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How was your New Year eve celebration 2022? This would be my first after 25 years sitting at home to celebrate. Oh well, the next day friend invited me over to check out the most famous kopitiam known as Oriental Kopi in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. I was told that this is currently the most crazy queue happening in Bandar Puteri.

Just open its door about few months back, Oriental Kopi 华阳 first outlet in Selangor had make an instant impact to the neighborhood.
oriental kopi puchong

Be prepare to queue for a seating on weekend. I walk all the way behind, the queue is about 7 shops away from the main entrance.

oriental kopi bandar puteri

oriental kopi

Love the ambiance of this place. It is like the modern atas classic of the 70’s and in love with their song play list. All the classic song from Leslie Chung and Terresa Teng those era.

oriental kopi famous egg tart

Their egg tart is no joke. I see people carrying bags and stacks of egg tart.. No wonder the place is so pack! Their egg tart also made it into Malaysia Book of records with thickest crust as 6mm / 128 layers (if i remember correctly)

oriental kopi menu

this is Oriental Kopi Menu. Pretty start forward which is all our local cuisine coffee and stuff.

oriental kopi drinks menu


here comes my breakfast!

white coffee

I was told to try their Signature Oriental Kopi @ RM 7.80 , Hainanese cham and Roasted white coffee. Among the 3 I would recommend to go for Oriental kopi and also Hainanese cham. This 2 got different is more prominent.

oriental kopi nasi lemak

For mains, we order Nasi lemak, normal @ RM 5.90/ Signature Nasi Lemak Fried Chicken @ RM 14.90 which is serve with a huge drum stick, freshly fried as the skin is crispy and pack with mild spices, fragrant rice and with perfectly down up sunny side up. Sambal is abit mild spicy but just nice for morning doze for me. This would be one of my recommended dish.

nasi lemak ayam goreng

egg porn

ipoh koey teow soup

Chicken Hor Fun @ RM 13.90

oriental kopi mee siam

Oriental Fried Chicken Meat Mee Siam @ RM 12.90 is decently good too. This is above my expectation. Comes with a few chicken strips which I find it a bit generous, and I only wish that the mee hoon portion is slightly more. Mee hoon is cook nicely, pack with some siam spices which it needs to give the umph. Once you squeeze the lime onto the chicken and mee hoon then it is another level of taste.


oriental kopi char koey teow

Penang Char Koey Teow @ RM 13.90 is not bad.

butter kaya toast

for breakfast, I enjoy their Kaya Butter Toast ias it is quite generous with butter to my liking.  Nothing to shout about but that’s how I like my toast with thicker butter.

hong kong polo bun

Apparently Polo bun is their signature and it is slightly different compare to the ones I had. It is not bad, cuz this is freshly baked as the crust on the top is still crusty, serve with slices of butter and you can choose the topping with condense milk or honey. I find that Condense milk suits my liking more.

Oriental Honey Polo Bun @ RM 6.90 

oriental kopi egg tart

their Malaysian Book of Records Egg TART!!!!!!! just look at the flowery crust. there are comparison from this shop and another shop nearby. I would say it is totally different. I like this texture more from inside is soft and fragrant. Flaky with 128 layers, yet abit like croissant on the side . Kinda interesting for me. I whack 2 tart at one go.  I would recommend you to order this too when you are in this shop.

Oriental Egg Tart 2 Piece @ RM 9.80 / 6 pcs Free 1 – 7 pcs @ RM 28.80

best egg tart in kl

kedai kopitiam oriental kopi

Overall, be prepare to queue if you do plan to dine here on the weekend. My recommendations will be:

  1. Signature Oriental Kopi.
  2. Hainanese Cham
  3. Nasi Lemak
  4. Friend Chicken Meat Mee Siam
  5. Polo bun
  6. Signature Egg Tart

Oriental Kopi 华阳
69 & 71, Jalan Puteri 2/3,
Bandar Puteri, 47100
Puchong, Selangor

Operating hours: 7.30am – 9pm

Tel: +601111996363

I am sure that there area few cafe in Puchong that is quite well known. I was there for a meeting then decided to check out what kind of cafe is around the area. Buranchi 日西式早午餐 at Bandar Puteri is one of a well known cafe in this neighborhood. They are offering Japanese  menu.

