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Cafe in Penang. Which is the best? I was often recommended to this Narrow Marrow located in Beach Street is one of the best cafe in Penang. It win many cafe hoppers heart of its classic ambiance, offering of fresh made Tiramisu and not to miss out their signature Tuak in Penang. 


 If you are looking for a place to chill with nice ambiance, I have to agree with many that this could be perhaps one of my favourite cafe ambiance in Penang. Taste of industrial and tastefully decorated with classic scope, mixture of black disk, and other unique antinque. love their Bar table too.DSC00811Best of all, it is also one of the best chill out spot with air condition full blast.DSC00809cafe penangcafe in penangbest cake in penangbest cafe in penangalcohol tiramisu in penangOther variety of fresh cakes available. Happy Hunting. Espresso Baileys Tiramisu is their signature @ RM 22 per piece. Worth it.
penang cafetiramisu

Their Signature Alcoholic Tiramisu. Freshly done from the kitchen. It is soft, ,moist and punch with flavour. Generous amount of cocoa powder too.

Lime Tuak is another drink which is recommended. Super refreshing and punch you with a note of sourness to my linking. Tuak after taste flavour just flows in after that. A right balance. 
tuak in penang
DSC00883DSC00810 avocadoAvocado is just plainalcohol tiramisunarrow marrow in pg



Narrow Marrow

312, Lebuh Pantai, 

10300 Penang

Operating Hours: 3pm – 11pm (Friday – Monday)



Little did I know that actually Penang do have good cofffee. It was a recent gathering with my friend Kevin that he introduce me die die must vist Stairs coffee which is his all time favourite now in Penang as KL visitor. Just realise that they do have alot of outlets in Penang and the first one I visited was Stairs 46Nordin at Nordin Street Penang. best cafe in penanghidden cafe in penang

Love the ambiance as it is not the usual cafe vibe that you got. It is kinda like a bit of bar & cafe combine. I believe they declare that they have the longest bar cafe table in Penang. 

As I scroll on the  menu, Kevin said no need scrool. Order his all time favourite “Dirty Latte” which he misses alot. O

dirty latteDirty Lattecafe in penang

Then for the first time I saw this Omakase Coffee. Usually you heard in dining and here they got it for RM 35 only. GIve it a try lo. Since cheap. Was explain carefully by the barista that you would not know which bean he is using, but with them analysing the drinker, they will then pick the beans which think suits your mood of the day

Follow by a drink that will be transform into 3 different varity in the same cup. That excites me.

best barista in penangDrinks no.2 in process as the brew went into ice cold pitch to chill itnordin streetDrink no.3 turns out to be coffee cocktail – Orange Coffee
orange coffee
orange peel coffee


omakase coffee


stairs nordin streetDSCF6993


stairs 46 nordin street

Now only I know why my friend most of them are member here and also my KL friend highly recommended here. Indeed you will kinda miss their coffee cuz of quality.


46, Lebuh Noordin,

10300 George Town

Operating Hours: 9am – 11pm


I have heard alot about this new cafe Norm Micro Roastery in Penang. Been one of the buzz since after 2020 MCO last year. Since now I manage to go back, decided to pay a visit to this new brunch cafe in Penang. As This is also associated to their two other entity Norm Cafe and also Noct (pretty well known for their cocktails in Penang standard)

cafe in penang

Parking here could be an ass as either you walk far or you pay your fee inside the parking of the new Prestige hotel. I park at open space carpark at Sri Weld Food Court Carpark and walk over. about 3 minutes walk. worth it as better than I get a ticket or got my car tow away.

new cafe in penang

best cafe in penang

Love the ambiance for Norm Micro Roastery as it certainly do have the Australian industrial factory vibe. High ceiling and best of all it is not hot in here. I am impress with the generator in here.

weld quey

Raw wall and natural lighting from the top shining thru the roof indeed will be a perfect instragram cafe in Penang.

famous cafe in penang

Norm Micro Roastery menu

Norm Micro Roastery menu is pretty straight forward and I am here for their coffee as for Penang standard I think they are quite there. (Please we cant compare to KL ones.)

norm cafe

Had hot latte @ RM 13 and Ice Long Black @ RM 9. Long black is the acidic version not really to my liking. Their late is not too bad as the milk is just nice yet not too overpowering or milk to cover the coffee.


