After waiting for that si lang Tatt at the jetty for 4 hours then faster faster ask the driver to bring us to makan 1st. So this is the first place that he told us, Aiya…don worry…I bring you go eat nice and cheap cheap food.

Look many ppl but maybe the population in Terengganu is little or stay spread out. Alot of Kampung’s here. There are 2 diff store’s in this shop. The front will be a the indian and the original kopitiam 1 is the Nasi Melayu.

So this is what my brother took from the indian store. Chicken, Mutton and rice which cost RM5 which I think its very cheap. The mutton curry is mild, nice to eat along with rice but the mutton meat is full with the vains. So have to chew it like chewing gum. The chicken just so so.

This is what I took which I always believe nasi melayu is with fish along. This 2 thing cost me RM4.50 which I still think cheap. The fish gravy is nice, the fish meat is hard and I just dont like it . Feels not fresh then go fried it. The cabbage just taste funny. A bit of wasabi taste, then the long beans is a bit overcook. I didnt finish my meal also.

While I was eating my meal just now, all the while I was staring at this chicken outside when the chef is still bbq it. It looks nice and I purposely walk there to smell, is it good a not. Looks nice and good so orderlah. The chef told me to sit down and he will tell me when its ready. When he was ready he did not inform me. He went to put the chicken on the Nasi Melayu area and once put down all the chicken wing gone. Left last 2 of this I sapuu…then onli realise that not me only 1 waiting for it.

When it came, my friends see the way I eat then scold me and ended up they order also! Kekekek.

It was very nice that the meat is soft and juicy(oily) but with the gravy its just the perfect taste combo to eat along with. ‘Ayam Goreng’ cost RM3 each.

Then one of my friend took the Nasi Beriani from the front stall also cuz I told them the Nasi Melayu 1 not nice not nice as they came by in second car. The taste of its Nasi Beriani is so so so so far by best of the whole dish compare to what with have order. Not so oily yet the aeroma of it is there. Eat with some Dal is just perfect.

Will be only done once there. If got to back also wont be this shop again~

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 5/10 , –Ok Onli lah~

–WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Nasi Kampung
Padang Nenas, Terengganu


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