2 weeks ago, I followed them shopping at Pavilion and it was dinner time, they suddenly ask me, Kia..bring us go makan nice food. Then I was like haarr…so last minute how to think, cant think of anything to eat in Pavi as I am kinda phobia liau… Then + they wanna drink after that. Then Jaya One came into my mind and of course Ducking suddenly appear in my mind too as I pass there many times and the restaurant is always crowded or full. Of course I happily suggested this place as I wanted to try out also.

As I reach earlier so headed to get the table and was there early, around 6.15p.m, only half of the restaurant been occupied. Then I manage to walk around freely and take pics.

Now day’s a lot of restaurants are practicing open kitchen concept as to let customer see how hygienic they are and of course to let you see there is not siew keong in there.

By just staring at the duck my saliva is like already accumulating in my mouth.

I felt that I have been talking about chili oil a lot recently, yet this is something I prefer also, to eat with roast duck, you must not miss it also but so far the chili oil that I haven been so far, all been good.

Then the waiter came by and ask us what type of rice we want, then I was like ha…and ask her back, how many types you have?
‘Hainam Rice’ (Nasi Hainam) RM2.50 which is dry enough and very nice. Accompany with the dish served is just perfect.

‘Pig Oil Rice’ (NAsi Kecap Asin Minyak Babi) This is something new to me. Which is very oily but the fragrance of the rice with the oil just can’t be denied so good and the crust of the pieces, one bite just makes you want to grab a full bowl of it. Something you should try. For those who are with cholesterol, please do not take. Its like eating oil. RM2.50

Start off with ‘Clamp Superior Soup’ (Tahu Kerang Superior Sup). Which is a clear soup yet very flavorful, filled with the taste of ginger and the freshness of clamp, just finish within seconds. Guess every 1 was hungry. RM18.80

This dish is a challenge for me which I do not really know how to translate so used back what they have written there. ‘Sup Hipiu Kepitin & Scallop’ Its not a big bowl, just nice to be shared by 2, abit taste like shark fin but mild in taste, a very satisfying soup to go with. RM14.80

I have always wanted to try where can I get the best ‘Sour and Spicy Soup’ (Sup Pangsit Szechuan) RM10.80 This was not the best but still acceptable, as I have tried a good one before but its not available in Malaysia.

‘Bean Sprout with mince Pork’ (Tumis Buncis, Babi Cincang). Well fried, with just the perfect saltiness and did not spoil the fresness of the long long bean also. . my friend loves this, as she was like every bite she took, she was like mmmmmmmmmmm….hoh chiak!~ hoh chiak… since from the first dish till this 1. RM16.80

I have been a fan of this ‘Bitter Gourd Pai Kuat and Chicken Claypot’ (Pakut, Ayam Pare S.Tausi). It was perfectly cook, the taste of bitter gourd is mild yet combines well with the black bean sauce, the pai kuat and chicken cook to the extend where the sauce had marinated well with it where by one small pot sharing with 5 person is just not enough. RM19.80

Of course by the name itself and all the ducks hanging on the wall, it’s a thing you must try out here. Even I have taken a picture of 4 types of cooking available for the duck. As usual we would not miss the traditional type ‘Roast Duck’ (Ititk Pangang) RM28.80. The crispy of the skin and the tenderness of the duck meat soak with a bit of the duck oil during the cooking process is just too hard to resist.

I ordered this, which I see the illustration of the pic in the menu is tempting and it was recommended by the captain there we should try this. When the waiter was holding this dish on his hand, the aroma of the deep fried and the taste of it just travels to us and we were like faster la…wanted to hantam already. Once served down, all of us were like raping the duck, within seconds just gone half of it.

Deeply fried, filled with the special spices that fried with it is just something you must try out for a duck lover. ‘Deep Fried Four Season Duck 1/2’ RM28.80

It was the very first time that I had taken a receipt that written in Chinese which I do not know how to read and another language is BM which I think its kinda funny, for a Chinese restaurant to come out with Malay description on receipt which I have written down also and with my direct translation.

At the end of the session, they were like aiyoo…hoh liau loh..tonite dinner. We were all very satisfied with the food and just perfect to go for beer after this. Surely, this is falling into my Recommended list.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 10/10, Very Good, Recommended ~-Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Restaurant Ducking
8-G, Block M, Jaya One,
No.27 Jalan University,
46200, PJ
Tel: 03-7957 9819


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