There are alot creative juice flow during MCO period. Chef now do have times to do some experimenting. The chef at Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar at Bangsar had come out with a few creative dishes to entice our healthy palate.

dessert in bangsar

I am pretty sure some of you are experiencing food like me. Suddenly why this dish taste so good. Cause we have been eating healthy during MCO. (not sure bout the rest of you, but I am definitely one of them)

Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar (7)

Now this RMCO period for Malaysians, I believe many of you have already start your cafe hopping and dining outside. I am definitely one of them.

Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar (2)

Lets start off with fried chicken. This is Sriracha Fried Chicken @ RM 20 : Buttermilk Fried Chicken, Sriracha Aioli

Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar (4)

This platter is actually rather interesting. With the “tepi longkang leaves” being decorated on the top do give it an aesthetic look it needed.

Bao Basket (Fried) serve in 5pcs Assorted @ RM 35 : Buttermilk Chicken, Prawn Katsu & Fish Tempura

Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar (3)


Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar (8)

Kimchi Cheese Croissant @ RM 26: Kimchi omelette, chicken sausage, mozzarella, mushroom ragout, feta, crispy shallots, coriander

Among all the dishes, I find this dish is the most interesting of all. Or the one that suits my palate. Chef is quite generous with ingredients that makes it look like huge croissant.

Taste is pretty spot on, yet unique that have its own taste feature. Freshness of parsley do give it a slight much crips yet sour bitter after taste as you bite on the buttery bread. Very interesting. It is a dish that worth to order to check it out. Remember to squeeze on the lime.

Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar (9)

Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar (10)

Not adventurous yet want to have something classic? Their Pink Tropical Smoothie @ RM 18 is very healthy. After I did the croissant, I finish nearly the whole bowl of this. So refreshing. Filled with Dragon Fruit, papaya, Greek yogurt, granola, coconut flakes, nata de coco, caramel

Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar (11)

Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar (12)

Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar (14)

Salmon Benedict @ RM 30 :Hash Brown, smoked salmon, summer salad, sweet potato mash, butter bok choy, poached eggs, hollandaise

Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar (15)

Panna CottaRM 23 : Yakult panna cotta, coconut, granola, elderflower, watermelon, tropical fruits, strawberry banana ice cream

Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar (16)

Apple Pie Toast @ RM 18 : Brioche, puff pastry, apple jam, caramelized apple, vanilla ice cream

Upperhouse Kitchen Bangsar (1)

Upperhouse is indeed well known for their dessert and they are now exploring more into brunch items.

Upperhouse Kitchen & Dessert Bar
27-A Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Google Map

Operating hours:
Mon – Thu, Sun (except Wed), 11am – 10pm
Fri & Sat, 11am – 11:30pm

Tel: 011-2872 0083

Covid-19 indieed is a worldwide pandemic. It had make alot of business closed down. However, it is also a test for many business owners out there. I called it a force transition of business strategy. In Malaysian landscape also facing its own challenges. Especially retail and F&B. The peeps from Urban Daybreak could not operate on their usual cafe hence during this MCO they have created a new brand known as Jeremy’s Chicks in their current URban Daybreak outlet selling Chicken Rice.

chicken rice

Yup, a temporary solution to sail through this storm by just earning enough to covers their rental and pay to their staff. Chicken Rice is their new creation. For menu and price check out their Instagram/

One day pre-order via link below cutt.ly/jeremyschick

Jeremys Chicks (2)

Supporting some local F&B in their new creation, so i purchase a set of half chicken @ RM 35. Comes with :

  1. 4 x rice
  2. 4 x soup
  3. half chicken
  4. add on Bok Choy and 2 drinks

Jeremys Chicks (4)

Rice is pretty good. trust me. If you buy their chicken rice, do get additional rice one or 2 more. Pretty fragrant !

Jeremys Chicks (6)

Jeremys Chicks (11)

Jeremys Chicks (12)

the chicken is smooth and soft.

Jeremys Chicks (18)

urban daybreak

another bomb is their chii. Indeed quite similar to the one in Penang. Punch with flavour, mild spicy and sourish. Goes well with the chicken.

