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Thermomix® is indeed one of a famous cooking items in the culinary world. It was heavily used and promote in MasterChef Australia as I first found out about this machine. As the popularity of this machine is increasing and to guide home chef to master their basic,  Thermomix® Cook Book Launch by Theresa Lee over at Ruyi & Lyn in Bangsar.

Thermomix® (2)

Thermomix® (3)

Have never really seen the actual unit up close before and its rather huge. This machine is a leading innovation and engineering excellence in kitchen technology for over 50 years. What I mean magic equipment is that an all-in one advance kitchen appliance, Thermomix® unites the functions of 12 appliances in one compact unit! What is the 12 appliances (click here)

Thermomix® (4)

Check out the machine basics too by clicking (here)

Thermomix® (6)

Thermomix® (7)

The launch of Easy Meals for the family by using Thermomix® is the 1st cookbook by Thermomix® with step-by-step pictorial guide for cooking and plating style. The cookbook features a collection of round-the-clock meals for the family and are categorized into recipes for breakfast, lunch, tea break and dinner.

those of you that are keen to own this book of ‘Thermomix® Easy Meals For The Family’ Cookbook that is priced at RM 160 and currently only available online at thermomix.com.my .

Thermomix® (8)

In this event, a 6 course dinner is being serve as it is a collaboration between Thermomix® Malaysia, Miss Theresa Lee, the author of the cookbook together with Chef James Ho, the Executive Chef of Ruyi & Lyn.

Thermomix® (9)

Thermomix® (10)

Thermomix® (11)

This is the magic panel. The new Thermomix® brings the kitchen into the digital age with a beautiful colour touchscreen display. You can follow on screen recipe instructions by using the smart Recipe Chip and the Guided Cooking function. This innovation takes you step by step through recipes on screen. The recipes have been tailor-made to work perfectly with the appliance – all you need to do is add the ingredients and your Thermomix ® will set the temperature and timings for you. It’s a simple, fast alternative that compliments the ability to operate any function entirely manually and lets you cook your own way.

Thermomix® (12)

As the meals getting serve, we are presented with Rui & Lynn signature dish. Hainanese Chicken Rice Sushi, Teriyaki Chicken Rice Ball and Ruyi & Lyn’s popular Nasi Lemak Sushi

Thermomix® (13)

Tofu Flower Soup, .

Thermomix® (14)

Thermomix® (15)

Fried Chicken Coated With Prawn Paste & Roasted Almond dish

Thermomix® (16)

Deep Fried Prawns Dipped In Wasabi Sauce

Thermomix® (17)

Grouper Wallet served with Homemade Noodles

Thermomix® (18)

Green Tea Lava Cake Served With Lime Ice Popsicles.

For those who are interested to know more about Thermomix®, please visit : www.facebook.com/ThermomixMalaysia/

Thermomix® (19)

Good is that do you want to get hands on into this powerful machine? If yes then, you can get Get Yourself a FREE Thermomix® Easy Meals Cooking Class with Theresa Lee?

Friends who are keen to know about Thermomix®, please use this code TAUFULOUTM and fill up this form ?? https://bit.ly/2kVwo7W for an exclusive cooking experience with Theresa Lee to learn the dishes from the Thermomix®Easy Meals for the Family cookbook worth RM200.

I am always a fan of Indonesian cuisine and I was craving for it since I came back from Bali 2 months ago. Till my friend introduce me Dancing Fish at Bangsar Shopping Center which serve Malay-Indo with combination of Malaysia and West Java which also following the trading route of Chinese Dutch Indian base back on their history.

update: received Michelin Bib Gourmand Awards Dec 2022

dancing fish (1)

dancing fish (2)

dancing fish (3)

dancing fish (4)

dancing fish (5)

On the table, this beautiful preserve flowers are place on the table and you can purchase them if you are keen. Can just ask the staff or can purchase it online at Lavieflo

dancing fish (6)

As I flip through the menu, I got much excited on it as most of the dishes offered are quite classic and authentic. It is like I wanted to order as much as I can.

dancing fish (7)

dancing fish (8)