Buranchi (1)

If you are here during lunch time, be prepare to queue during this CMCO. Small space with limited seating’s during this covid-19.

Buranchi (2)

Their all menu is magazine type . . . .

Buranchi (3)

Buranchi (4)

Buranchi (5)

This is one of the item that caught my attention. I called it the Japanese Porridge. Clear broth topped with wakame, bonito flakes and saba at the side.

Buranchi (7)

Fresh ingredient and indeed cook to perfection. Something simple and nice where the fish skin is crips and meat is soft

Buranchi (8)

add in the broth and just eat it. You can taste the clarity of the soup, wakame which give a bit of mild fresh grassy taste.

Buranchi (14)

japanese food in kl

japanese food in puchong
Buranchi (9)

try out their French Toast. nothing to shout about.

Buranchi (12)

Buranchi (13)

matcha latte is pretty decent. Thick and creamy.

Consider a Hidden cafe in Puchong that it is located quite deep in Bandar Puteri. Maybe a cafe in Pj to visit? Puchong I mean.

72A, Jalan Puteri 5/5,
Bandar Puteri Puchong,

Operating Hours: Daily 830am-530pm.

Tel: 012-330-2506

After heavy drinking a night before, on the  next day, Foo Hing Dim Sum is one of the recommendation to hunt for dimsum. Apparently that, my friend, May told me Fong Hing Dim Sum is her favourite place for dim sum and currently one of the famous dim sum place in Bandar Puteri,Puchong.

Foo Hing Dim Sum (1)

Foo Hing Dim Sum (2)

Foo Hing Dim Sum (3)

I am surprise on the place is pack with people and to take number to queue for a table.

Foo Hing Dim Sum (4)

There are tons of tarts and only was told they are very famous for their Portuguese egg tart.

Foo Hing Dim Sum (5)

Menu seems very direct and simple and felt that there are limited choices.

Foo Hing Dim Sum (6)

Best of all is that the server will still bring a tray of items for you to choose, instead of the typical cart moving around. Still alright as it is definitely much better than self service.

Foo Hing Dim Sum (7)

Foo Hing Dim Sum (8)

This is Foo Hing’s signature Macau style Portuguese egg tarts @ RM2.50 per piece. Look at the texture and crust at the side that you can still see layers of crips. Soft and fragrant in the middle and it is worth to take away. A dessert must have after your dim sum – Recommended! 

Foo Hing Dim Sum (12)

The rest are not too bad as their chicken feet is good, pack with flavour and soft to my liking, Siew mai, pai kuat, xiao long bao is good.

Foo Hing Dim Sum (9)

Not a big fan of this but the crust do have buttery taste which is not too bad. Char siew filling in there is slightly dry for me.

Foo Hing Dim Sum (13)

Foo Hing Dim Sum (11)

Not the best dim sum place as my expectation kinda different but then overall it is a place that can pay a visit as the pricing is affordable, not over price and ingredient seems decent. Will I be back? I dont mind to come back again.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, dim sum place not bad la !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Foo Hing Dim Sum House (富兴点心屋)
31G, 33G, 35G, Jalan Puteri 2/6,
Bandar Puteri Puchong

Tel: 03-8060 0546

Operating hours: 7am – 3pm

I have not been to Bandar Puteri for quite a while and in this area it is indeed food heaven. If you head to another the side opposite Giant, that area now is pretty well known for steamboat or Puchong Steamboat zone. You will find variety of steamboat available here. One of the latest addition which is unique by its own is Ruk Mookata which is a Thai infusion steamboat. Ruk means love and translate to love Thai BBQ. Best of all this outlet is a buffet version and offering at RM 43.80nett for Eat all you can.

