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Every shopping mall is gearing up their games by attracting alot of new concept store into Klang Valley. Alpacasso Cafe is one of a latest concept cafe had landed in Klang Valley. This character is known as Alpacasso, or Arpakasso are actually an alpaca plushies that were originally a prizes for UFO catchers, a famous gaming machine in Japan.

Remark: This cafe will be a cuteness overdoze cafe, with many of its plushies are invading on every corner of it. A perfect place for instagrammers too.

Alpacasso (1)

Since its popularity, Alpaca had become a main hit and is now hitting a few cities in Asia.

Alpacasso (2)

Alpacasso Cafe is actually a pop up theme cafe that serve food that resembles the theme for the quarter. Diners can expect their seasonal rotation with new characters every 3 months.

Alpacasso (3)

Alpacasso (4)

This is their current menu and I think price is reasonable.

Alpacasso (5)

For my friend trying to be healthy, she head for the healthy drink. Garden Fresh Smoothie (fresh spinach, apple, banana blended with orange juice, coconut water and honey) @ RM17.80.

Alpacasso (6)

I believe this would be their best seller as I seen nearly every table ordered this drink. Cotton Candy Alpaccasoda @ RM24.80. We this was served, we got excited like little kid that it is so cute. Fear not, that everything is served is edible in this cafe. The face and ear are made with edible rice cracker.

The question that pop out in our head is how are we gonna eat this? The little soda jar is where you need to pour accordingly from top. Then by folding the remaining cotton candy into the glass to dilute it.

Alpacasso (7)

This is the end result that I purposely left the face behind. Surprisingly it is quite good as it is filled with yuzu base which is quite strong and the soda given enhance the bubbly drink very refreshing and it is not too sweet

Alpacasso (8)

Alpacasso Latte @ RM14.80

Alpacasso (9)

I am certainly impress with their pancake platting and the quality of items that is being served. Fluffy Alpacasso Pancakes @ RM25.80. Pancake is soft and fluffy and to pair with their silky smooth creamy  macadamia nuts cream on the top is just a good balance of the dessert. You got to add on with the orange sauce to enhance the taste with a hint of fruit sourness is just perfect. Recommended

Alpacasso (10)

Alpacasso (11)

Garden Green Salad @ RM 19.80 that is served with Japanese Dressing or Special Onion Dressing. To pair with their simple salad, my personal recommendation would be their Special Onion Dressing. Gives you a nice aroma that is cold in texture, yet little sweet, sourish end. A great new sauce to me.

Alpacasso (13)

Anything on the menu with Japanese Curry, I would certainly pick that. The Alpacasso Curry Island @ RM26.80 is one of their signature dishes that is served with its cute little face, curry chicken salad at the side. I prefer my curry to be slightly thicker as how Japanese love it, however for the context they are in local market, it is not bad. Slightly creamy, mild sweet spicy end.

Remark: Curry do pour at the side if you wish to continue taking picture. I learnt from the mistake of next table where the guy pour directly onto the face and his gf scolded him.

Alpacasso (14)

Alpacasso (15)

This surprise me, as White Alpacasso Beef Burger @ RM 29.80 tunrs out to be pretty good, from my original expectation. It is not the typical bun where it is more like “pau” base where it is quite dense and beef patty is quite solid, like eating a great sausage. Love its simple marimation with Teriyaki sauce.

Love the platting too as it has Alpacasso little foot print.

Alpacasso (16)

Finish our meal with Potted CheeseCake @ RM 22.80 – cheesecake with oreo, rosemary and edible flower on top. We were surprise with the layer that the have in this mug too. There are total 4 layers where oreo is used as the soil on the top, follow by mascarpone cheese, sponge cake and raspberry jam at the bottom. It is a great combination of flavour.

Alpacasso (17)

This cafe certainly change my perception on themed cafe where usually it is expensive and food is not that good. However the food in this cafe is above my expectation with their taste and pricing.

F15 ANISTA 1st Floor,
AEON Mid Valley Megamall
(Level 1 kids section – North Court)

Tel: 03-2284 4800

Business hours: 10am – 10pm
Facebook: www.facebook.com/anista.tokyo.my

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