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I hate both of my good friend. It was a call early in the morning at my work place. Hey, where are you? We are dropping by with a surprise gift for you? So quickly head to Ground floor to greet them. It was the most awkward moment when usually see each other we will hug each other, and the hug is definitely very weird. Then they ask me, do not peak, just walk to that direction.

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Then boom, this guy just walked out very cool and smart, introducing himself,”Hi, I am Bond. Nice to meet you.” and handed me the limited edition Belvedere 007 bottle. I was like serious?

However Belvedere Vodka was the first to create a new standard for excellence in the vodka category and is credited with creating the luxury vodka segment. Famous for his discernment in all things, James Bond is at his most assured when ordering and appreciating drinks. So insistent was Bond that his Belvedere vodka martini was to be “shaken not stirred” that the phrase itself entered the lexicon, and in 2005 was selected as one of the 100 famous lines in film. Since then the Belvedere vodka martini has been a  continual reassuring presence in the Bond film series, but it shot to the forefront once again with Daniel Craig in Casino Royale.

Of course, with its little gimmic, it is the week of Bond fever week as their latest movie SPECTRE is releasing out this Thursday.
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Belvedere had always been one of my favourite vodka alcohol for any occasion. 

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Drink with a simple mixer or a cool mixologist to come out with a cook cocktail is definitely a bomb.
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Oh well,

MARTINI SERVED SHAKEN, OR SHOULD IT BE STIRRED? The purists would argue for stirring; it chills the molecules in the vodka without bruising them and altering their original taste. With Belvedere, the dry vanilla notes are more accentuated. Bond would argue that a vodka martini that isn’t shaken is no martini at all. Certainly there is an energy and aeration in the shaken drink that provides a cleaner colder taste. Shaken or stirred, the choice is yours.

Bottle Belvedere 007 Spectre


Enjoy a glass of Belvedere 007TM Martini or Belvedere Double O at the participating outlets listed below from 1st October to 31st December 2015 and stand a chance to win exclusive SONY prizes worth up to RM 25,995!


•  Grand Prize: Sony Entertainment System (55’ BRAVIA 4K TV + Sony Home Theatre System) worth RM16,798•       1st Prize:    SONY 49″ X Series Bravia 4k LED Backlight worth RM4,999
•       2nd Prize:   SONY Xperia Z3+ Dual worth RM2,599
•       3rd Prize:    SONY Xperia M3 dual worth RM1,599

Participating outlets: 

1.     Onesixfive (Intercontinental Hotel KL)
2.     Bentley’s Pub (Intercontinental Hotel KL)
3.     Luna Bar (Pacific Regency KL)
4.     Sutraa Kitchen & Bar (Changkat Bukit Bintang)
5.     Public House (Changkat Bukit Bintang)
6.     Rock Bottom (Changkat Bukit Bintang)
7.     WhyNot (Changkat Bukit Bintang)
8.     Six Bar (Bangsar)
9.     The Piggy Tail (Bangsar)
10.  Sky Bar (Traders Hotel KL)    …and more!


  1. Each martini/cocktail ordered comes with a lucky draw card for guest to fill in their details on the card.
  2. Cards need to be clipped with their purchase receipt; any lucky draw cards without prove of purchase will be disqualified.
  3. Participation for lucky draw ends on 31st December 2015; winners will be announced after the promotional period (from January 2016 onwards).
  4. Price for martini/cocktail may vary from one outlet to another.


Over one excited weekend as we party with the rest at 212 VIP Party and not to amiss with one of my favourite alcohol brand, Belvedere. Since I was expose to this bottle 4 years ago, it had been one of the favourite drinks with my girlfriends whenever party with them at club.

belvedere (1)

belvedere (2)

 On that party night, many of us are looking forward for DJ Tenashar spinning for the night.

belvedere (3)

belvedere (4)

It was rather impressive that the whole place had change completely from a dining area and now to a mini staging and party area. . .

belvedere (4.1)

belvedere (5)


belvedere (6)

 We have 3 flavours to choose from as original is with soda, then raspberry and orange. The best is always mix with raspberry in my own preference.

belvedere (7)

belvedere (8 (3)

 WE have some performance that night ..

belvedere (8 (1)

Many guys were looking forward for this person, hail all the way from Singapore that had made her mark as no.87 in top 100 DJ spinning is DJ Tenashar. .

belvedere (8 (4)

 As always with the usual suspect, Henry, JAckie, Anna, Benjamin and Henry . .

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 All of us had fun that night .. .

After much hardworking throughout first quater of the year and now we are coming to the last race of second quater, whereby another public holiday will be in place for us to chill which is Labour Day. If you are not heading anywhere during the eve of labour day, then you might wanna check this event out that will be host in Butter Factory especially for party people. Belvedere Vodka with dawn yang.

Timeline Cover FA

Well, why not celebrate your Labour Day holiday with Belvedere Vodka, the world’s first luxury vodka’s, inaugural turn at Passion for Fashion 2013 in association with g Global Media and JM Productions, the event to rub shoulders with professionals from the fashion and entertainment industries!

Dawn Yang

Guess who will be there?

Hosted by models Gemma & Louise and featuring Miami Beach veteran and Pangaea resident DJ Patrick Oliver and blogger/ designer Dawn Yang! Under her label Lexy Lyla, Dawn will be presenting a special collection inspired by Belvedere.

Patrick Oliver

Lets party next week and see you guys there.


RM40 (ladies)/ RM60 (men)
3 pax entry per purchase of one bottle of Belvedere Vodka

For Reservations:  call +6017 268 6566 or email [email protected]

Butter Factory
1 Jalan Kia Peng
50450 Kuala Lumpur,
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

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