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Recently I have been chasing Master Chef Australia 2015 and this round those candidates are sure very impressive, with constant feedback, great technique, great presentation, great balance of acidity and others. Those words sure imply into my head strongly for the past 2 weeks. Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar

Manmaru (1)

It is till then I visited Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar which is their latest concept that uniquely position themself for modern Japanese Fusion food as compare to their original outlet in Midvalley that sells Udon. This new concept blows us off with their food quality and presentation as if you find that dining traditional Japanese is too classic.

Manmaru (2)

Love the ambiance of this outlet as they use studio/camera lighting on the ceiling and grey and black to add on the elegant of this place that makes it not a find dine but simple casual fine dine location.

Manmaru (3)

Manmaru (4)

If seating at the dining table is too main stream, then you can choose to be seated at their sushi bar or their cocktail bar.

Manmaru (5)

Choices of fish here are impressive and freshness is top notch.

Manmaru (6)

If you have a huge family and need private dining, they have this close area that can host till 16 family members with baby chairs provided.

Manmaru (7)

Manmaru (8)

I find that their price range is very decent from the quality and presentation that they are serving.

Manmaru (9)

Manmaru (10)

Manmaru (11)

Flipping at the menu, this 3 drinks sure capture our attention especially the one that serve with upside down tiger bottle. I called it the Japanese version of Tiger Radler known as Apple Gravity Beer @ RM 28. Of course this taste much nicer and all the 3 drinks above suits women very well as it have sweetness, sour and different freshness of fragrant in it.

Hana Kotaba is very interesting as they add in fresh lavender leaves that makes the taste special. @ RM 30

Last on the right bottom is Kiwi Caipiroska @ RM 35

Manmaru (15)

Another very unique cocktail that you must not miss is this Smoke and Plum Galaxy @ RM 39

Manmaru (16)

Unique of it is they add burn a mini ingredient in it and make it smoky that change the whole tasting very different. Slightly like old aged whiskey.

Manmaru (17)

Manmaru (12)

Started with our very special dish as from Chef Special, as we do not know what will be serve or place onto the plate as the chef will send its best signature dish from day to day based on the ingredients that he have. Chef Special Combination known as Japanese OMAKASE as it is designed for 2 pax and recommended to order in advance to avoid disappointment.

Manmaru (13)

6 different types of mini that have been carefully crafted by the chef and beautifully presented. We were thought by the waiter that we have to eat from left to right. Left will be fried sweet potato, follow by special wagyu beef, unagi special grill and deep fried, type of fish, then end with cleansing of special Japanese Tomato and chef homemade aloe verra jelly.

Manmaru (14)

Just a perfect way to start off with.

Manmaru (18)

When more food is coming, we are starting to get excited with its first food presentation as it is known as Coral Bash Salada, that perfectly have the combination like sea coral with mini fried crispy crab standing on it. Amazing! @ RM 36

Manmaru (19)


Yakitori . . .

Manmaru (20)

Manmaru (21)


Momotoro Salada @ RM 18 is another great dish you must not miss. Japanese Tomato is so soft and juicy yet sweet and its fill in with chef special salad.

Manmaru (22)


Treasure in the Deep @ RM 28 sure will amaze you not only with their amazing mix puree of pumpkin and mango yet the crust is cook to perfection and the filling is just perfect.

Manmaru (23)

Manmaru (24)

7 type Sashimi @ RM 180 freshness of each ingredient is perfect!

Manmaru (25)

Manmaru (26)

IF you are looking for something fresh right from the kitchen then Wagyu Roll is another dish to look out for. A very well balance of taste from freshness of Wagyu, sauces and rice with their own beef cubes that blend very well. @ RM 48


Manmaru (27)

Saba Steak with Soft Shell Crab

Manmaru (28)

Chef Special Combination @ RM 68. A well balance of each fish from the sea. . .

Manmaru (29)

Wafu Spaghetti . Love their chef base wafe sauce that is not too salty yet very appetising.

Manmaru (30)

Maguro Age Kawa is another dish that is well combine with potato salad and maguro being cut into cube pieces and to put the salad onto the crispy biscuits, add with a bit potato salad is just perfect!

Manmaru (31)

Next when I saw this I called it Japanese version of Ipoh Salted Chicken . . 😀

Manmaru (32)

Its being serve on the hot plate and slowly grill on the top while the fish is being slowly cook to perfection. Comes with seaweed as the base, follow by bacon and top with a decent piece of fish and melted with cheeze.

Manmaru (33)

Manmaru (34)

Sakana Kamiyake

Manmaru (35)

Another great dish, absolutely nice in presentation that comes with a sea of wasabi mayo with a bed of salmon and the little crab is like pirate of the ship is this Salmonikura Millefuille. 

Manmaru (36)

Manmaru (37)

8 type Sushi Moriawase @ RM 68. Indeed a Japanese version of sushi whereby the fish is slightly thick and cover the rice with a bit of fresh wasabi in it.

Manmaru (38)

Volcano Roll. .

Manmaru (39)

Lobster Dragon Roll is well presented as it is serve with lobster head, and dragon body. Quite generous with ingredient and its pretty huge piece.

Manmaru (40)

Manmaru (41)

We were then feed with fruit platter at the end as a closing.

Manmaru (42)

yet not very satisfied, we ordered their Tiramisu as I call it a deconstruct tiramisu. Fresh cream and mascarpone at the base with crumble sand of oreo and kahlua at the base is just perfect to end my satisfaction.

Manmaru (43)

Since I am a fan of Coconut Ice Cream they do have their own version too as its very unique that they add in micro mini ball of gula melaka that slowly burst when you accidentally bite it. Cleverly done.

I must say I am totally impress with its over all food, quality and sure do amaze me with its food presentation. Definitely a highly recommended place for dining and especially since fathers day is just around the corner, its a great place to surprise him.!

Our total bill came to RM 1300 for 10 of us, service is perfect and I find its quite reasonable and sure will come back again!


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9.5/10, Highly recommended!! ~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Manmaru Robatayaki & Bar
Ground Floor,
Atria Shopping Gallery
Jalan SS 22/23,
Damansara Jaya, 47400
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(opposite Nando)

Tel: 03-7733 1038

Operating Hours: 10am-10pm

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