My dad had been a retiree for about a year, yet he is a person which could not sit or stay at home. He is the type of person that just cant sit around doing noting. My dad previously own a small business in semi-con and the mother company had bankrupt last year that rock the Northen region.

Therefore, my dad had decided to venture in beauty line with a lady partner which he know nuts about it. What ever he is doing, yet me being new in blogging world, just taking this opportunity to share with all my friends out there. Estee Beauty had just establish for around 3 months, located in town area and with his dedicated partner and staff that provide unique services that enhance them to retain loyal customer.

A well certified and recognise beautician.

This is May Yeoh aka my dad’s business partner. Provides good services on Body Therapy and Facial Treatment.

MATIS being the selected brand to host all the skin care in the shop.

Comfortable waiting area, with soft music playing as the background.

Room No.1 which is for individual.

For couples are looking forward to gain beauty together, we do provide couple room.

With smoothing skin is just not enough, we do provide body massage for ladies that are too stress or work too hard would be a place that you want to dive in.

With the current promotion, we are just offering Facial Treatment and Full Body Massage for RM88 only. A great bargain for a great value.
Estee Beauty mainly cater for women’s only. For guys or couples, please do call up the consultant for further details.

During any called up to the shop, please mention my name BOK, which you are entitled a certain discounts or privilege.

Estee Beauty is strategically located at:
6C, Arratoon Road,
10050, Penang.
(from PG plaza on right, Auto Bavaria on left, head straight 50m will see a church on right – make first turning on right and straight and look out for 6C on the left. )

May Yeoh
Tel: 04-228 2446(for appointment)


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