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Chinese New year is coming soon, whereby gatherings with friends are family is taking place. Folks that looking for a hearty homecook place with pet friendly outlet, Alison Soup House will be one of a great option for you.

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This year they are preparing homey Chinese new year menu to warm up your tummy for a great casual conversation. AS my previous mention of my blog post, if you are willing to dig slightly deeper into your pockets for a great bowl of soup indeed a great place to be as they are using premium ingredients to prepare.

We tried the set for 2 is the Prosperity Set for 2. Serve with, Yee Sang, Prosperity Salmon soup

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For their Chinese New year menu, they are starting off with Nyonya Yee Sang. Felt that it is something special compare to others as it is filled with 11 fresh fruits and vegetable ingredients, Pineapple, Pamelo, beetroot, lettuce iceberg,carrot, radish, lime leaves, mix nuts, flakes and 5 spices powder. Sesame seed, black pepper and home made special sweet and sour sauce.

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For those of you are new to Yee Sang, they even prepare step by step how to “Lou Sang”

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Prosperity salmon Soup is very simple, and love the strong flavour of it. Quite a lot of chuncky salmon in it too. The end taste resemblance to a good miso soup paste. Well, goes along with multi grain rice.

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For sides, they do have some pickled vegetable for you to start off with and homemade Pai Tee to get your mouth moving. It is just simple and good.

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For this brand Chinese New Year that wishes to be more healthy, here you go on the options for your dining place.

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It ends with their home made “tong sui” Red Dates, snow fungus and goji berries. A nice sweet ended that is needed.

Chinese New Year Set Meal Menu:
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Lunch Menu:

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Alison Soup House
6A, First Floor,
Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
Daily, 11am-10pm
(note: will be closed for one week on June 19 to 26).

Tel: 012-737-2085

Many of us are cooking much less now where there are so many ways to opt for convenience to get food source. . Hail from Johor as Alison Soup House is a new player in the scene that offers variety of homecook soup recipe  that cooked with at least 20 types of different ingredients to give strong good flavour as this reflects back to her childhood memories.

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It is a shop not that hard to find as it sits right above G express and one good advantage to this shop is that it is a pet friendly shop. Therefore, you can enjoy a good bowl of nourishing pippin hot soup with your furkids.

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The furkids zone.

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I do not really feature herbal tea usually but then I love the strong flavour of it as it gives you slight bitter end to my liking.

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Sze Chuan Pickled Cucumber @ RM 3.

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7 Treasure Herbal @ RM 21.90. Brew with red Dates, goji berries, Yu Zhu, Dang sheng, Soy Beans, Barley. The aroma of soup trails the air is pretty good as you know that this bowl of soup is pack with flavours.  It is also serve along with Egg, Pork Belly and vegetable. I added Multi Grain rice @ RM 3.50

Love the flavour of the soup, as indeed it is pack with flovour. Generous with ingredients too.

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I believe this would be one of many diners choices. I find that their Yellow Wine Ginger is a very homey cooking type version as it is cook with 3 different types of wine and ginger (one from Bentong) and best of all it is serve with mee sua. Serve along with a shot of wine too, to enhance on the taste of soup. Love the spicy ginger end flavour. @ RM21.90

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Another classic home version of soup is Money Dafers ABC Soup @ RM 20.90. Served with money dafers, pork belly and egg. Soup base is very sweet from fresh carrots, radish, corn. Among the 3 of the soup. I prefer this as it is very simple and direct with flavours that I am comfort with.

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Look at the amount of herbs, spices and ingredients that being added into a bowl of soup, that is how this bowl of soup is nourishing and the soup base texture and colour.

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We also order some sides to share. Hainanese Chicken @ RM 16 as I believe this is with a light twist in it where the top is added on some peppery to give a good combination with ginger and the homemade chili is pretty good. Find that the chicken is slightly overcook.

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This is one of the item that I would definitely order – Home Made Pork Belly Satay @ RM 16. Well marinated as my personal preference, I think that the pork belly is just too fatty for me. Their homemade sauce is very interesting as it is made of variety of spices (not your typical type of peanut sauce)

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To end the meal, they have homemade bubur Cha Cha. Thick with coconut base, yet peanut is not overcook that give you some nice bites and yam , carrot is all cook till soft.

If the budget fits your pocket, and you love strong soup base flavour then this place is definately one of the place to visit as they serve pretty good homecook soup recipe that warm your tummy up.

Alison Soup House
6A, First Floor,
Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
Daily, 11am-10pm
(note: will be closed for one week on June 19 to 26).

Tel: 012-737-2085

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