Quite some time ago, we went to this place for lunch with the purpose of getting back an item from them. Their chef was selection on a mission to Africian countries to promote Malaysian food. Therefore, since it was a selected chef to promote Malaysian food on another country, thought that it would be nice and we decided to give it a try.

In this restaurant was located on another side of Bangsar which I never pass by also. Quite interesting that there are a few other restaurant which look nice there. Had put in my list of food hunting area.

Being first time step into Malay restaurant in this area, their decoration quite nyonya style with very old oldies song being as their background music like the 70’s era malay song. Quite nice though. If at night, played that kind of song, I am surely going to take a baseball stick to hit on that person cuz very ghostly effect.

In this restaurant you can either go Buffet lunch or ala carte. Then we decided to try out their lunch buffet after checking out on their variety. Their lunch buffett is charging at around RM31++ if I am not mistaken.

Cannot remember what is the rice called.

From stater.

Choices of the mains.

the soup area I would called.

the deserts.

This area, is highly recommended by me especially the durian pot which is the first pot on the left. Once you have a sip on it, you will nevers top. A very strong aroma of durian yet its thick and flavorfull. We were thinking of ta pau the whole pot back.
In the middle is the sago and the last one is the cempedak desert if I am not mistaken.

Laksa from the top, bottom left is the mee soto and right forgoten.

The pasemboh or in kl the called it as rojak. the peanut sauce taste abit weird. Popiah on the left is prepared by them and on the right is wrap by us.
Ice kacang machine the ice blended out is abit harsh that if you eat it fast manage to cut you. rojak sauce on it taste weird.

We just enjoyed this the most. Durian desert with nyonya kuih is very good. On the right, I was taught to eat it with rendang. Just my taste. Taste totally out.
The nyoya kuih and the deserts are the best in the list of food.

Overall, we do not know how to enjoy the food or just think that the food is normal. Nothing much special and with the price tag on it, you can just enjoy other variety out there. Most of the names I have forgotten as tried out this place quite some time ago. Aplogize on it but the service is good there.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 5/10, so so, ~ -Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

No.4-2, Lorong Maarof,
Bangsar Park, 59000, KL
(behind Dataran Maybank)
Restaurant Rebung Chef Ismail
Tel:03-2283 2119


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  1. hi chief ismail,,,,,im mickel from philippines i watching your interview in asia chanel last night.i like your the way of cooking spicialy your roti jala and iced cacang.if you have a face book please add my email add: [email protected]. THINK YOU VERRY MUCH,,,,,,,,,,,.

  2. Oh my God, it already luks so appetizing. I can’t wait. I’m going there soon during CNY following groups of tour.

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