It was part of the Friday mood setting in. So one my friend suggested that we go here makan as they served very nice Indian food where she used to come by when she was working at NST. She is like totally craving for this place.

It was quite early when we reach there. If I am not mistaken it was like before 12pm and gosh, the place already full house. Then its like wah lan eh!!! Y like dat.. siau 1 ah. This place can reserved 1 some more. Impressive. First mamak stall that I came accross that can make reservation.

While we are waiting so I went up to took a few pics of what they got to offer. Actually this is not my first visit, been here many many times, just that the last visit was couple of years back.

All the colour of the curry, looks tempting and my stomach is like drumming already.

You get to choose a few selection of the side entry to add on for your meal which taste veli good ah~

‘Mango Lassi’ which got influence to order as she say, bok bok..its good, u must order since b4 reach this place. They have reinvented with add on their very own recepi, tat’s what I thought as it has a strong taste of mango not like the normal lassi which I have tasted. Its pretty good.

Before you were served with your main meal, you will be served with a piece of banana leave and some side entrée that you would like to have on your dish. The usual my friend took was ‘Cucumber, Potato(if not mistaken) and Friend Onion’ which you must not miss!

‘Nasi Briyani’ it’s a bit dry and oily which is perfect for a serving, filled with the spices aroma which accompany by the curry just makes you want to have more.

‘Vegetarian Briyani’ its flavorful yet something new to me but taste simple and nice.

‘Mee Goreng’ which is mine and requested to be extra spicy, which turns out to be spicy enough to make my face turn red in the mid day afternoon, a bit wet and with the limau squeeze on it its just a killer.

‘Fried Sotong’ deep fried to perfection, covers on the aroma of their seasoning and eat along with briyani and curry, awwww… Its’ Good.!

‘Papadem’ is a companion on curry rice that you must have. Crispy inside out like keropok udang.

Something that I seldom miss with briyani is ‘Mutton Curry’. Not so hard on the meat which is soft enough to chew yet got a bit of the mutton taste which I prefer.

You know, I were ask to try by my friend and they prank on me. Eat this la..very nice 1..salty salty like dry salted fish, by the look of it doesn’t seems like 1. A small bite is enough to make your ear come out with smoke and face turn red. Damm spicy. Maybe for those who can take spicy food, its perfect for you.

This is a magic soup that will be given to you. Once drink, you will need a bottle of water 20-30 mins later.

After all your meals been serve, you will be given a choice of what kind of curry you prefer. From the top is ‘Dal, fish curry and chicken curry’ which I mix all of them. Damm good. Thick in flavor.
As the its getting later in the afternoon, the people going into this place is just craze. While you were eating, you were given a stare by all those people waiting like, you have to eat fast….you have to eat fasttt… I need to sit down and eat. I am veli hungry!

Gives you that kind of uneasy staring that you have to speed up your eating.

However I must say that, this place provides first class service and with the quality of food they are serving with the resonable price to pay, surely I am coming back for more.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 8/10, Good arh~ -Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Sri Nirwana Maju
43 Jalan Telawi Tiga,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
in front of Bangsar Village 2


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