This is serve upon seated down, by serving their classic snacks  Emping with Sambal Terasi @ RM 7.95, that is  made out of melinjonuts (melinjo nuts). Crispy, cracking and with hint of bitter taste at the end to my liking. The best way to eat this is dig some sambal up and eat along. Loving it. Sambal is quite spicy.

dancing fish (10)

As there are a few of us, we decided to try on their Appetizer PlatterRM 49.80 which is a combination of their best seller item. Fit with charcoal grilled chicken satay, tofu bakar, seafood sate lilit and spicy green apple salad with salted fish.

dancing fish (11)

The star of the platter is their chicken satay. Well marinated and done to perfection. juicy inside out and the sauce coated on it is to die for. Dip with their peanut sauce and i add on some sambal is just too good. Their Apple salad with salted fish is rather good too. power pack of sourness, mild spicy and i wish they add in more salted fish to give a nice bite crunch on the fish and apple. Tofu bakar is equally good too.

dancing fish (12)

dancing fish (13)

dancing fish (23)

Another classic dish that I had before in Padang is this egg place with 2 sambal. Green is which is sour spicy and red is more direct spicy. Grill on the base then spread with this. Power pack flavor.

dancing fish (14)

This would be something new to me as  Javanese Home Style Chicken Soup @ RM 12.65 is with a twist. Light in flavour, sweetness from the chicken, barley, carrot and lotus root is quite new to me but it is comforting.

dancing fish (15)

dancing fish (16)

Some of you might ask why dancing fish. Well, it is name after this style of cooking known as  “Nila Goreng”, the crispily deep-fried red tilapia is usually served with Sambal Terasi and Kicap which is their siganture. This round decided to try out something more fancy. We ordered Tempoyak dancing fish. (it is actually fermented durian base) @ RM 62.30. It is also known as a love hate relationship. Suprisingly, the gravy base here cook to perfecction. Only very mild hint of durian taste is there and the gravy mix with their nasi kuning berempah is something that you can stop eating. Addictive. Best of this fish is every part of it is edible and it is crunchy inside out.

dancing fish (17)

dancing fish (18)

Nasi Kuning Berempah is a must have.

dancing fish (19)

Udang Bakar Enak with sambal matahfresh tiger prawns, charcoal grilled over glowing ember. Basted with traditional Indonesian bbq sauce, serve with tangy lemongrass shallot raddish. A well balance of flavours from grill and sourness of shallots and some chili padi.

dancing fish (20)

another signature they have is Buntut Goreng Enak. Deep fried  chunks of Australian oxtail, marinated and braised in aromatic herbs and spices which were then barbecued over charcoal fire to intensify the flavours. Eat along with the 3 sambal depending on your taste bud. I love it with green samble or I mixx 3 of it is the best combination. Soft fragrant crispy buntut.

dancing fish (21)

dancing fish (22)

Bebek Panggang (BBQ Duck) – marinated for 24 hours with an assortment of herbs and spices, then grilled over glowing charcoal embers and served with percik sauce (RM49.90).

dancing fish (24)

To end, the waiter introduce Sweet Potato served with coconut scrappings, palm sugar and vanilla ice cream @ RM13.35. A mix of Cold and warm dessert. Not too bad though.

dancing fish (25)

If you opt for refreshing series then hit on their Trio of Lemongrass Jelly with Pop Pops, Mango Lolo and Cendol Coconut Ice-cream. Gula melaka in cendol is good!

dancing fish (26)

Came back here again for my friends birthday celebration and the quality still remains. If you love authentic Indonesian cuisine, this is certainly one of my recommended place. all their prices are NETT. One of the best Indonesian food in KL.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 9/10 , great authentic Indonesian food! -Stamped-

-WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Dancing Fish Bangsar
Lot T120-122 3rd Floor
Bangsar Shopping Centre
Bukit Bandaraya, Jalan Maarof
59000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2095-6663

Open daily 11.30am till 10.00pm

Every year month of October, it will be another exciting month where certain eateries and bars will be celebrating OKTOBERFEST!!

Brozeit (1)

This gives no exception for Brotzeit – a German Bier Bar which is also one of my favorite German restaurant that serve decent consistent German food.