Currently do contact them via instagram: www.instagram.com/jeremys.chicks/ (1day pre order in advance)

One day pre-order via link below cutt.ly/jeremyschick

Jeremy’s Chicks (Urban Daybreak Cafe)
11, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

I guess some of you might have seen in Instagram that many people taking nice pictures in this matcha cafe. It is actually a hidden gem in Bangsar where Niko Neko Matcha is operating at Level 1 right opposite McDonalds those housing area.

Youtube video  click here

Niko Neko (2)

If you are a green tea or matcha lover, then this would be one of the place that I will be highly recommended as they
specializes in pure Single Origin Specialty Matcha Green Tea. Quality wise will be top notch and you will love it.

Niko Neko (3)

they also showcasing variety of products ranging from green tea powder to beauty products.

Niko Neko (4)

Niko Neko (5)

Price for a cup of classic green tea is at very affordable price which starts from RM6.

Niko Neko (6)

Tried Yuri Matcha which is medium profile @ RM 6 and I am a big fan for roasted profile and tried Tsubaki/Houjicha @ RM 6

Niko Neko (7)

Both are equally good to my liking.

Niko Neko (8)

Seating capacity here will be a big challenge for many of you as there are only 3-4 seating area and per table is cater to about 2-3 pax. So yah, good luck.

Niko Neko (9)

Niko Neko (10)

Niko Neko (1)

As you reach on the 1st floor, you will see this little cute logo on the door and on the right side, ring the door bell with the cat logo on it too.

Niko Neko (11)

This brand actually operate by one of my friend and it is more to showcase their products and they have gaining huge popularity since then. If you are around the area, do pop by make a take away of green tea drink.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 9/10, love the quality of green tea~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Niko Neko Matcha
82A, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar,
59000 Kuala Lumpur,

Operating Hours: 12pm – 7pm
(Close Monday)

Tel: 011-2355 5405

Hana Tei Japanese Restaurant is one of a brand that I heard my Kajang friends talked about it. One of their top choices in their area. Since then, the brand had spread its wing to KL. Operating just about less than 6 months in Lucky Garden, Bangsar.

Hana Tei (1)

A casual dining with nice extensive menu spoil for your choices. full menu click here

Hana Tei (2)

Hana Tei (3)

Hana Tei (4)

Starting off with Fried Shishamo. A fish that can be eaten just like that without worrying on its bone. Deep fried and to pair along with their house special mayonnaise.

Hana Tei (5)

Gyu Maki ( Australia Striploin Roll ) is new to me. Topped with house salad and fried thin cut lotus root. A nice combination of flavour and texture from salty, sweet, mild sour from mayo and nice aroma from the wagyu. A slight crunchy texture from lotus root, and soft texture of wagyu and do not need wasabi as the house special sauce on the plate is to dip along.

Hana Tei (6)

Hana Tei (7)

For their set, I find quite worth it as currently they are running lunch promotion (every day including weekend). Love their Yosenabe Gozen as it is served with a large piece of scallop, oyster, prawn, chicken, clams and veggies. Soup is clear and aromatic.

Hana Tei (8)

New folder

Here you go on their lunch special menu. the more people you bring, it seems more discounts to me.

Hana Tei (9)

In love with their Shake Sashimi / Sansyu Moriawase that serve in 3 different THICK CUT. Rarely you will get such a cut and look at the colour of tuna. This cut is easily 1cm – 1.5cm thick and a piece inside your mouth is satisfying. A mouthful bite. Sashimi indeed is fresh.

Hana Tei (10)

Hana Tei (11)

Their outlet best seller is this Unagi Foie Gras Sushi @ RM 35. They are quite generous with the cut of unagi and a large piece of foie gra at the bottom with both the ingredient is bigger than the rice. Just the classic way of presentation. It is so thick that I could not make the 1 bite sushi. This have to be 2 bites as my mouth is not that big. Soft, juicy and pefect!

