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How is your food hunt around Subang Area for Kopitiam after closure of Asia Café, hence come out with Top 8 food in Rock Café after recent discovery. Personally after the closure, it not a good experience for my end, and ended up at Uptown Damanara Hokkien Mee. this place was introduce by my friend there is this food court that they always visit especially for football matches. You will be surprise on the amount of crowd. Rock Café sure is not one of a hiddem gem but its an good old discovery. .

Rock Cafe (1)

Friend explain to me on a few fact about this Café.

  1. Open 24 hours. Like Mamak.
  2. With selection of more than 30 types of food. NONE Repetitive.
  3. A great combination of Halal and non Halal food that makes is a cool 1 Malaysia foodcourt.
    1. For some of the folks that are concern, there is some assurance for you reduce your worry. They have sperate cutleries and washing area through colour separation for utensils and plates.
    2. One of the manager came from hotel industry hence the strict separation cutleries and washing area.
  4. They have customer reward day. At times you can get Milo Ais for as low as RM 1.
  5. Have football match with some interesting event over big games. Do check out their FB.
  6. Best of all, they have lost and found department. If you lost anything here, do check out at their main cashier counter. Chances of you finding back, could be 50%-50%.
  7. Safety at night? Worry free as they work closely with Police to have Police peronda every 1 hour.

Rock Cafe (2)

The Café have indoor and outdoor area. Of course outdoor is more chilling in the evening. Tried a few items in this food court, and this is my personal pick food stalls if you are here.

Rock Cafe (3)

NO.1 Ayam Bakar – Jakarta. I have always miss my Indonesian food and this stall do give you one of the best for coffee shop quality. It is very near to the street food that I have miss in Jakarta Pusat.

Chicken is maritated to perfection, grill till it is not too dry, yet juicy inside out and you can see the shinning glaze of marination on the skin. To eat along with their Nasi Bakar is a perfect pair. Eat along with sambal with hit you with the heat and spiciness that you need.

Just a simple awesome dish that you should not miss if you are here.

Rock Cafe (4)


Rock Cafe (5)

No.2 Uncle huat Fried Rice

Classic food meet classic place. One of the most busy stall in this area is Uncle Huat Fried Rice. To do a fried rice sounds easy but it was never easy. Rice fried till very fragrant and love the texture of pieces with wok hei and dry. Top with a “hor pau tan” and soy soauce is the best combination that you could ask for. Best of all, can add char siew and prawns. Favourite! Do prepare to wait 45 minutes to 1 hour for this Fried Rice.

Rock Cafe (6)

Rock Cafe (7)

No.3 Uncle Tan’s Portuguese Grilled Fish

One of the best stall from Asia Café is Uncle Tan’s had move to Rock Café. Famous for their fresh seafood as uncle Tan himself head over to Pulau Ketam every morning. Choosing the best fresh ingredients to be serve at his stall. You can choose a few cooking style.

Rock Cafe (8)

Rock Cafe (9)

Rock Cafe (10)

No.4 – Mushroom King

Was told that this is the original founder of fried mushroom that started in kopitiam before flourish and boom into Pasar Malam and kopitiam. Using their own special recipe for their buttered fried mushroom. Something simple that I like and best to go with beer. Price is very reasonable.

Rock Cafe (11)

No.5 Grannys Nyonya Kitchen

If you miss your Melaka nyonya style food, then this is one of the stall that you can pay a visit. Curry is creamy thick and curry spices fragrant did not overpower it. Chicken is is cook nicely where it is still soft and juicy. Sambal brings you slight sweet spiciness to compliments it.

Rock Cafe (12)

Rock Cafe (13)

No.6. Western food Corner.

I have been looking out for Kopitiam western food and this stall turns out to be not too bad. Hence falls into my no.7 top choices.

Rock Cafe (14)

No.7. Japanese Corner.

As for Café quality, this Japanese chicken Don is not too bad a tall. Generous portion of fried chicken, top with an egg and their special sauce is indeed simple and no complains.

Rock Cafe (15)

No. 8. Indo Mee Spicy.

If I do not know what to eat, the easiest option is to go for Indo MEe and this version is Indo Mee Deli Hell Spicy. Not as spicy as it mention as it is quite alright for me.

Rock Cafe (16)

Rock Cafe (17)

Going for a value for money meal, then this Grilled Chicken with Arabic Pita (with an option to change pita to nasi Briyani). With the portion and amount that you are paying, it is in deed value for money. My version of eating is to tear my chicken into pieces and of course do remember to squeeze the lime onto it. Tear, the pita bread, add on some chicken and may noise then, bon apetite.

Rock Cafe (18)

Rock Cafe (19)

Other items that you can try is : TAndori Chicken, Roti Canai Burger, Japanese Curry Chicken Rice, Classic China pull noodle (available dry or soup) and if you love strong peppercorn taste, you will love it.

Rock Cafe (20)

Rock Cafe (21)

Rock Cafe (22)

For happy hour, they do have special promotion for 1 bucket of Sommersby with 4 bottles @ RM 46 and Carlsberg Smooth Draught @ RM 56 with 3 bottles (Large)

Certainly a nice place for simple food and value for money.