Brozeit (2)

Brozeit (3)

Brozeit (4)

Among the 4 beers, I love Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest-Märzen. Love the sweet sweet malty flavour and hinted with faint bitter aftertaste. It is also one of the beer that I have not tested before among those bottles.

Brozeit (5)

Brotzeit Fladen Kassler – Smoked Pork Loin Pizza -Tomato sauce, mozzarella, thin slices of smoked pork loin topped with olives and freshly grated horseradish. Every slices is filled with decent slice of loin and olive with its thin crust pizza. Do go along with their beer to pair it up.

Brozeit (6)

Bermerwürstl – Pigs in blankets @ RM 39 Three smoked pork cheese sausages wrapped with bacon and served with fries.

Brozeit (7)

The festival is celebrated in big scale, from food to beer and Oktoberfest PlatterRM 288 nett introduce you all their signature item. A platter that can easily feed 4-6 pax, served with Brotzeit Signature Knuckle, Pork Garlic Sausages, Gypsy Belly Bacon, Lumber Jack Steaks, Nürnberger Pork Sausages & Spicy Chicken Sausages served with Sauerkraut and potato salad. Their pork kunckle is da bomb, where every cut of it gives you the cracking sound from the skin.

Brozeit (8)

Still love their classic brown sauce to pair with most of my meat.

Brozeit (9)

Brozeit (10)

For dessert, WeiBer LavakuchenRM 25 is my favourite. Chocolate Lava Cake is also a twist of Chef’s version of molten lava cake with white chocolate. Cutting through the thin layer of crust gives you the crack and where white chocolate just flood out. Great replacement of white chocolate and pairs well with chef special sauce at the side.

Brozeit (11)

Apfelküchle @ RM 26 for 4 pcs. Slices of cinnamon-sugar dusted apple fritters served with homemade vanilla sauce.

Brotzeit German Bier Bar
Lot G130, Ground Floor,
Bangsar Shopping Centre,
285, Jalan Maarof,
Bukit Bandaraya,
59000 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating Hour:
10am – 12am

Ippudo is back again with an enhancement in their new menu 2016 and what can you expect in this new menu, with this special highlight Ippudo’s first “Japanese Styled Mixed Ramen” called Mazesoba that comes with broth and gyoza at the side.

Ippudo (1)

Ippudo (2)

Ippudo (3)

The concept for Ippudo Bangsar Shopping Center is different compare to others where they highlight more on their cocktail series.

Ippudo (4)

Ippudo (5)

Start off with something light Mango Salad @ RM 29.50. Filled with diced mango served with assorted fresh greens and diced salmon tossed in light yuzu dressing. Love the dressing taste and generous mango in it.

Ippudo (6)

Fried Soft Shell Crab is another highlight for them. Crispy from inside and soft on the outside, with the steam bun.

Ippudo (7)

In love with this dish, Amaebi Tartar @ RM 34Diced fresh raw shrimp served with avocado and wasabi dressing topped with tobiko and seaweed. After serving, mixed the shrimp, avocado, tobiko with the wasabi dressing and wrapped then with the seaweed. Love the cripsy bite from seaweed and the well balance taste from their soy sauce and light airy avocado that pairs well with amaebi. 

Ippudo (8)

Ippudo (9)

Chicken Namban @ RM 16Marinated deep fried chicken with vinegar sauce served with homemade tartar sauce on the side. 

Ippudo (10)

Salmon Sushi Moriawase @ RM 446 pieces of salmon sushi platter, or I can call it 3 ways, that filled with salmon egg, sashimi and half cook salmon sushi..

Ippudo (11)

Here is a twist of flavour from Japan with our local taste. Seafood Foil Yaki @ RM 39.50Steamed mixed seafood mussels, shrimp, squids and scallops and assorted vegetables served with spicy ponzu sauce in foil on hot plate. The sauce is pack with flavour where giving you, spicy with cili padi and sourish after taste. Indeed it pairs very well with rice. Worth to give it a try.

Ippudo (12)

This is their new highlight – Mazesoba @ RM28.  Ippudo’s first “Japanese Styled Mixed Ramen” served with thick chewy noodles and 9 uniquely selected complimentary ingredients. The way to eat it is by Mixing it all together. Like the chewy texture of the noodle, just that I could not finish this personally where the sauce is slightly too thick for me, hence the gyoza soup at the side is to tone it down yet still think it is too much for me.

