camwhoring for quite a while which they did not dine in there. No choice have to put them in.

I like their place, which is dimly light, Perfect visits for couple and pork lovers or friends to get along which we were seated at the sofa area and the whole restaurant it was our table and the table next to us.

In the menu already shown that, ribs is their main pics.

‘Dave’s Slow Roasted Belly of Pork’ RM42 (only available Thurs and Fri 3pm onwards) served with sautee veggie, roast potato and roast gravy and mash.

When Ah Jiun’s portion got served, I cant wait to tax his portion, looks good, full with temptation yet so gravy and juicy. The pork belly, is with fats and little of meat yet one bite is enough to bring you the satisfaction. The fats just melts in your mouth to bring up the aroma yet with the gravy is mild would say it’s a perfect combination.

He cant stop compliment on his dish and the mash potato, filled with milk, butter and strong potato aroma which is just perfect to go along with the pork belly.

I order ‘Daves Signature Baby Rack Pork Ribs’ Half Slab(4-5ribs) RM48 Basted with BBQ signature sauce, served with saltee veggie and Mashpotato.
After I have travel to Sydney during my studying time in Aus, I would say, this is the nearest best pork ribs I have had since I came back. Well roast, filled with mild, sour and abit salty aroma yet you can just suckling on the ribs bone to suck the juice out.

Enjoying my every last bite of it.

One thing you must not miss, which is, must order with beer. Gives you the right pleasure and satisfaction.
Well, we were both happy dinners walking out with satisfaction with a good service from the crew which we guess its because they serve 2 tables but who cares.. Surely will go back and try out another dish.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 10/10, Thumbs Up~-Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Ground floor, nearby TGI/ a few shops next to Carl’s Junior.


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