I have always heard them mention pan mee quite a number of times till they actually bring me here. When on they way, the feeling game me was, how dalam dalam is this place. It is actually located inside some where of no where inside a housing area.

Do not have to worry about the parking of this place. There are plenty of it.

They were the auntie punya customer. So she kinda know’s what they are ordering. As usual.

I see them getting ready with the chop stick and this chili in front of them to rape the food. The chili is quite spicy yet abit sour with lime taste but taste very well with the pan mee.

So what they eat I also follow lah~ ‘Pan Mee’ add egg and mince pork. To me, honestly, I don feel that it is so so only on this dish, as I have eaten pan mee which taste much better. A bit plain on the soup base, I did add some soy sauce and it taste a bit better. Don really taste any anchovies in the soup. RM4.50(if not mistaken)

Then again, what they drink also what I drink ‘Double Kam Kat Suin Mui’ RM2 which is a perfect combo for the mee.

Then Karen said that the stall infront of this makcik is nice. So try also loh. Quite a variety we hantam.

The sauce that were given to eat along with the fried taufu. There is something unique about the sauce, it just taste different, I do not know how to describe it, goes very well with the taufu.

The ‘Fried Taufu’ RM1 5pieces if not mistaken. Which is quite cheap. Well fried, hot from the wok and eat perfectly well with the sauce given.

Then I also try out the ‘Nasi Lemak’ which cost only RM1. Not much nice fragrance on the rice but the best part is the sambal. Not really spicy, taste a bit sweet, filled with abit of anchovies aroma and eat along with the rice. It is quite plain but noting to complain about.

After finish eating our lunch, as usual the Karen is always the hungry 1..ta pau some more for her gigantic stomac. The ‘Goreng Pisang’ which also just friend yit lat lat which you can cium the bau of the banana when it was brought up and the

‘Karipop’ is just quite plain. Noting to comment on it. Only one thing for this stall, the price of the food is very cheap, so got noting to complain about even though its plain. With the kind of pricing cannot expect much. Total that she paid from the nasi lemak till the very far end is less than RM7. The amount of food taken is exactly in the pic taken.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 5/10 , Okay Lah~
-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Jalan 4/140,
Salak South,KL
(inside housing area)


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