In the heart of KL, where Pavi is one of my usual place to dine in when I am lazy to think of a place to eat with the convenience of parking and I just love the GSC there. Neither did I know that this fantastic restaurant which is just right across the streets where my friend intro me to this love tim sum dishes.

With the open concept kitchen, and classic dining areas is just something would make you seated comfort and enjoy the environment.

The plates and other utensils showing a sign that they are following the trend of classic China concept.

There is a long list of tea and everything seems like until this premium selected caught my eyes with the extra charges on it, thought it might be taste something special and asked the captain what is nice, she recommended this ‘Osmanthus Oolong’ RM18.

I like the taste very much with strong tea and oolong detected that flourish your tongue and after a sip the taste had paint a layer on your tongue.

I like how the menu is presented with its wooden frame and long list of long dish you can order.

The dry chili is one of the extra flavors you would not want to miss. Not very spicy yet just a perfect add on.

The usual tim sum you would not miss in my order is the ‘Char Siew Cheong Fun’. The skin soft and a thin layer just nice covering the char siew. Add in the chili oil is just perfect. RM9.80

‘Yam Custard Cream Bun’. The pau is well steam and prepared, the pauz is soft yet filled with the yam which is not too strong yet a bit sweet is just the right combo with a sip of tea after it.RM4.80

I love this very much. A choice you would not want to miss. ‘Stim Custard Bun’ RM4.80

‘Prawn with Chicken Floss’ The prawns are very fresh covered with chicken floss and mayonnaise is something we enjoy very much. RM48 but I find the price is quite expensive for it.

‘Crab Meat E-Fu Noodle’ The noodle is delicate filled with wok hei. Once served, we finish it within seconds. RM29

‘Fried Sang Mee’ RM26. A dish that we are enjoying very much, with generous big prawns and well fried noodle.

‘Assorted Porridge’ The right choice of cooking that have boiled to a stage not too sticky with the add in yau char guai is flavorful. There are generous of ingredient given which makes it worth it. RM8.80

‘Prawn and Mango Roll’ Deeply fried and the prawns are well covered with the taste of mango yet you are enjoying both at one go. RM7.80

The style of eating ‘Xiao Long Pau’ which after steam there will be a little soup engage inside it and by eating it with cut ginger and vinegar is the perfect companion. RM7.80

Its hard to find a nice ‘Scallop Dumpling’ but this is filled with the scallop with the shape of 50cents and freshness and the combo of the meat under it is something you would want for more. RM9.80

‘Yam Puff’ RM4.80 The outer layer is very crispy and fluffy with the right amount of ingredient stuff in.

When comes to tim sum desert, this is the thing I would never miss. ‘Mango Sago’ Thick flavor and serve in cold is what you called satisfaction on the end. RM8.50

Another desert you would not want to miss, ‘Durian Pancake’. A strong taste of durian yet covered in the cream with a thin layer of skin that makes your savory all melts in your tongue. RM9.80

In a very short period of time I have been returning here to dine couples of times. With the price tag which I feel is reasonable that are located in Starhill, good ambiance and with its good services is just you could not ask for more. This restaurant is highly recommended by me.
Total price need to include 10% Service charge and 5% gov tax.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 10/10, Very Good, Recommended ~-Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Luk Yu Tea House
Feast Floor, Star Hill Gallery,
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL
Tel: 03-2782 3850


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