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Recently it was a makan makan period for all of us. Another latest addition added into my buffet is this Authentic Japanese Restaurant, Benkay which located inside Nikko Hotel. I have been told by many friends they serve good Japanese food, not until recently I had my mouth full of it.

With its unique name Benkay, only I know that the name is name after a historic Japanese warrior who was strong and courageous and loyal during the war period in Japan, therefore, with their name and the excellent quality of authentic food serving really a place not to be miss.


Niko (2)

I sure do not mind to own a cupboard with a bottle of display like that, I sure wish I can have a sip of everything. Surely a great experience and would love to learn how to enjoy sakae in different style.

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Diners can enjoy their modern Japanese concept dining area that overlooks a landscape garden with waterfall.

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The very first place I had my hands on was their teppanyaki room, it was huge and I look at the ‘tempura’, it was huge, fried crisply and dipping into the hot garlic soy sauce is just yummy. With the prawns are big and juicy, 3 of us just rob the whole stack of prawns there.

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In the hot pan fried next to Tempura, is the Teppanyaki area. You can customize what you want and the chef are ready to show you some skills.

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I just love my ‘Beef Teppanyaki’ to be cook in medium with loads of garlic. It was cook well and the garlic slices are very crispy and aromatic.

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After I finish my mini section, my eyes placed on their ‘Sushi Bar’, loads of fresh sashimi and handroll ready to be hunt.

Niko (10)

‘Salmon sahsimi’

Niko (11)

Niko (12)

Niko (13)

‘Unagi Handroll’

Niko (14)

‘Soft Shell Crab Handroll’
And the best thing is I went through at least 3 rounds for it. The sashimi were very fresh and dipping it with wasabi and Japanese soy sauce just makes my nose flame and burst into tears is what I like.

Niko (15)

As for today’s round of food hunting, I started it off pretty weird, after first few sections only I head to this cold appetizer section which is Scallop, Prawns, Oyster and a few more as it is located out side the restaurant.

I am usually not a big fan of oyster, as most of the places that serve that served it huge size which I find it very gross, but the size that was prepared in here was my choice and the oyster was very fresh that day, and I took nearly 1 dozen.

Niko (16)

Appetizer area.

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If you are a noodle lover, this would be a great section for you, as they had prepared a lot of gravy for you to top on.

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6 types of soup base to be ready for you to taste and the right side are prepared in a small portion of soba noodles.

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‘Peking duck’ skin will be cut into thin slices and what we need to do is we need to do it by ourselves, as in place a piece of the ‘popiah skin’ on your plate, spread the peking duck sauce on top of the skin, add on some of the veggie provided and place the peking duck skin, wrap it and ready to be eaten.

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After all that, I need some soup to make it digest, my very first choice as always is ‘Miso Soup’. Love it alot as it was not very salty as some other restaurant, perfect in taste and most of us like it.

Niko (22)

Next is the ‘Dobin Mushi’

Niko (23)

Squeeze the lime into in to bring the taste a bit sour and after mixing it, it taste is clear, yet with salty lime flavor.

Niko (24)

‘Double Boiled Black Chicken with Black Beans’
If you feel that you had not enough from what you can see with your eyes with these sections, then you still can order what is in the menu, ala cart style, with at least another 72 variety for you to hunt.

Niko (25)

‘Sauteed Beef with Ginger and Spring Onion’

Niko (27)

‘Mini Sukiyaki’

Niko (30)

‘Unagi with Egg Sauce in Pot’ which the eel is very soft and cook in terriyaki sauce with onion, and the egg is just cook in the right temperature that create a very good taste.

Niko (31)

‘Grilled Mackerel with Salt’, ‘Grilled Cod Fish in Teriyaki Sauce’, ‘Sauteed Scallop with Black Pepper and Onion’. We are enjoying our fish~

Niko (32)

‘Roast Duck Hong Kong Style’, ‘Fried Rice with Garlic and Egg’

Niko (35)

A great meal like that would not be perfect if without desert which is a MUST to me. A great selection and my eyes had set onto this cake since the first step I walked into the restaurant.

Niko (36)

Niko (37)

this ‘Cherry cheese cake’ that I had set upon my eyes on. Soft, yet very rich in cheeze taste, add on with the cherry and kiwi sour taste, I am enjoying it.

Niko (38)

If you prefer something chinese then try their ‘Double Boiled Sea Coconut with Dried Longan’, ‘Chilled Longan with Beancurd’, ‘Chilled Honey Dew Sago’

Niko (39)

A Japanese buffett will never be perfect if did not end with Green Tea Ice Cream, in this section you can choose, in one per scoop or 3 in 1. ‘Vanilla, Black Sesame and Green Tea Ice Cream’.

Indeed it was a great authentic Japanese meal for the night, and most of us are very full with some of the guy looks like 3months pregnant, thanks to Sidney for arranging all this.



This is what you can expect with their current Japanese Buffett menu, it is 2in1 version with Japanese and some Chinese cuisine are served and price at RM118++ per person.

Available for Dinner on Saturday (7.00pm-10.30pm)
Sunday Lunch (12noon-2.30pm)

Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur
165, Jalan Ampang,
50450 KL, Malaysia

Tel: 03-2161 1111


Sometimes I do wonder that how did Jonathan manage to find all the details of eat all you can meal and this round he suggest us to come to this place which he had been mentioning for quite some time. I did ignore him a few times as that time I was quite phobia of tim sum, eat too often in such a short time. It was Friday, so at least we can have something nice. RM28++ per pax.

When we walking, I had that kind of impression that, hrmm..another classic chinese deco style restaurant?

In a 5 star hotel area located at Seri Kembangan do expect to much but did impress a little.

With the menu and tick on the selection of food you want.

Fragrance tea that suits my licking that create a thin sticky layer on my tongue.

The soups were good. We order 4 types of it. Then when we order for 2nd round, the taste difference is quite huge as the restaurant was kinda full house and lack of manpower.

We like this very much, it was fried with wok hei and we order 3 rounds of this.
Very plain loh mai kai.

‘Durian Pudding’ is something plain on the top but when you deep deepper on it, you will find the jewel of the pudding which 1/3 of durian purree at the bottom. We like the ‘Mango Pudding’ more. The ‘Sweet Red Bean with Lotus Seed’ is good too, with quite thick in flavour yet I enjoy it very much.
‘Chilled Herbal Jelly’ is the most bitter jelly that I have come over so far. Even though I like herbal jelly quite bitter but this bitter is extreme but some of my friends they do like it.
‘Red Bean Pancake’ is kinda cold. If it was serve warm directly after fried.
This would be a short post with pictures illistration mostly, but what I would say, with the amount that I am paying, I would go for other shop instead of this one. The food is not bad but the service is pain in the ass with lack of man power for Friday lunch yet alot of Bangla working and the walk like turtle. So do not expect good service.
-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, So so lah~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Cheng Ho Court
The Mines Beach Resort and Spa,
Jalan Dulang, Off Jalan Balakong,
The Mines Resort City, Seri Kembangan
Malaysia 43300

Tel : 0389436688

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