The main catch is – they are using classic charcoal steamboat bbq pit.

Ruk Mookata (3)


Ruk Mookata (4)

Guest will be given a glass of their Signature Thai Green Tea and I find it is pretty good. Milky enough and fragrant of green tea is mild is what exactly I tasted when I was in Bangkok.

Ruk Mookata (5)

Find it quite interesting for such a place that the seating space is quite spacious and they do have indoor and outdoor seating area.


Ruk Mookata (7)

Ruk Mookata (6)

Find that their offering is quite large too for such a price tag as ranging from drinks, to some solid food ready for you if you are too hungry which allow you to build some foundation in your stomach.

Ruk Mookata (8)

Ruk Mookata (9)

They have huge variety of frozen balls which I love it.

Ruk Mookata (10)

with fresh offerings like vegetable and others too.

Ruk Mookata (11)

Even I am surprise on the offering that they offer 2 types of prawns, 2 types of scallops and vareity of shell items which I think is worth it.

Ruk Mookata (12)

Ruk Mookata (13)

Ruk Mookata (14)

At the condiments counter, do ask for advise from the staff on the mixing as they do have their house special mix for meat bbq dip.

Ruk Mookata (15)

Ruk Mookata (16)

Also find it interesting as believe this would be the first Buffet place that offer Thai instant noodle as part of their offerings which is direct import from Thailand.

Ruk Mookata (17)

There are 2 soup base for this Thai BBQ Pit. One is their Original Clear soup base and also Tomyum Soup base. Clear soup base is indeed a great base to choose where it is not too salty, clear enough to add on with all the seafood that create strong solid taste after cooking a few rounds of the ingredients.

Tom yum soup base started of nice where it is sour enough to our liking as there are only a hint of spiciness. Ways to work on spicy is you can add in chili at the condiment counter. As the more you cook, the soup base will get sourish end. Was advise by the manager that we can add in clear soup as one of the option.

Ruk Mookata (18)

Ruk Mookata (2)

This is what we pick up for 4 of us.

Ruk Mookata (19)

These slice meat is not available at the forzen counter where you have to place order through a mini paper that is available at your table. Variety of meat seasoning is available from pork, lamb, chicken and beef. Bak Kua is da bomb as we add in another plate with additional RM 8.90 per plate. Worth it as it pairs well with our Chang Beer.

Ruk Mookata (20)

Ruk Mookata (22)

for classic meat, the manager teach us by dipping it through raw egg and bbq it on the top as it gives you the smoothness of texture. There are some customer liking it and there are not. For me I prefer it classic with their special dipping sauce, dip into it and bbq it on the top. Gives you a nice sourish taste and nicer aroma.

Ruk Mookata (21)


Ruk Mookata (23)

Soft drinks are additonal order and also it is from Thai along with their Ice cream too. Best choice is to hit their Lime Flavour.

Ruk Mookata (24)


Ruk Mookata (25)

This is the  mini docket that is place on your table for meat slices ordering and there are additional order. There are some ingredients which is addtional charges which we find it quite reasonable.

This place is only 2 weeks old and believe they have a few improvement to build up as we did speak to the manager where currently they are gathering feedback. For RM 43.80nett and kids RM 20nett , children below (100cm-140cm) eat for free. I find it quite a good bargain.



Ruk Mookata
48, Jalan Puteri 2/2, Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Operating Hours:
Daily : 5pm – 12am

Tel: 03-8066 8882

Ruk Mookata Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Charcoal? What do you think about it? I was told that anything that used charcoal to cook makes a wonderful dish. I agree to that point as I have seen the difference of side by side that one use charcoal to cook and one use gas to cook and the taste is quite different.

