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Guest Chef – Jes Chew at Elegantology with Cocktail Pairing @ Publika

by Taufulou

Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant at Publika is one of a outlet that I have walk pass by numerous times, where they have a unique concept of fashion infuse with food where their concept has always been on the lookout for rising talents in the fields of fashion and gastronomy. Through a unique and strategic collaborative method, EGR has helped springboard creative talents to greater heights, allowing them not only a space to grow but also an avenue for them to find their footing in the world of haute couture and culinary arts. .

[Update 2017 FEB: No longer in Operation]

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It is one of a very rare space that continues to find different talented individuals to collaborate with, so that each and every one of them can continue to Rise Above with Style hence there is this tagline and concept is ridding along.

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As from now till end of June, they have identify a new young Malaysian talent that had spend his times at oversea from Dubai and all the way to Hong Kong had now being invited back to do a showcase to our local Malaysians with his technique and skills that he have mastered over the years is Chef Jes Chew.

Chef Jes Chew may not be a household name in Malaysia but rightfully so, because he was busy carving a name for himself in the international culinary scene. He began his journey in the kitchen at Dubai with a world class Chinese restaurant, the Zheng He Restaurant in the Madinat Jumeirah Resorts. As a Junior Sous Chef, he was awarded the title of Best Gastronomist (Chef of the Year) and was named 2 nd Runner Up at Dubai Salon Culinaire 2008 against international contestants. It was there that he was recognized for his talents in the top Modern Chinese dining scene for 3 consecutive years, crafting traditional Chinese dishes with a modern twist. He then moved to the 7-star hotel, the Burj Al Arab Hotel with the Junsui Restaurant, again as the Sous Chef and Hotel Asian Chef in Charge.

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He presented Traditional Asian Dishes, including Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and Thai food with the use of modern applications and techniques – becoming the youngest Asian at 24 years old to hold the Sous Chef position there. His relentless pursuit in perfecting his craft then took him to the shores of Hong Kong with the Miramar Hotel and Investment Co. as a Development Chef de Cuisine, or more aptly known as an Assistant Culinary Director. It was there that he honed his experimental style into everyday practice. His research and developmental mindset allowed him to integrate and implement food trends and restaurant systems into every business they venture into.

Hence this menu is customise to showcase his skill set with inspiration of local taste infuse with his culinary skills.

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Bang Bang Chicken 65ºC Sous Vide Ayam Kampung Breast, Macadamia, Szechuanese Peanut Butter, Kacang Tumbuk. Its a very unique way of cooking where ayam kampung breast is so soft, and texture is near to bread and jelly version yet still can taste as a chicken texture with its sauce of seazchuan peanut butter that creates slightly creamy with burn peanut taste and mild pepper end that makes it a great combination. If you are looking for a taste bud challenge, then this is recommended.

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Tuna and Compressed Watermelon Indonesian Tongkol, Compressed Watermelon, Pickled Chilli Blackbean Ragout, Narturtium Green, Sakura is a dish that is very pretty in presentation where gives you a direct impact that you would want to instantly dive into the dish yet it is too pretty. Compressed watermelon gives you a nice hint of compress juice where it makes the freshness of fish which is so soft and juicy with combination of flavour for blackbean. You can taste 3 different taste in very prominent senses.

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Charcoal Smoked Salmon, Soy Ikura & Pickled Melon Salad is one of a presentation that makes you wow, where Chef Jes mention that his concept is great dish to be presented in this way where inviting you to eat pleasantly. If your palate is into something fresh and very direct, then this dish would be your ideal dish, with smoked salmon that gives you a very nice smell yet freshness of salmon is there that gives you a chill to your tougue where the fish is sitting and pickled melon will give you the confusion of taste where either it should be sourish and mild sweet end. A great combo.

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All the Appetizer is paired with  Havana Rambutan Mojito – Rambutan Muddle with Mint leaves, orange quaters, lychee juice and caramel

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On each series of the dish where he served, he is out here to introduce us on all the elements and also how do we enjoy his dish. Indeed he is quite a young impressive chef.

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Pumpkin Truffle Soup Pumpkin Soup, Superior Chicken Stock, Pumpkin Disk, Crabmeat, Enoki Mushroom, White Truffle Oil is one of the dish that was gone within 60 seconds. It was so good where creaminess of pumpkin that blends so well with truffle oil that gives you the little pungent taste that you need along with sweet superior chicken stock and little crabmeat for you to bite in between.

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All Mains is pairning with Martell Cane – Martell VSOP shaken with Sugar Cane Juice, triple Sec and Ribena. Very strong in taste and it is more towards guys palate.

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One of a dish that won many girl diners there is this Tiger Prawn Pasta – Duo Pasta, Cuttlefish X.O., Grilled Tiger Prawns, Prawn Head Foam, Crispy Garlic. A dish that give you an instant spicy kick to your palate where you think it is spicy yet it mellows down pretty fast after that. Head foam that gives you a zesty and freshness foam that blends well with garlic taste of the whole combination

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Sarawakian Black Pepper – Beef 57ºC Sous Vide Grainfed Tenderloin, Parsnip Mash, Grilled Red Pepper, Garlic Broccolini. Beef is so soft and juicy where the sarawakian black pepper did not over power it, where clever touch of parsnip mash balance it out.

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Curry Cod Gindara Fillet– , Otak-Otak Cream, Curry Leaf Emulsion, Eggplant Puree, Edible Fish Bone, Spicy Oatmeal. It would have been a perfect dish if the curry leaf emulsion could be slightly lighter in taste to make the cod fish stand out.

Pair with Coco de Malibu – Absolut Vodka, coconut juice, Malibu, Pineapple juice and nata de coco

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Varlhona Milo Ganache Mandarin Orange Segments, Orange Marmalade Custard, Milo Veil, Choki Choki Syrup

Pair with Martell Toffee – Martel VSOP, Kahlua, Cointreau, Caramel syrup and freshly brew coffee, shaken & strained.

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Deconstruction of Sirap Bandung – Rose Jelly, Roselle Jam, Bandung Crema, Rose Veil, Dried Red Velvet Cake

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Ice Cream Potong – Durian Keropok Durian, Raja Kunyit Durian Custard, Salted Corn Cream, Popcorn is one of the winner where most of us prefer this over the other 2.

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Along with Chef Jes Chew where for a Malaysian to come out with such dish, I am pretty impress for his creativity and technique. To me, it is worth to give it a try for his 3 course meal price at RM 150 ++.

Elegantology Gallery & Restaurant
35, Level G2, Publika, Solaris Dutamas,
1 Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur,
(In betweenThe Social and The Bee)

Operating Hours: 10am-11pm daily

Tel: 03-6206 5577 (Restaurant) / 03-6206 5599 (Gallery)

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