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Island Escape Pulau Redang

by Taufulou
It was a peaceful 30 mins ride, luckily wasn’t a bumpy ride. The weather was great, bright sunny day, not very hot till the sun shine on you also like kena poked and lai lai…let me walked to you to our very ‘lovely’ hotel.

Its Redang BaY!

The outside of it.
The place I am staying, outlook like chalet style but inside its so much cosy and nice, yet the air con was on quite long so it was a cold cosy room that makes me directly drop all my luggage and take a nap!
After napping, then force myself to wake up makan lunch and then to stroll along the beach.
Told my bro that its a nice day to take pic. Then he was like okay loh~
This is one of the famous hotel in the island which is Laguna. So much nicer compare to mine. Their seats is with umbrella.
Of course a place that must not mis!!! More more Tea Inn. I like the movie alot, a sweet memory at a sweet island. Till today, the word that I learned till now from the movie is AV .!!! Because of the movie, it had reached to alot ppl around Asia, as I can see alot of chinese, Korean, Jap in this island.
Trying to be loved~
After walking around then we head to the sea and swim. After swimming at the sea, cant remember who take this pic but surely i do think its a good pic la cuz no 1 delete ma. Makes me feel like I am in the James Bond Movie, that acted by Halle Barry also. Shit…suddenly cannot remember~
Just love the view here~
While waiting for the afternoon snorkelling session, one thing must not be miss….. BEER~ arrraaaagghhh.. Satisfy~
Heading out to the blue blue not too dalam see, which can see through abit and off to one of the nearby island.
Reached Pulau Paku and ready to rumble. Hunt FISH? Treassure? Human? we all also can!
The very first basic rules, if ship sink, what you need to do? Press your nose, and jump off kuai kuai….
Then you swim away from the sampan or ship. So that when it sink, doesnt suck you down.
For ppl like me, which do not really follow the rules turn out to be this pose! Off you go, yet want to pang yeng a bit~
Lesson no.2 which you need to learn b4 you go into snorkelling. Please do not jump from the boat. It is very dangerous if you jump or dive with your head down, you might knock yourself on the coral, bleeed or become soh jor. Always jump like lesson 1, if kena cut also, your leg or hand but you can still use your brain to think. Kena hantam on head, only 1 way ticket, Soh hai jor!
Remark: please make sure the depth is deep enough for you, to do this pose.
Ever see swan leg on the sea? there is one jumping off~
After came back from the sea, of course around evening, would sit around here, to see ppl play volleyball, walked around, chat chat chat, playing beach soccer with Middle east ppl and kalah teruk and many other more la. Sit here and just relax lah~
please wear sunglass!
Like this pic alot. Feel so classic~
looking at the white white sky~
Taking a strool back to More More Inn during night view to check on how it light up. So guan lai~~
Then of course with friends along and my very heng tai friend Tatt was so coincidence came the same date, and then jio to pia chiew ah!!! He is to be know the most dangerous bar tender in my group.
Bar tender in action, where the loser have to drink. I paccccc means 1 long tarik longggg lonnggggg pac…..
The next day waking up very early around 6.30am and drag my bro along also to be my assistant camera man..Kekekee..but he wanted to see how is the Sun Rise.
This is the nonsence that I can think off which my mind cant think straight at the moment.
My bro also sot sot a bit with both our eyes cant really open and not thinking straight so he is trying to show the farting power. Don pray pray ha! Best in Pulau Redang and somesay Terrenganu.
One of my favourite pic also. Thanks to my bro for chin chaing take turns out to be a piece I liked.
After that, eat breakfast and I head for my tanning session with other strangers
We were quite free for the day, so the camwhoring session begins~
Trying to be sampat.
Lai lai..play by shadow. Guess who is who?!~
Till to the extend that, wanna be ‘Ham Tan Chiew Yan’
Trying to be ‘Street Fighter in Action’
Too free till noting to do, so try to feel, the air in Redang and how is it the be with the sky~
After walk so much, talk so much just doooze off 1st la. Some of my friends, asked me, y so bad, didnt bring GF ah…for Info, me single. 😀
Just sleeping every where on the days. My island escape flow~
This is not mabuk, not even drown or need rescue. Just body to hot after sun tanned and need to cool down. 😀
Just trying out, how creative we can be with sand as using Chris as a model. I guess, we are all very imaginative and proudly present you, the most unique creature on earth, with 2 boobs and nipple made of dead coral, a 15 inch dick and bulu from dead coral, with a head of human. Build the shoe with Nike sign, with a peace finger on the side yet is in Alienated form I would say..
Of course, let me present you the crewwww..~
hrmmm..then noting to do while waiting for dinner, so go hantam pictures again la~
4 Days 3 night in that island, at first we reached on the first day was like Fuck..how to pass la..but the time pass damm fast. Already back to reality~ of course will plan for my nex island escape. But I did feel that, the island had alot of dead corals, and not as nice as 3-5 years ago. Even can see by the movie. Did tanned my self damm dark till get the latest nick,
Roti Terlalu Bakar…Dammm. celaka nick.

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