Again, my food partner in crime the double K’s had kidnap me to this restaurant which we were lost of idea of what to eat. I was like ha..sri petaling again ah * in my heart.. but with their taste butt similar to mine I have nothing much to complain about as it’s a new place for me.

When I enter this restaurant I was like.. wahhhhh…this shop sell food or sell fish? With loads of fish pictures paste on the wall and get to know that, this restaurant is famous for their river fish fresh capture from Pahang.

I have no idea what they order but it’s the usual that we would go for. ‘Ku Lou Yuk’ is deeply fried with crispy outside in and the sauce is just amazing that with a eating it with rice would be a perfect companion.

‘Kang Kung Sambal’ well fried that still preserving the freshness of the veggie and it is not spicy yet showered with a few big prawns just add in the extra flavour.

If this is not mistaken, this is their ‘Special Home Made Taufu’ which we love it a lot. Very soft till like it melts in your mouth and with the mince meat and soy sauce make it a perfect combination.

I have no idea what fish is this, as I have been told that my responsibility is to eat all the food. As the fish just came out from the steam, it is detected that the fish looks very good. The meat is soft yet delicate showing the sign of freshness.

I am very satisfied with the lunch with the price is being very reasonable, although there is only 3 tables occupied in the restaurant and my friend told me that, at night you can forget coming here. Lots of people.

If you are looking for tai chow which is nice, this shop should not be miss. Regarding on the pricing, I did not have the receipt as it was treat by one of the manager. Surely I would be returning to this shop for its other dish.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 8/10, Good arh~ -Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Restaurant Fast Food Fish Head (Tai Kei Hor Yu Fan Dim)
58, Jalan R adin Tengah,
57000 Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-90585397
Open for Lunch and Dinner but closed on Tuesdays


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