Genre: Science Sci-Fiction/Fantasy/Action/Thriller

I heard a lot of good review on this documented alien movie and so I decided to go watch also.

The movie is about an alien mother ship had stop at Johannesburg, South Africa and had been there for a few years till human decided to invade the ship and had a peek. Surprisingly they found a lot of alien which is dying and transport them down to earth for treatment. That is where the alien population begin.

There are some of the smart aliens which is called prawns in the movie which me and my friend thought more like (percantuman of Prawns and Cockroaches), were building on machines and harvesting some energy to get back mother ship then a kaypo guy go and take the device and kena the liquid on the face there is where the mutation of him become one of the PRAWNS where by the company he is working with a weapon manufacturer. The funny part is in the news mention that he had sex with the alien and that’s how he got the genetic when the news came out to capture him. The human had found a lot of alien guns but cannot use till this guy got starting to become alienated…and slowly transforming, get acquainted with the gun, there is where the blasting and bombing begins, with combo of human weapon and alien weapon (which you get to see in G.I Joe low tech gun vs high tech gun). And the story goes on …………………..
To me, I don think this movie is very interesting more like a talk show. Just not my kind of movie which a lot of ppl kinda like it. Well, its not my taste but do makes me think that I am playing the game Half-Life back in high school.

I am just inlove with the posters you can find in the internet which is quite funny. Printing it out

Printing it out and trying to edit the words non-human to bosses and paste it on my cubical..ekeke

I would say that, u can take your chances or I recommend on movie day.

— Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —

Overall ratings 5.5/10, so so lah~

— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —


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