It had been long time since I last step foot into Pork Dickson and decided to visit over the weekend. A favourite city that KL folks love, as it is just about 90 minutes drive away to enjoy a beach front quick gateaway. Avillion at Pork Dickson seems to be one of a top recommended hotel.

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When reach at this hotel, only realize it is one of a award-winning beach resort houses.  Check in was swift, and we were lead directly to our room . a variety of activities suited for big families, kids, couples, and even an all-girls holiday!

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The hotel is huge and divided into a few section. This is the Garden Chalet Room area.

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As realise that we walk the wrong direction, then we U turn and saw a welcoming classic malay instrument music being played.

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Under this wing of Water Chalet or Water Villa, they do try to segregate family and couple wing. This is to provide privacy to each of their guest.

This is our Premium Water Chalet unit average price in Agoda is about RM 450 – RM 600 and it is huge. Can easily house 4 pax in a room. A Big King Size bed and a side chillex bed that is near to queen size.

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can just chill here at night to enjoy the sea breeze.

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Toilet is big too. Filled with bath tub and rain shower head,

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It is like a maze in this section.

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After check in, we quickly change into our swimwear and just hang out at this Cochin Pool at the Northern wing that is strictly for adults-only. Just chill by day beds and sun lounges and jump into the pool after that. Best of all, this Pool (which operate 24 hours) Yup, 24Hours!

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They do have their private beach area where usually beach wedding is hosted in here or party.

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In this resort, I am really impress with the facilities especially for family with Kids. There are plenty of section to keep your family and kids occupied. First of all, they do have mini Movie room and the show time can be asked at the mini movie room counter and it is FREE. Base on first come first serve booking on the day.

alternative, some of the rooms are Karaoke.

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Another section is kids drawing, play room and protected kids play area.

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Kids pool with slide is the most busy place in the property and they have 3 pools together. The family and kids pool and another section is more private which is meat for couples or folks who enjoy tranquility of the surroundings .

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They also have kids petting zoo that is available to feed these farm animals on 10am every morning.

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Next to the pool, they have table tennis and foosball for you to challenge among each other.

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Mini herb garden to learn along how does the plant looks like.

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For couples or holiday goers, this would be one of your favourite section. Avi Lounge is free access for Premium Water Premium Chalet guest. Public that wanted to go in just need to pay RM 35 per pax before 5pm and RM 65 for guest that enter after that. Free cocktail and canapes. .

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you can just chill here at this beautiful club house and free canapes from 5pm – 8pm. Each of the guest will have 1 free drink.

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This is where alot influencer taking their shots.

avillion (33)

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Enjoying my wine ..

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Well, for couples that love spa, Avi Spa in Avillion is also quite well known too.

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Dinner you have 2 options. One is to dine at The Crow’s Nest in the Hotel that offer buffet on local spread or head out and hunt for some local food.

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The next morning, we head to The Verte to check out their cafe brunch style.

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Order French Toast to begin with and turns out not too bad.

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Smoked salmon Roasti is pretty good. One of a top choice for you to order in this menu.

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Signature baked eggs.

Spending 2 days 1 night at Avillion, is basically you do not need to leave this hotel as most of the facilities is enough to keep you busy for the stay. Great place to stay and recommended for family with kids.

3rd Mile, Jalan Pantai, 71000 Port Dickson,
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
T +606 647 6688
F +606 647 7688
For Reservation:
T +603 2730 9988
F +603 2730 9998
E [email protected]

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