Aroma Penang

ABefore meeting up my friend at Bangsar, so me and my friend dont know what to eat and suddenly I thought of this area. So drive around and saw this shop which is nearby my fav duck rice shop, few shops away. Always wonder is this shop so nice ah? Aroma Penang always quite pack with ppl.

As that day, there were groups of ppl celebrating birthday there, so it was a bit noisy. The deco is pretty okay.

Alot of Aroma Penang cuisine in the menu and the price is reasonable.

Saw a lot of ppl order ‘Leng Chee Kang’ So my friend also join the crowd to order along. With the amount of things they put in, I would say its worth it. The taste is not too sweet but I wouldn’t say it’s the best. . RM 4

I just don understand myself, most of the time I see ‘Curry Mee’ is there, I would just order that and ignore the rest. Maybe I just miss the 1 in Penang,Green House. That’s my fav so far.

This is by far one of the disappointed Curry Mee that I have eaten so far, the soup looks fiery red but it was not spicy at all, did requested for additional chili but just wouldn’t add up the taste, it is also a bit diluted and the coconut milk taste also just wasn’t there. RM 6.60

My friend order ‘Asam Laksa’ which we thought it was a disappointment by the look of it after trying out mine but surprisingly, it taste better than expected. Aroma Penang  Love the soup base, as the blended the fish into like ashes and every mouth you eat is the fish, it is also thick in the soup. The amount of ‘Har Kou’ given is just perfectly nice to blend in the soup. After eating a while, you will find it gets very salty. RM 6.60

I always love ‘Otak-Otak’ which if any of the restaurants offer that, I would just try. Directly after I open up the leaves, I just know that it doesn’t taste nice. The colour of it could just tell. Although it was steam very well, but the fish is a bit hard, the spiciness and the texture of it is not there. Taste pale. We just finish half of it only.RM 4.50
Lastly, I wouldn’t say they have the first class service or expecting but would just say with the owner’s attitude or serving, I would just not return back anymore to this place. Even though the food price is reasonable but overall… Bye bye lah~
-= KA CHING =-
Food rating 5/10 , –So So only~
–WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Aroma Penang
Jln 52/6,
Pj New Town,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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