The most anticipated event of the month had just arrive which is my close friend birthday, Lyssa. Was quite happy to be one of the few limited ppl that got selected..kekeke.. and when the invites reach my email and saw the location I was like ….wahhh…this person … arrhhh..ermmm.. shouldn’t say much, cuz she usually do things with a reason. 🙂
Dress code of the party is black/white + pink

I was there quite early cuz was elected to be her photographer on the night so got quite excited as this is one of the restaurant that I plan to dine in and her b’day is there, so it’s a blast.
What I get to know that, besides from fine dining, they also do sells diamonds and those especially want a unique for their wedding rings, custom made is one of their best area which is on the 5th floor.

I was told by 1 of the waitress that will lead me to the VIP room. Then I was amaze how she decorated the place up with balloons and petals on the tables filled with flower aroma when I walked in.

All the seating’s were already pre arrange by Lys.

I got more even excited when I saw this bucket of Champagne. Its filled with ‘G.H Mumm’ which I thought of trying when I do get a chance in future but her arrangement of dinner is just..ermmm.. speechless. .

When I sat down on the menu, after reading finish only realize that, they had printed her name along also.

a 5 course dinner.

Sure I am going to enjoy myself on your b’day, as she did mention that quite worried on whether all her friends can get along or not. I told her, don worry, all your friends abit gila 1..sure can communicate.

The Birthday Girl.

Some of her friends reach early, and was just chatting and get in touch with each other.

Juli is one of Lyssa longest known friend, as they known each other since high school and keep in touch till now. Any property you guys interested, get in touch with her.

The usual, a bit of photo taking session.

When her friends start to pour in, then she starts to get busy on the seating arrangement that she had to let them know.

There are her attendance of the night:

For Guys (from left to right): Ken, Patrick and Me….

Anderson , Brand, If I am not mistaken this is ah Wai and Kok Wai

For Gurls : Juli, Celine and Evan

… Janice, Yuki Lu and Ling Ling.

Then just right b4 the dinner was serve, B’day girl request how all of us get to know her. So for my part. Secret.. kekek

After laughing and crazing, we were serve the first dish of the night, ‘Cream of Mushroom with Truffle Chantilly’. Just by stepping in the door, the aroma of the soup had filled the room and makes every 1 hungry. It was thick and creamy blended with a few mushroom and once inside your mouth, it will melts with the bread on it and chunks of mushroom to bite. I finish it within seconds.

Those that are in the middle of the table, slowly enjoying their soups.

Then move on to starter, ‘Scallop Foie Gras’, it’s a pan fried scallop sandwich with foie gras on pickled pumpkin topped with onion marmalade. I took this whole thing in one bite and it just melts in my mouth that the scallop is so soft yet filled with flavor of pumpkin and onion marmalade which make it so flavorful and enjoying the best of it

Next is ‘Lime Sorbet with Orange Zest’ what Ken told me that this is the mouth washer before moving for the main course. Every 1 around me is like mmmmm…so soft yet limey and just perfect till I asked can I get another glass.

For the main course there are 3 types to choose from but work with Juli and Celine pretty well that Juli order Steak, me Lamb Shank and Celine Cod fish. By the time it reach the mains, we were already like 70% full.
‘Grilled Pepper Sirloin’ Served with roasted garlic mash, sautéed spinach, sweet potato chips, and poroini gravy. I cant take beef but the feed back from Ken and Juli, that its great, soft but the paper taste too strong that covered the best of its steak. He mention that if sauce put separately would be perfect.

‘Seared Cod Fish’ served on aglio olio fettuccini, poached asparagus, mushroom and coriander miso hollandaise. I would say, this is the best dish of all 3 that I didn’t get try on steak but, the cod fish is so soft till you put in to your mouth it separates into slices and eat it raw with the sauce, you just would want to have more. The fettuccini is added extra which goes along very well with the rest.
‘Confit of Herbacious Lamb Shank’ served with risotto topped with beans and sage buerre noissete. I find the risotto abit sticky and wet, that I have eaten better 1 before yet the flavor is good filled with garlic taste. The lamb shank I find the meat rather hard which I would suggest if its soften a bit would be good. My least preferred among those 3 mains.

Of course last, followed by the deserts, 2 choices to choose from which again, I collaborate with Juli, she took the ice cream and I took the pudding.
‘Green Tean and Jasmine Bavarios’ with ginkgo nuts, candied long gourd and blueberries. Usually I am not a fan of puddings and again, I find it so so only for the desert.

‘Rainbow Cassata’ Three layers of ice-cream served with pistachio coated lychee strawberry and chocolate sauce. The first bite in it, it gives me the feeling of like when I was young, went to ‘kedai runcit’ and buy a magnolia waffle ice-cream. Juli certainly agree with me too. Not the best of the desert.

After all the mains and all the deserts that been served, followed by the champagne. This is the first time I drink a good champagne which the 2nd time I am drinking a champagne. The total difference is there from the first and this. Just speechless.

All of us, making a toast to the B’day girl

And again photo session starts again.

One of the night event begins, that Lyssa had come out with, best dress gurls and guys. Every one of us have to do a cat walk and those who we think the best, we have to stick this sticker on them.

Anderson to go first which he do not know what to do.

The judges to give price away.

Me with my geli pose.

She was having a great time by laughing all the weird pose and critics that been given.

And the best dress winners for gals goes to Ling Ling and guys goes to Ah Wai. After this session we head to the terrace area which she book the whole side area on the back.

Then she was like Opppsss, I did it again!

Kok Wai came late which is during the second session cuz he just finish working as a hairstylist.

Back bar area.

Then she said that she was pretty tired already, want to rap up and go back liau. It was pretty early that night and did ask her not going for second round. Just want to go back.

At last manage to take a pic with my bestie~

‘Tiramisu with Rum’ by BigBoysOven.

She ordered her cake by Delectable which is quite a expensive 1 but to me as usual, cup cakes are always quite sweet as it filled the icing on top which I manage to take a bite of it, and I got the butter cake, too moisture and the lemon in the middle is just too sour. I feel that the flavor added in is too strong maybe 30% less would be good or it has suppose to be like that. Never really love cup cakes.

Just feel like a small kid that you are standing in front of the cake and the rest singing for you . . . . its good to have this feeling.

Juli and Evan just trying to be on their best form.

At last, the pressie that she got is like omg. So many, I couldn’t carry all by myself and needed another guy’s help. Just makes me feel like I just finish celebrating my 5 years old bday.

Last but not least, just wanna wish you:

. . . . . ‘Happy Birthday’. . . . .

~. . . . . . . .May all your dreams come true, always happy and 3 8 . . . . . . . . . ~
Glad to be invited. Thanks a lot!! Hugs…


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