Hana Tei (12)

Hana Tei (14)

Foie Gras Sandwich would be highly of the day. A piece that value worth for money. At RM 38 you get 2 pieces of unagi sandwich with a piece of foie gras. Love the glaze thick soy sauce that gives a hint of sweetness with bursting aroma from foie gra, a nice creamy texture just blends well with the sauce and unagi. – a recommended dish.

Hana Tei (15)

The house special trio sushi, will be available 15th April onwards. I pick mine with Hamachi, Maguro & Hotate Ume Yuzu. Simple and delicious. The unique part of this is they serve with their house special ume sauce on top. Just put a piece into your mouth without dipping into our usual soy wasabi sauce. I find it, does not go along. Best to eat it raw with ume on top to give you a twist of flavour.

Hana Tei (16)

Hana Tei (17)

Hana Tei (18)

second highlight of the day is Wagyu Takaki @ RM 68. It does look raw in first sight, but after you eat it. It is cooked to perfection. Eat a piece could be a bit blend but with Hana Tei style, it is bursting with flavour. Take a piece of wagyu, add in seasoned white radish, scallions, a slice of garlic – roll it up then dip with house special sauce. A great combination of flavour.

Hana Tei (19)

Hana Tei (20)

Maguro Wafu Steak @ RM 38 Premium Tuna with homemade chef special sauce.

Hana Tei (21)

Hana Tei (13)

Starting 18th April, they will be launching their lunch set as the Fried Chicken set starts from RM 9.90 for lunch on weekdays. Besides that, you can choose Gyu Shogayaki or Kitsune Udon.

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Hana Tei (22)

With their quality of sashimi, sushi and wagyu, certainly do not mind to come back again for dinner. Parking here during day time could be a bit of challenge. I park at road side on weekend at my own risk. So far it is alright. Night parking here will be much easier as the place is less busy.

One more place to hunt for if you are a Japanese food lover.

Hana Tei Japanese Restaurant
No.8, Lorong Ara Kiri 2,
Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2202 1608

Operating Hours:
11.30 am~ 2.45pm (Last order)

If you see in the instagram recently, there are quite number of instagrammer that shoot this place. A new dessert shop in Bangsar known as Namelaka Patisserie located in Jalan Telawi. Serving very pretty fruit base desserts.

Namelaka (2)

Look at the selection of these pretty dessert. Certainly it looks like real actual fruits but it is not. Carefully crafted as these dessert takes 3 days to complete. As it need to be constructed by layers. Quite a technical dessert.

Namelaka (3)

Just look at the skin and texture of it. Green Apple just look like one as the stem is made of carefully temper chocolate, glaze with their special recipe. Orange and Lemon do have a rough surface that looks exactly like it.

Namelaka (4)

At first I thought this cube is for decoration and I was wrong. It is a chocolate cube.

Namelaka (5)

Namelaka (15)

Namelaka (7)

Namelaka (10)

As you cut through the dessert, it is pack with the actual natural ingredients.

Namelaka (11)

Green Apple @ MYR 19 – Chocolate, Apple Ganache Montee, Apple Gel, Fresh Apple Cube & Dill

Orange @ MYR 21 – Chocolate, Orange Ganache Montee, Orange Gel, Marmalade, Fresh Orange Segment & Timut Pepper

Pear @ MYR 21 – Chocolate, Pear Ganache Montee, Pear Gel & Fresh Pear Cube

Passion Fruit @ MYR 23 – Chocolate, Ginger Ganache Montee, Passion Fruit Gel & Fresh Passion Fruit

Lemon @ MYR 23 – Chocolate, Lemon Ganache Montee, Lemon Gel, Lemon Marmalade, Fresh Lemon Segment & Fresh Mint Leaf

Namelaka (13)

Namelaka (17)

What I mean actual ingredient as you will have mini cubes of orange skin, juices that made into concentrated sauce, and orange meat.

Lemon is their best seller.

Namelaka Patisserie
1st floor,
No 34, Jalan Telawi 2,
Bangsar, 59100, KL

Business hour :
Sun -Thurs 11:30am–8pm,
Fri- Sat 11:30am–10pm,
Closed Weds.

tel: 03-2201 3241

I love hidden eateries. It is like a hidden gem when you discover it. The floup of it is will the business grow? Well, Chez Gaston KL by Rendez-Vous is indeed a hidden gem in Bangsar if you are looking for authentic home-cook style French food in KL.

