After watching the spectacular music light show at Arena of Stars, taking ferry to the island and all of us are very hungry. So we head to some where Queens Street for dinner. As we walk from the ferry terminal to the dinner place. Took about 15 minutes walk.

As we walk, I took pictures of the location that we walk through. 1 thing that I am very impress about their walkway is,
1.Its covered
2. Its very convenient and its well lit up. Feel safe to walk around.

Then walk through this elegant mall. It look much better than Pavilion.

If not mistaken this area seems like a filming area for don know which show arleady.

Love this area, already late nite yet still lit so bright.

I miss the tram, gives me memory when I was studying.

Even though on the weekend, this is how the ladies partie on the streets.
As we are finally reach our destination then we head into this restaurant recommended by my friend Jay.
This would be my very very very first ugly food posting as I forgot to take the receipt. No food name and no food location(tryin my best to dig up) but this restaurant offer very good food.
Its a very Hong Kong tea house feel. You walk in, there is no ppl greet you, find your own place to sit and the menu will be thrown upon. The supervisor or the person taking order looks like not in a good mood. So we are not expecting a first class service from them as Hong Kong tea house its famous for their very own culture. You will get scolded if you request alot of stuff or fussy, the food will be slightly thrown onto the table. But we guess that this restaurant looks like a higher class restaurant abit so hopefully the service is good.

The choices of the food is so much till Pat is having hard time to decide what to yet. Collen still hunting in the menu.

The 2 drinks that I would never miss in Hong Kong, the ‘Ice Lemon Tea’ and the ‘Honey Lemon’. Just don know why their taste is so much different although called the same name. Maybe use different tea and honey and the other thing is, the amount of slices of lemon that was given compare to the restaurant in KL. That’s alot~

‘Ice Lemon Tea’

‘Honey Lemon’

My very first order came which is the ‘Toast Bun with Milk’. The bun is well toasted, crispy on the outer layer crust and not over toasted in the middle. Just perfect. The condense milk pour upon wasn’t too sweet that goes along perfectly well with the butter spread in it.

Next is the ‘Sizzling Noodle with Shrimp’. When it was serve in front of us, we were like getting ready our fork to tax on the prawns. Taste so good that it just finish in matter of seconds. The noodle is well deep fried and the sauce, mild sour and spicy which blend with the noodle, you just would want to ask for second plate.

‘Seafood Porridge’ is next. With the price tag on it HKD72 we believe its a good value. With the mussels, prawns, fish slices, squid, pork were given, it was a generous amount. The soup base taste sweet with the seafood aroma, the seafood were fresh and the porridge was boil in the right condition. Ah Keong was enjoying all his moment with this bowl where he suppose to share with me. He finish all by himself. CELAKA!

I cant really remember what does this meal called already but the taste is very good. The sizzling plate that still grilling the other piece of the meat and the meat given were big. Hardly finish for 1 person even for a guy. The best part of this is not the meat is the gravy pour upon. Its the garlic sauce. Rich with the taste of garlic and the brown sauce that they are using is not too sweet and a bit sour, not too thick but combines well with the meat given.

This is not much different from that is the sauce only. Rich thick brown sauce that goes along perfectly well but when you eat till the end its quite salty. First few bites taste good. The more you eat the saltier its becoming but luckily it serve with the spaghetti.

This is what I have ordered. One of the best food in the restaurant compare to the rest. I saw this food poster paste nearby the toilet and while waiting for my friend, and I saw this pic which makes you crave for it. Its like a vooodooo, lai la.. lai la….come eat me!

Its not something very unique as the meal came, all my friend say I siau ah…come here eat maggiee mee. I said boh siau boh siau…HK also famous for Maggie mee ma.. So Must try. The Maggie noodle is so much different compare to what we can cook in our country. Its spongy, not overcook and not to miss the best part which is the gravy and the tender pork meat in it. The pork mean was steam to very very soft as when you eat, it melts in your mouth with the sauce in it you would just finish everything in seconds but I took my time to enjoy it. To much disappointment, it had finish within minutes cuz the rest of the ppl come tax my noodle. It was so good till they wanna come back hunt for it for second round.

‘Vegetable Cheeze Baked Rice’. Still one of the famous dish for Hong Kong tea house. Never give you any disappointment, its rich in cheese aroma, well baked which the rice is not dry and still able to maintain the veggie look fresh.

This is how Ah Keong enjoy his seafood porridge till the last drop. Every mouth that he eat makes you like wanna smack him with his irritating face.

How Siew Li eat it, is ‘Gelohjoh’ the food too good till she have to eat like that. :p
Its 10x much better than Kim Garry or any other Hong Kong restaurant that I had been in Malaysia.

Our next destination…One of Hong Kong hottest spot for night life, Lan Kwai Fung.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 9/10, Veyyli Good ~-Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
still pending~


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