Hi everybody, you may not actually know who I am but I am the person behind the scene and this time decided to appear anonymously as this round I just got my new look and thanks to my owner, Lys for the make over.. So today I am gonna be here and proudly presents you the review of yesterday’s meal for this round only.
I am may look like a cookie monster but I am not. The other version of it, My name is Lala Chung, Full name Green Tea lala Chung. alright.just bare with me for a second and we will be right on.
tik , tok , tik, tok, tik, tok, .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. *counting down to……..

3. . . . . . . .
2. . . . . . . . 1. . . . . . ..
We came by this restaurant couple of times and it was pretty packed on the weeked. So decided to come by yesterday. Now I really see the difference on weekend and on weekdays. You can just choose your seatings.

I didnt know that they have this on the thp of their shop, that I was looking for the toilet by going through look like one sealed door on the left corner of the shop that lead you to upstairs which is like a mini market. The sell sauces, meat and some ingrediant for cooking. Surprisingly they never promote this area.

In front of the mini market, they do have this small little area for comfort seating. Which is as display in the picture, just this small area only available with a flat screen tv attach on the side wall.

I like their interior which is pretty simple, cosy, yet classic which represents what they are selling.

Quite a number of nice pictures were glued to the wall.

Ordered ‘Mango Juice’ which is quite thick in taste yet refreshing RM7.50 and ‘Virgin Pina Colada’ that my friend she saw it. Directly took mine reason wise, cuz my drink presentation looks nicer compare to hers. Lol…. The taste never dissapointed and its something like what you order in the bar, but I still thinks the one in Tony Romas still taste the best so far. RM10

My previous round of visits on this shop which tak dapat a seat and was told to wait around half and hour, look around on that day and many of the people tried out their burger’s. So this round decided to try out on what other people have tried.

Let’s start off with ‘Hot BLT Burger’ which is medium well serve in beef patti which is grilled quite well as requested, quite soft in the inside but it not juicy enough. The tomato sauce is very nice in taste that gives the extra kick in it. The toast bread we love it very much. Never stingy in butter spread crispy and flavorful. Add in some mustard sauce to gives you the extra bonus. RM24

Will never want to miss lamb after beef. ‘Tzaziki Burger’ is the name for this. I love the taste very much that had some lamb stink aroma inside, juicy and is medium well done, asking for mustard sauce to go along, yumm yummm..their mustard sauce is good but damm stingy, give so little. I requested for 3.

RM24 and recommended.

This is my style of eating burger…

Cant fit my mouth in one bite.


After the meal, of course we can’t wait for the desert and there is this rabbit suddenly came out of no where looking for that also. After detecting and smelling from far away, he know’s that its some where here.
With the aroma flying through his nose but cant help and still detecting and looking, getting frustrated then saw a tree and start climbing.

Nearly reaching the peak of the tree and the hearing footsteps, shivvering scared of getting detected by other animals, listening carefully, slowly peeking through see who is there. Still scared yet very kaypo….

Never care as he remember the aroma of the cake and


revealing himself bravely on the top of the tree like a tarzann….

and couldn’t believe with his eyes what he had found…feeling so cute and sudden covered with fatasies around him. . . . . . .floating away. . . . . . .

. . . . . . .to be continue. . . . . . .

2nd part in will be on air in the evening

Enjoy my time and food here. I surely will come back and try for their other range. It is quite pricy on their main course which the cheapest will be RM38 if I am not mistaken.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, Good~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Meatworks Restaurant & Deli

No.4 Jalan Solaris 5,
Solaris Mt Kiara
50480 KL
Tel: 03-6204 0398


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