Tried this place about a month ago~ and been always wondering, how come Mid Valley got so many food court and they need to build another 1 over here. Always wanted to try the food here, as the deco for the food court is far more better than the rest. In Food Garden they offers plenty of choices ranges from the East meets West..

2 sets of logo which is one on the wall and the other 1 on the chair, which was occupied by a lot of ppl so didn’t snap on it.

The food court hawker area.

Like how they deco the place, orangey lights, not so noisy and not a bad place to hang out and chat after meal.

What I have been told by my friend that I should try on the Korean food there. So since it was a recommendation so start picking on my food.

What they are offering is similar like any of the Korean Restaurant.

Surely and 100% confirm that the owner is Korean and this lady here, which is the lady boss, I like her introduction to every food. She is very warm and friendly, asking me what kind of food I prefer and introduce to me accordingly.

I would always like something hot and spicy to try when going for Korean food so I order ‘Kimchi’ Jigae’ which is recommended by the owner. When it was serve, it was on the boiling point that a lot of bubbly still burping in it. Try to put a finger in and surely it will cook within seconds. The taste is just perfect. A bit spicy, sour and hot, eating perfectly nice with rice. With the price of RM12 which I think it’s reasonable for it and the ingredient given match the size of the pot.

‘Chicken Teppanyaki’ would not say that it taste very bad but it was cook accordingly into chicken cubes, the taste of the soy sauce that they used was very nice just that I feel the veggie is not really nice as it was a bit overcooked and it would be better if they use some cabbage also. RM 13.60

The food there is good, and I would certainly go back and try the rest.

-= KA CHING =-
Food rating 6.5/10 , –Above expectation~
–WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Food Garden
The Gardens, (Mid Valley)


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