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Arrbox Malaysia 2023 that is happening right now as the blog is posted happening at Sunway City or right in front of Sunway Resort Hotel, PJ is one of a event that is happening recently that did not gain strong traction compared to 2018. (read here). It was pretty good back in those days that I brought forward that expectation to me along this year.

Of course this cant be compared to Bangkok edition or even Singapore.

this round Artbox Malaysia 2023 is happening on 2 weekend.

  1. 10th – 12th November
  2. 17th – 19th November

artbox sunway pj The first week 10th when I was there, it was actually quite disappointing. Believe quite a lot vendors did not came or was not fill up.

Hopefully the 17th November weekend will be better.artbox kl

Can check out my youtube video above. Sorry for shaky hands for a quick walkthrough.DSC03216artbox malaysia mapon that week, only the first row on the right were Thai Fashion vendors and some on the second row. The rest others mostly local vendors.
DSC03217 artbox bangkok 2023 DSC03221 artbox malaysia 2023 artbox malaysia sunway artbox malaysia The signature boxbangkok market Food section was a huge letdown. I went with anticipation of good thai vendors. As I did enjoy myself in Thai Food festival that was organize 2 -3 months ago at Desa Park City with some like spill over.

I think it was less than 5 thai food vendors on that day.Others were mostly like pasar malam food. 



enjoy some performance on that day on the chilling area.DSC03229  DSC03231 DSC03232
right after Pandemic, I thought it would turn out to be a bang. Lets wait for 2024 and hopefully will be better.

It seems that there had been a huge hype before ArtBox Malaysia 2018 at Sunway City officially took place. With mass publicity and expectation vs reality seems to be quite different for many people. Visited the event without any expectation as I know to organise such a huge event is not easy. For 1st installment is always a big mess. Imagine back when 1st or 2nd Standard Charted run happened in KL. How was it? Lower down your expectation and just enjoy this atas Pasar Malam. This market features over 300 vendors and partners from Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.(which consist mostly 80% local vendors, 15% Thai vendors and 5% Singaporean)

Well, ARTBOX is one of a signature night market in Bangkok that happened over 3 installment a year. 2 smaller scale and one big finale. I went to is a smaller scale back in 2016. (click here). I also find out some vendors you see in this weekend might not be the same as following weekend, this is to give some freshness to it.

artBox Malaysia (2)

Those of you heading to ArtBox Sunway do brace yourself with 3 things before you enter.
1) prepare to find parking around the area or inside Sunway Pyramid
2) prepare an umbrella for our sick weather. (there is no sign of rain and can be suddenly heavy rain pour) no shelter inside the area too.
3) prepare to queue at least 30 minutes before heading in.

Ps. Parents with kids below 3 years old: you do have priority lane. Do check with the guard at entrance.

For parents, please use your common sense: do not bring stroller in this SUPER crowded area. I mean crowded will be like sardine pack!!!! No space for your stroller to move around.

artBox Malaysia (3)

artBox Malaysia (4)

artBox Malaysia (5)

artBox Malaysia (6)

artBox Malaysia (7)

accessories stall from Bangkok

artBox Malaysia (8)

artBox Malaysia (9)

artBox Malaysia (10)

artBox Malaysia (11)

these are handmade. So pricing is quite high according to the vendor.

artBox Malaysia (12)

Imagine pushing stroller in here. Good luck!

artBox Malaysia (14)

artBox Malaysia (15)

artBox Malaysia (16)

artBox Malaysia (17)

artBox Malaysia (18)

artBox Malaysia (19)

by the time I have gotten thru the food side area, I have been very lazy. Too pack.

artBox Malaysia (20)

artBox Malaysia (21)

artBox Malaysia (23)

artBox Malaysia (24)

artBox Malaysia (25)

Didnt really bother to queue for the food as the queue is crazy and the line is crazy too. Pick the right line as the line are like snake if it gets too long.

artBox Malaysia (26)

artBox Malaysia (27)

artBox Malaysia (28)

I gotten very lazy and did not snap much of the pictures like Picture corner and a few other interesting area as it was too pack!. Next week 16th to 18th will be final week. Do brace for massive crowd as usually this market in Bangkok is 3 months long.

Believe that there are room for improvement and looking forward for 2nd installment to be much better. I just wish Malaysia could have organise something like this in long term, such as Korea Common Ground Malaysia version. This could enhance entrepreneur ship and boost tourism.

to avoid massive traffic and heavy crowd, I park at Sunway Mentari MacDonals and walk over. About 10 minutes walk across with pedestrian cross bridge.

Who have been to Bangkok for shopping spree? I am pretty sure many of you have heard about this famous night market that took place in Bangkok known as ARTBOX. I have been there few years back. (click here) A famous night market that feature alot of local goods from foods, fashion and music. It is separated into 3 installment with 2 small scale and their finale in year end. We are all going to be joyfull as we will have our ARTBOX Malaysia Edition that will be taking place next month November for over 2 weekends.

Their past tour edition was ARtBOX Singapore and it was crazy as what I heard from my friend. So those who plan to go there, do prepare for crazy massive jam in there and also sardine pack crowd. There will be many corners for you to do OOTD, buying your beers and food to enjoy at the music corner.

So comes to this November, ARTBOX Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia will sure ride you through this crazy nights and will be one of the most talk about Atas pasar malam. It will take place at ARTBOX Malaysia will be taking place at Sunway City, KL Malaysia Outdoor Open Air Carpark. LRT will be a great option.

spread the news and bring your friends over to this limited edition event.

More Info: www.artbox.my/

This event is open to public

09 – 11 November 2018
16 – 18 November 2018
3PM to 11PM
Fri – Sun

Sunway City, KL Malaysia
Outdoor Open Air Carpark

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