Disclaimer – I have visited during their lunch time and some stalls only operate in the afternoon. 

Rock Cafe
Jalan PJS 11/20,
Bandar Sunway, 46150
Subang Jaya, Selangor

Bandar Sunway now is filled with alot of cafe and one of the latest addition to the area is Hopp which is located at this new building. Not only that, as Hopp is also one of the latest concept by Papa Rich group as I just realise they have so many different F&B under their arm now. Hopp is a concept where to provide diners with great dining experience with its contemporary set up.

Update : 1st June 2018 [Have close down]

Hopp Cafe (1)

Hopp Cafe (3)

Hopp Cafe (4)

Hopp Cafe (5)

Love the ambiance of the cafe where I believe instagramers will go crazy in this place with so many corners, floors and walls for you to capture your best style. For OOTD you can do it at their common area with a huge wooden wall.

Hopp Cafe (6)

Hopp Cafe (7)

They are offering a great combination with chef learn some receipi from Spanish and Italian family when he was traveling in Europe. Find that their price is quite cheap for such ambiance that they are offering.

Hopp Cafe (8)

Bunga Kantan Mojito is one of my highly recommended drink where it is totally a thirst quencher. So refreshing that I ended up two glass of it. Well balance of taste with a hint of bunga kantan at the end that make it a great twist.

Hopp Cafe (9)

Nearly zero alcohol Sangria where they import halal wine from Middle East to make up this drink. Sour enough and with a little hint of punch is great enough to make it pretty stand out. Halal wine for both Red & White is available for you to make your order too.

Hopp Cafe (10)

Hopp Cafe (11)

Yuzu Mojito @ RM10.90

Hopp Cafe (12)

We start off with their mini tapas Roasted Garlic & Chilli Chicken  Patties – Chardonnay reduction, fresh herbs, lemon cream & Cracked pepper @ RM 9.90, Spicy Little Neck Clams – Fresh Basil, white wine & Garlic @ RM 9.90 & Fresh Garlic Tiger Prawn @ RM 14

Hopp Cafe (13)

Satay PizzaRM14.90 (with grilled chicken satay, mozarella cheese, fresh cucumber, parmesan cheese, crushed peanut & lemon aioli)

Hopp Cafe (14)

Garlic Prawn Pizza @ RM 16.90 – with garlic, butter prawns, tomato coulis, paramesan cheese, rocket salad, shimeji mushroom & oregano

Hopp Cafe (15)

Wok Fried SpaghettiniRM13.90 (with seafood, green capsicum, carrot, shimeji mushrooms & chef’s special sauce). It is a clever dish that use spaghetinni as a subsitute. Love the wok hei of it that makes it a Asian dish with Italian twist.

Hopp Cafe (16)

Blackened Seabass Paella @ RM 16.90 – cajun spice, marinated sea-bass fillet, saffron, lemon garlic aoili, cafe spice, sweet peas, coriander, garlic oil & aroz rice. Quite generous with seabass as it is quite a big piece and it is fresh.

Hopp Cafe (17)

my usual classic and I love it. Fettuccine Carbonara @ RM 17.90 – with smoked duck breast, fresh chives, parmesan cheese, olive oil and shimeji mushroom . Love their wide thick carbonara, not too creamy yet it is a well balance of flavour. I just wish to have some grind black pepper on top to make it even better.

Hopp Cafe (18)

Dessert PlatterRM18.90 (choice of any 2 desserts below)
1 ) Ginger & Lime Cream Brulee @ RM7.90 – (refreshing dessert with vanilla gelato)
2) Over the Moon @ RM11.90 – (classic new york cheese cake served with vanilla gelato) – I like this
3) The Russian Whisker @ RM11.90 (Mango Cheese Cake served with vanilla gelato)
4) The Modern Duke’s Pudding @ RM11.90 (Orea Cheese Cake with vanilla gelato)
5)  Queen of Hearts @ RM11.90 (strawberry cheese cake served with vanilla gelato) – I like this

Hopp Cafe (19)

Hopp Cafe (20)

Warm Chocolate Lava Cake @ RM8.90 (70% cocoa dark chocolate, orange ganache, cocoa soil, tuile & vanilla gelato)

Hopp Cafe (21)

to enjoy that, of course I would need my coffee.

Hopp Cafe (22)

Hopp Cafe (23)

With their Head Chef Kok whom is behind all this great food.

This is one of a place to recommend for great food at a cheaper price compare to many cafe and restaurant out there, great ambiance and a great place for gathering or celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

my personal recommendation: Fettuccine Carbonara, Wok Fried Spaghettini, Roasted Garlic & Chilli Chicken  Patties, Seafood paella, bunga kantan mojito

HOPP Cafe (House of Paellas, Pasta & Pizza)
10A, Nadayu 28 Dagang, Jalan PJS 11/7,
Bandar Sunway. Subang Jaya

Contact : 03-5613 3366

Operating Hours: 11am-10pm

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