We were lost on that day coming to Sunway and do not know what to eat. Was already on the way walking to eat Mac Dong Dong (MacD) then walk pass this shop I was like ahhh..kia, let’s try this 1 again. I try out this shop when it was like still brand new in the premises. What caught my attention that time was the pasta that they serve and the huge amount of pasta that they serve. Then by looking at their food price, thought that it was very reasonable with that kind of portion with that kind of price. Mana tau, once it and would never return again until last week. It was because the plate is so big and the portion is so small like kucing food.

It was having promotions, that is why I thought of giving them another chance. I would say this shop is like Japanese cross over with Italian food.

This is how I kena tipu by the portion of pasta displaying outside and inside the shop.

We were seated and was attended by one of a very friendly staff, that I did ask her what is her own recommendation and what is nice. She did suggested a few dishes which I did ordered 1.

All the pictures in the menu is very tempting which I think they should put is for illustration only.

The pasta set was served with a bowl of salad cuz it was promotion of that day that girls are entitled 50% for the selected dishes.

This was the order that the waitress recommend us. ‘Tomato Seafood’. The spaghetti is soft and a bit springy yet which I think mix pretty well with the tomato puree. It wasn’t that sour yet mix with it just alright. The seafood is a bit out which some prawns are fresh and some are not but no complain since its 50% which comes down to RM14.40.

My order was ‘Pizza Carbonara’ cost at RM22.80 which previously I enjoy it. I enjoy savoring the crispiness of the edge and the slices which make it so thin layer and thought it was like kuih kapit. The cheese was spread along and melt and soak along the taste of the bacon and egg. I added in some chili flakes and cheese powder to add the extra kick in it which I enjoy eating till my friend cannot tahan, tried a bite and ended up getting the whole piece.

I think we were abit off that day as what I saw in this ‘Chicken Mushroom Pizza Toast’ is very very tempting which makes me must try. I would say that, the minute it was put on the table, it was gone within seconds. The mixture of mayonnaise, cheese bake, the chicken cubes which is soft and season with nice flavor with crunchiness of the edge of the bread and the mint flavor just blend in very well. RM8.80

As a closing of the meal, finish with ‘Tiramisu Parfait’. The tiramisu cubes or piece is quite hard, which I didn’t like it tat much, not so tiramisu feel, which is soft and creamy. The flavor of the ice cream surely dips wells with the chocolate melt. RM16.80 which I think I could get a nice piece of Tiramisu rather than this.

To me, as always that when it comes to discounts, I would not complain more but depends on situation. The food portion had increase abit compare to the past, cat food portion. I was indeed quite satisfy with my order and the service there was prompt yet very friendly by a waitress which I manage to find out she is not local, that she is from China and studying at Sunway. She sure do speak English very well compare to any of the other staff in there.
With the pricing that do not justify the portion, unless they increase their food portion, I do not mind going back to dine again. Surprisingly there is not gov tax and only charges 10% service tax.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 6.5/10, Okay Lah~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Pasta de Gohan
LG2.126A, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
(New Wing) located beside J.Co if not mistaken.
Bandar Sunway, Selangor.


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