Got a call from Sidney(BigboysOven) asking me wanna go makan dinner a not, so I asked him where la..he mention its at Schokolat at Mt.Kiara there which is so coincidence that my friends were telling me about this shop the day b4 and here they ask me to go. Of course happily accept his invites to go makan together. I bring Coco along also.

I was there early, and the place is very easy located which is just right in front of Tenji Restaurant. Schokolat~

Of course most of the café now have indoor and outdoor which is a good news for smokers, for smokers it is pretty cool that, the place that they are seated overlook the highway which is beautiful lit during the night.

I am quite impress of the interior design that they have with light dim lights overshadow the shop, a big chair and sofa’s located by the tables where you will be comfort seated . With soft jazz music playing on the background, could not agree more to be a great place for friends to keep in touch or hangout especially for love birds.

This is where the king and queen are seated privately on this shelf area but to me I still think it can kinda attract attention as it is 2 steps high above and overlook the floor area. Can try though but I feel its funny.

By me being not so big fan of chocolate lover only to certain brand but I cannot denied on they having a wide range of chocolate selection.

My biggest crush is on this fridge. The cakes area. Yummmm…
By looking with a few selected temptation, I am already swallowing my own saliva.

Love the design of the menu, paint with their signature dish and drinks. Not much choice on food but certainly a wide range of chocolate drinks.
I think this quote is very ngam for gurls:

For Love, Life and Chocolate.

I see the menu also headache, as I have difficulties on looking at new menu. Everything looks good to me. Then the waiter suggests this to me. ‘Soulmate’ RM16.90 Dark Chocolate ice-cream blended with crunchy peanut butter & Topped with whipped cream. One glass for me is quite filling, very rich and thick in flavor yet you cant resist it as filled with mild taste of peanut butter which makes it just perfect.

The name of ‘Cuddle and Coddle’ House made Choc Chips Cookie blended with Dark Choc Ice Cream RM16.90 Attracts my attention and with the picture in it, lagi I want to order.

This I suddenly forgot thename.

By going into our soups, we start off with ‘Mushroom Bisque’ which I always will look for before going into the mains. Mild in taste, and by adding a bit black papper is just nice. It’s a big portion for the price to pay. RM9.90

Recently being a fan of pumpkin again and decided to try out their ‘Pumpkin Dreams’. RM9.90. It would taste better if it’s a bit creamy and thicker. Taste wise is not bad.

I have always being a big fan of this which eat it quite often when I was working in a café in Melbourne. Didn’t thought that I could get a nice 1 here. ‘Appenzeller’ is my chioce. Love it with bacon. The potato is well fried, a bit crispy on the outer layer of the crust and soft in the inside with the taste of bacon soak well in it. A great dish to kick off. RM14.90

Tried another flavor ‘Emmentaler’ that its always been in my list that everything with cheese would be great. Best if they have the combo of cheese and bacon. RM14.90.

By being limited choice on the menu, we are like particularly trying out 90% of the main dish. This ‘Bratwurst Platter’ was next on the list. I have never eat 3 sausages for my meal, but given 3 flavor, we are just loving it. Filled nice taste that a sausages must have. RM14.90

‘Oh My! Omelette’ The name already caught my attention. But with the price tag I feel it’s a bit pricy for a simple dish but cannot denied that its good. The omelets covers cheese and onion in there. MYR 12.90

I have ate normal satay with peanut sauce but I have never tried ‘Schokolart Satay’ MYR 20.90 Which I think its simply delicious. Something unique in taste yet very good in taste. Surely a dish you would want to look out for. Recommended.

Next we are going after for the ‘Lucerne Pie’ MYR 20.90 The crust was baked to crispy on the inside out yet butter aroma flying all over making us cant wait to poke on it.

After looking for the treasure inside, we were hoping the next round we could get more gravy.

One of the most unique dish I have ever tried. ‘Roasted Lamb Loin with Chocolate & Spice’ The lamb meat was tender and juicy, yet with the combination of chocolate on top, I guess that we do not know how to enjoy the flavor; however we do wish that, if it was served without the chocolate dressing, it would be very very nice. MYR 28.90

I lost track on the name of this chocolate drink.

For alcohol lovers, you can try out their chocolate cocktails, they have wide selection on it, and I was trying out ‘Chocomint Toddy’ with kahlua and another liquor. Taste wise, I enjoyed it. something special that have coffee, chocolate and mild liquor taste. MYR 22

‘Sweet Kiss’ The red lips of course we took it to camwhore. Left the cake alone, is good but its too sweet for me.

‘Aranzia’ I just love the taste. Great chocolate taste yet not too sweet that goes perfectly well with my chocolate cocktail.

‘Threesome’ The name itself already caught all our attention. The name, the look of it is just so hard to resist with its multiple layer of cream and chocolate. To me, I can’t finish the whole thing myself just prefer to share. In my list or recommendation.

By the end of the night, we were all stuff and full with the food and satisfied.

After this visit I went back again on the next 2 days, therefore it’s a combination of both days.

Service wise is good but sometimes its hard to understand one of the guy speaking English as he is not local but overall, noting to complain about but find that the it’s a bit pricey.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 7.5/10, Very Good, Recommended ~-Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Block K-01-05 ,
Soho KL @ Solaris Mont Kiara ,
2, Jalan Solaris , 50480 KL
Operation Hour:
Sunday-Thursday 11am – 11pm
Friday,Saturday & Public Holiday Eve’s 11am – 12.30am
Tel : 603-6203 0968


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