Another thing which is, its pretty hard to find a hawker stall, or place to use charcoal to cook besides this famous eatery place Pan Heong located at Batu Caves. Nontheless there is a new kid on the block in Bandar Puteri that started its business 6 months ago that use charcoal for steamboat. This is certainly a rare one in the area or a rare one for charcoal steamboat in Klang Valley.

dragon (1)

I was brought by a friend to dine here as he mention its  a pretty good one if you love steamboat as the soup is a big kick. When I heard about the name, I thought of the movie Hidden Tiger Crouching Dragon and got very curious and ask about the name. How the name Dragon Tiger gate came about was the dish itself as it was meant for a dry cook dish yet the owner turn it into soup base that makes it to another different level.

dragon (2)

Love the interior of the place as its very classic with yet simple chinese finishing with huge wooden thick door with side window  ..

dragon (3)

 Every table here is filled with one side rack for extra dish to be stored.

dragon (4)

 Price here are very decent for such an ambiance. .

dragon (5)

 2 of their soup base and their signature is Dragon Tiger Broth . .

dragon (6)

 Menu here are pretty straight forward.

dragon (7)

dragon (8)

All their condiments are made in house too as one of my favourite chili sauce is the one at 12 o’clock, as i finish 3 of it.

dragon (9)

High grade charcoal are used here as the whole restaurant is in air condition and to prevent it to be very smokey. Yet fire remain small and nice to make the pot at hot temperature.

dragon (10)

 Dragon Tiger Broth are a bit on spicy base as they add in with chili oil yet the base is filled with some fresh milk and pork broth is certainly aromatic. Highly Recommended.  Pork Bone Broth is quite normal compare to their signature.

If you order single flavour base for Dragon Tiger Broth it is serve along in Claypot that will bring different flavour to it when burn under charcoal. (I will certainly try that next visit)

dragon (11)

 All of us getting ready to pour everything into the hotpot ..

dragon (13)

for seafood lovers, they do have fresh seafood here but do ask them first before you order as I find that some of them are fresh some are not.

dragon (14)

dragon (12)

dragon (15)

 the usual ordering. .

dragon (17)

If you love slice meat, then here is a must order as we order, Beef, lamb and pork slices. All 3 are equally good. My favourite is beef or lamb.

Since Chinese NEw YEar is few days away, and looking for a place for reunion dinner, I think this steamboat place will certainly make a great place to be as its air condition.


-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 8/10 , place for steamboat with great soup base. Recommended! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

No 19-G, Jalan Puteri 2/6,
Bandar Puteri,
47180 Puchong.

Business Hours
Monday – Friday: 5:00pm – 10:30pm
Saturday – Sunday: 5:00pm – 7:30pm

Contact: 017-301 2326

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Restaurant in Bandar Puteri is mushrooming like crazy, with invites from uLi that I get a chance to come and dine one of the shop in the area which is a Hakka Restaurant located in the heart of the town. The restaurant was very easily located when u see a big building easy pharmax then it’s nearby.

Chi Ka yin

Chi Ka yin (2)

Chi Ka yin (3)

All their specialities are on the wall. If you do not like to look at the menu, then you can just pin point anything on the wall.

Chi Ka yin (4)

The history of it

Chi Ka yin (5)

One of the thing that impress me in this restaurant is this small little shop, that was just began operation about 5 months ago already got so much to bag for, by coming out in the newspaper, and also already got featured in Ho Chiak!

Chi Ka yin (12)

While the night is still young, we kick start with one of the very traditional dish ‘Hakka Abacus Seeds (???)’ @ RM12(S) RM24(B)

Chi Ka yin (13)

‘Hakka Salted Chicken (????)’ @ RM13(S) RM25(B), something that look simple but yet very flavourful. I like the soup base of it, which is a bit gingery, salty yet its feels like clear in taste.

Chi Ka yin (14)

‘Spring Roll (??)’ @ RM12(S) RM24(B) that dip in chili sauce, thumbs up.

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