It has been long long time since I last visited this place and had a bad experience in this restaurant which is till today I still remember.

The story goes like this, during my college days in KL and my best friend Tatt suddenly crave for ‘Shang Har Mee’ which all I know is a mee with big prawns on it then he mention that come, I bring you to a place very nice 1. Without much hesitation and agreed with him. A very normal Kopitiam that the crowd was alright, then order and eat and eat and eat… till the bills come.. Fark jor…1 ‘Shang Har Mee and 1 Hor Fun’ RM187 for a normal dinner of 3 pax. I nearly fainted at that time. Just a very normal dinner at Kopitiam cost so much and the noodle wasn’t that good as what he mention. Till today.. still phobia.

Then recently my friend crave for hor fun, and went to the junction of Jalan Maharajalela there to makan, mana tau, don have…then suddenly thought of this place. So came here makan. Just don order that ‘Shang Har Mee’

What I have been told, must not miss this ‘Chicken Wrap’ that’s what I translate la. Very well cook filled with salty, sweet aroma and the meat is juicy. One piece would not be enough. Trust me. You need at least 2 to be satisfied.

This is what my friend crave for ‘Yin Yeong Hor Fun’ which is different term from Penang food as we called it just Hor Fun. Love how the raw egg yolk flowing on the hor fun yet with the gravy is starchy and thick, with wok hei, just that it was a lil bit salty.

We just enjoy ‘Kam Hiong Lala’ which the lala is fresh, the wok hei is there and the sauce…finger licking good. We just enjoy licking on the gravy. I would recommend this.

Besides the lala and hor fun thingy, I saw the auntie pangang the ‘Satay’ at the side look so good and what excites me is ‘Pig Intestine’ is available. Had been long look for satay stall with this and finally found it. The satay gravy is so so only which could not accommodate the seasoning of the satay which is too ginger taste already. The pig intestine parts were not chewy which I assume is not thick enough. Both of the dish cost RM35.50 which include the drinks exclude satay, that I find the price rather above market.

I do not mind returning in the future but I prefer to hunt for new places unless I am out of idea or lazy.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 5.5/10, Okay Lah~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Soo Kee Mee
No.14, Medan Imbi,
55100 KL

Tel: 03-2148 1324
H/P: 019-217 0248


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