I am easily attracted to kitchenware. One of my latest haul is from this new instagram account operating with the name Happybuydotcom. They focus on personal and household products. It was rather new and I was lucky to get some offered discount thru their PM. One of the item that attracted me was their IdeaHom Supertowel.

This 11.11 or 12.12 you can check out their new Shopee Store : https://shp.ee/i7gjk7x

fika kitchen

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Then I got this airtight container BBELL that comes in 5 pcs.

  1. 💙3000ml x 1 (242x197x110mm), 101 fl.oz
  2. 💜1850ml x 1 (218x172x90mm), 63 fl.oz
  3. 💙1100ml x 1 (192x147x75mm), 37 fl.oz
  4. 💜540ml x 1 (167x123x60mm), 18 fl.oz
  5. 💚230ml x 1 (143x100x40mm), 8 fl.oz

bbell tupperwear

Totally love the pastel colour of the airtight Bbell tupperwear. Locks well too as I did a water test, as in the box mention no leak. Indeed I shake shake, no leak coming out.

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This is the actual product that I am and ended up with 2 more products. IdeaHom Super Towel is indeed quite interesting. It is near like a towel can wipe nearly everything. Main reason I got this is, I do alot of Mala steamboat and usually I will need to wipe off the oil before wash it.

thought of this would be a better substitute compare to the normal disposable kitchen towel that I buy. Below is the IdeaHom towel that can be re-use again after washing it. More like a reusable tissue that can last a few times. Perfect for those who go staycation with friends.

ideahome towel

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Then I am totally drawn to their BBELL EBONY CUTTING BOARD.  Because mention whole solid wood.  Reason getting this also more will be ending up like my photo prop. 2in1 purpose for me.

Material: Ebony Wood + Stainless Steel Handle + 1 Year Warranty
Weight: 1.8kg
Dimensions: 40cm x 27cm x 2.5cm

bbell chopping board

The chopping board is prep from whole piece of solid wood without splicing.

  1. It will not crack and will not drop the sawdust
  2. Thick enough to be cut and chopped, stable to use.
  3. Withstand heavy-duty chop and cut, even for cutting bones is just an ease of use.

After using it, find it easy wash off and easy to maintain. Anther main important point for me also rarely getting mold. I got another chopping board from Ikea, after using it a few times i rarely use cuz easily grow mold.

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