I have not been to France as did not really know what the original authentic is like but over the years of learning, this is quite good!

Chez Gaston (1)

Chez Gaston (2)

Chez Gaston (3)

Chez Gaston (4)

Chez Gaston (5)

Chez Gaston (6)

Chez Gaston (9)


Chez Gaston (10)

Those who love greens, this is one of my top recommendation. Salade de crottin de chevre @ RM 24 (s). Tossed salad with vinaigrette, pork bacon bits,  and baked with matured goat cheese on baguette stick topped with honey and black pepper.

Chez Gaston (11)

One of the simplest salad that I come across. Love the sourness of vinaigrette, smokey taste of pork bacon , and the matured goat cheese is amazing. Creamy, light and pack with punch. Loving it.

Chez Gaston (12)

Next is Soup de poissons @ RM 17 – Flo’s father’s recipe of sea fish soup,  blended with fennel, tomato, and serve with rouille sauce, croutons and emmental cheese.

Chez Gaston (13)

Indeed one of a very unique soup that I come across. Slight strong on the fish taste yet it gives you a nice after taste. The unique thing is you need to add on the 2 ingredient into the soup base on your taste bud then the soup character changed.

More fragrant, slightly creamy and after taste of it is nicely balance out with freshness of fish and mild saltiness to my liking. Recommended dish.

Chez Gaston (14)

Chez Gaston (15)

Wild boar Pate

Chez Gaston (16)

This is rabbit pate, as among both if it, I like this more. The texture of the blended pate, herbs added in, the ingredient in between gives you the air for a nice mouth bite.

Chez Gaston (17)

My style of eating pate is, spread with a slice of butter at the bottom, add any of the condiments provided then one full mouth bite to give you the flavour of explosion in your mouth.

Chez Gaston (18)

I was one given a classic French style cooking food when I was in Melbourne. This instantly remind me of that taste and I must say, It is spot on as it looks!

Rouget en papillote a la creme de ciboulette @ RM 36. Whole deboned red mullet baked in “papillote” with vegetable julienne and creamy chive sauce. A dish that cook to perfection that I just finish it in minutes. – recommended.

Chez Gaston (19)

Confit de canard – duck leg in sea salt, cooked slowly and serve in creamy brandy sauce

Chez Gaston (20)

Slow Cooked ribs with blue cheese sauce. A unique combination but I wish the blue cheese sauce to be slightly stronger.


Chez Gaston (21)

Chez Gaston (23)

Each of the mains is serve with sides of the day. It changes according to chef’s menu or ingredient of the day.

Chez Gaston (24)

When desserts is served, we are all excited over it.

Tart aus pommes @ RM 12 – French traditional apple tart, made with a cinnamon and green apple compote and served with whipped cream.

Mousse au chocolat  @ RM 12 – 62% ghana dark chocolate mousse. I am not a chocolate fan but this glass might look plain. It had me finish the whole glass by myself. thick in flavour, slight bitterness to my liking airy and sligh foamy as it should be in the best texture. – highly recommended for dessert!

Chez Gaston (25)

I read some food article before and realise that this is one of a classic type of French dessert Ile Flottante @ RM 11 – soft meringue floating island on an egg and vanilla custard. Love the custard mix as it is done to perfection. Best to share as some of you might find the meringue too heavy.

Chez Gaston (26)

Enjoying my French food with Chef Florian himself. Friendly and humble that he keep walking out to ensure our food is alright and explain the food personally himself to us too.

If you are not sure what to get on the menu: here is my recommended 4 items to start off with.

  1. Salade de crottin de chevre – with goat cheese
  2. Soup de poissons
  3. Rouget en papillote a la creme de ciboulette
  4. Mousse au chocolat

Chez Gaston KL by Rendez-Vous
12, Jalan Bangsar Utama 9,
Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours:
12pm – 2.30pm / 6pm – 10.30pm

Tel: 011-3993 0036

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