It is down to individual preference where some of them love it.

Ippudo (13)

Ippudo (14)

Ippudo (15)

Ippudo (16)

Watermelon Sherbet @ RM 19Homemade watermelon sherbet served with cheese cake and pineapple preserve. 

For their latest menu, there is a slight twist in it. All down to your own preference. For something light, Mango Salad is good to kick start follow by Seafood Foil Yaki and Mazesoba.
For more information about 2016 Grand New Menu @ Ippudo BSC, please visit Ippudo Malaysia Facebook Page and Website

Till date I still remember clearly that my very first encouter of learning to drink whiskey comes is this Macallan back 10 years ago as it is one of my best friends favourite. That is when he was sipping thru his 15 year old Macallan on the rock and was invited to join him. Happily I pour over the whiskey and mix with coke. I got hell of lecture from him how I destroy a good whiskey. Since then I learn how to appreciate whiskey and had been top in my list for alcohol The Macallan Rare Cask Whiskey

Macallan (1)

It was only recently I got excited to received an invite to this Macallan Rare Oak whiskey dinner pairing event that took place at Ruyi & Lyn.

Macallan (2)

Rather intersting on how they build up the whole place with history, their limited edition bottle and also scent bar to trigger profile taste  into your mind.

Macallan (3)

Macallan (4)

Macallan (5)

I love the new bottle of Macallan Rare Cask where it do look solid and taste profile is amazing.

Macallan (6)

The Macallan Rare Cask is positioned as a modern, rare and luxurious whisky, crafted to showcase complexity and depth. Rare Cask was handpicked by The Macallan whisky maker where it is drawn from the broadest spectrum of casks, 16 different types, ever identified by the Master Whisky Maker, Bob Dalgarno. Far less than 1% of those casks maturing at the distillery have been identified as fitting to bestow the Rare Cask name. With rarity at its core, this is a whisky crafted from casks so rare they will never again be used in any Macallan whisky. Combining Spanish and American sherry seasoned oak casks, a high proportion of them first fill, gives rise to an exquisite whisky with a splendidly rich hue, and an unmistakably woody whisky. Soft notes of opulent vanilla and raisin on the nose, give way to apple, lemon, and orange. Balanced by a spicy quartet of root ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. Oak resonates, timeless, polished and rich. Vanilla and chocolate lead the finale along with a light citrus zest. The finish is full, warming and woody.

Macallan (7)

Love the place how they set it up to be classy and easy to communicate with the other diners.

Macallan (8)

Right before the dinner start, we were also pamper with Macallan 12 years on the rock or with some of their latest creation with a few series of cocktail.

Macallan (9)

Macallan (10)

What is on the table is 12 years and 15 years Macallan to kick start with and final dish to be paired with the exclusive Rare Cask.

Macallan (11)

Macallan (12)

Before each meal, we are guided thru by Nadia Heng, with the presense of Edrington’s Brand Trainer, Keith Nair by telling us on each profile and how it should be tested which is very different from wine.

Macallan (13)

Truffle Soon Hock With Olive Fried Rice  to pair with The Macallan Sherry Oak 12 years Old

Macallan (14)

Pan Seared Lamb Chop serve with Thai Green Curry with The Macallan Fine Oak 15 years old

Macallan (15)

Love this sorbet which is really refreshing before heading to final dish.

Macallan (16)

River Prawn Served with Foie Gra Asparagus Salad with The Macallan Rare Cask.

Macallan (17)

End with Chocolate Embrace

Macallan (18)

With other usual suspects for the pairing dinner. . .

The latest introduction of The Macallan Rare Cask indeed top in my list of Macallan and with its pricing strategy and product placement, surely it is targeted to the upper market.  To me, the profile beats 12,15 and 18 years old that makes it very unique and different.

The Macallan Rare Cask is currently available at selected outlets such as The Penthouse, Hyde53M, Monarchy 61, H20, Merchant Pub, Club De-Royale, Ojos Bar, Zouk, Avalon & Meja and Brussels Beer Café at a price of RM2,000 as well as hypermarkets at a retail price of RM1,600

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