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BT Restaurant & Bar is indeed one of a pretty well known Thai restaurant among our friends. Their outlet is easily hunted as it sits at Ground Floor of Plaza 33 at PJ.

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I am impress with this huge outlet, as I never thought they are this big and it is house in a few sections. As upon entering from main entrance, you will be greeted with a well light up bar follow by a live band area which plays every Thursday – Saturday night.



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As you walk further behind, you will be greeted with a nicely done up Thai Village interior, with classic pictures on the wall, wooden planks and kampung ataps to add on the ambiance. They do have private dining room too.

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Menu here is pretty extensinve and looks like a Thai Fusion food where they do sell pasta/pizza and burger.

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Start off with their Tom Yum Goong which has 2 levels and I was advise to try out level one instead of 2. @ RM 18. The first sip is awesome where it is pack with flavours. As you sip along, your tears will be flowing as the spiciness starts to kicks in. It is indeed spicy and I thought of going to Level 2. Love the soup texture which is slightly thicker than normal, creamy and best of all, it has the spicy sourish balance. – Recommended.

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For some munch items, then do not miss their Lemongrass Chicken Wings @ RM 18. Best to go along with beer or whisky. Cook to perfection with their special spices and also can taste hint of lemongrass and skin is crispy.

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Thai Papaya Salad is the classic version of salad to start off with before mains. @ RM 18. This dish we can hit level 2.

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A few other dishes that we order is a perfect combination with rice. Egg Plant Basil @ RM 26. Slightly spicy, saltiness level is prominent when it pairs with rice, it is just perfect.

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Fried Soft Shell Crab with Chef special sauce. Fried to perfection where it is crispy outside and inside remains soft. The special sauce is fragrant and pairs well.

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If you love a western menu, then hit onto their BBQ Oriental Beef Ribs @ RM 68. Beef ribs is cook nicely where on the outler layer of the meat edge where it is slightly burnt do create a good mouth watering dish. Meat is still juicy and it is medium.

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My Thai meal will always ended up ordering Tab Tim Krob as a dessert, @ RM 10 – waterchesnut rubies with jackfruit in coconut milk. I great dessert and would be even better if I have more slices of jackfruit.

Barn Thai Restaurant & Bar
Ground Floor, Plaza 33,
1 Jalan Kemajuan, Section 13,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

GPS: 3.1095475899, 101.6377780

Tel: 03-7932 2233

Website: http://www.barnthai.com.my/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BarnThai

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