Love their Mocha @ RM 13 .Thick enough with well balance of flavor.

pastries in penang

Pastries and desserts are base of the availability of the day. Among the 3 was told all of them was like “meh” again I did not try this but base on my sister’s friend that order them.

brownie in penang


cookies in penang

banana cake

Prawn and Pumpkin Risotto

This is their signature item. Prawn and Pumpkin Risotto @ RM 32. Stock use was perfect and cook to perfection. Moist enough yet it is not dry. Clams used were fresh and it had a good balace of flavour.

best spaghetti in penang

Was told that the Spaghetti Bolognese is the other guy’s favorite. He will try to order this whenever he is here.

chicken burger

Chicken Karage Burger @ RM 25. Very generous piece of Chicken karage. I mean it is really huge. For girls, I would advise you to share. Chicken karage nicely fry up. Slight crips outside and with a multi tower fresh fried wedges. brunch in penangI guess if you are looking for a best cafe in Penang? I guess this might be one of them to try out and perhaps to put into your list then. I certainly do not mind to come back here for their coffee and food again next round.

brunch cafe in penang

There is no name right outside and the main entrance is at a little hidden kind lorong. Drive slow as you would not miss them.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, Coffee and waffle not bad. worth to give it a try-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

13, Gat Lebuh Gereja,
10300 Penang

Operating Hours:
Sunday – Wednesday : 9am – 6pm
Thursday – Saturday : 9am – 10pm

Tel: 016-527 6273

Nowdays, rarely I will visit any cafe as mostly ended up quite ‘meh’. Over past weekend when I was back to Penang,  my friend ask me to at least give Hakuna Matata Cafe at Lebuh Carnavon a try. Since I am back, I brought my parents to check it out too.

Very interesting is that it is a fusion cafe that chef have acquire technical cooking of flavours that infuses local Penang ingredients. Also previously they started out as a dessert cafe and now they do have some mains to go along.

Hakuna Matata (1)

Located just right opposite of the famous chu char Tek Sen, spot for this bright red food truck that sit right outside the shop.

Simple video for your viewing pleasure

Hakuna Matata (2)

As I entered the cafe, instantly fell in love with vibe of this place. Industrial and raw with a mix of some heritage feel in it.

Hakuna Matata (3)

Hakuna Matata (4)

Definitely an instagram heaven, that fit with red brick, raw cemment look, spiral staircase, white brick or even with plants.

Hakuna Matata (5)

Hakuna Matata (6)

Hakuna Matata (7)

Hakuna Matata (8)

Hakuna Matata (9)

Hakuna Matata (11)

Hakuna Matata (12)

Hakuna Matata (13)

Menu is not very huge, as they do not sell spaghetti, hence there is a reason the bright red truck is park outside to cater for diners tummy. Everything is made from scratch by the chef and only produces limited quantity a day to ensure quality of food is there.

Cafe signature is the bunz and bowl rice.

Hakuna Matata (17)

Weather is crazy hot on that day, I ordered Mojito Matata @ RM 15 – lime, mint, cucumber and soda to start off with. A refreshing drink.

Hakuna Matata (20)

Hakuna Matata (21)

Coffee latte for my dad @ RM 10. quite decent as the coffee is slightly robust less acidic that comes to my liking.

Hakuna Matata (10)

Starting off with Signature Pork Roulade @ RM 10. Pack with generous ingredient with chunky mince pork, prawns, water-chestnut and the sauce is the one that make it even  more delicious. Chef special sauce is filled with unique combination of nutmeg, mayo and salsa. I have then requested additional sauce to dip my fries.

Hakuna Matata (31)

Hakuna Matata (14)

These are the chef signature bunz with a twist. Char Siu @ RM 6 is smack with a nice thick slab of char siu and pickled cucumber that give a hint of vineger sourish twist on the caramelise sauce of char siew. Turns out to be quite good as the flavour combination is confuse but a good match.

Hakuna Matata (15)

Another local twist will be the Pulled Pork Bunz @ RM 6 that top with chef special mustard and mui choy.

Hakuna Matata (23)

Then I order their Little Buns Combo Set for myself @ RM 18 with fries and a drink. Try on Spicy Fried Chicken – Signature hot sauce marinated fried chicken mango salad peanut powder. Love the twist of this flavour as you can taste each layer of spicy hot sauce, sour mango and peanut .

next is their own version of Fish & Chips all in a bun. top with straight cut potato, mushy baby peas and gherkin shallot mayo.

Hakuna Matata (26)

My dad had Beer Battered Groupa Fish Fillet Bowl Rice @ RM 21. Infuse with spicy pickled kimchi in the rice. A nice combination of flavour.

Hakuna Matata (28)

As flipping thru for dessert then found this drink British India @ RM 15 which is quite interesting. infuse with nutmeg and never thought turns out to be above expectation.

Hakuna Matata (32)

When Hakuna Matata first started, it started it off as a dessert cafe that serve pretty good chilled cheese cake. What I understand from the manager, she mention that its only limited portion a day. If flavour of that cake is sold out for the day, they will move to next flavour. So it will be depending on your luck.

So since 3 flavour is available, ordered one each. Passion fruit with passion fruit curd, thumbs up for those love this flavour profile, strawberry and classic.

Hakuna Matata (34)

If I were to pick and recommend, definitely classic and lemon curd with passion fruit.

Hakuna Matata (36)

Hakuna Matata (37)

I have not eaten good brownie for ages. If you are here and it is still available, do order it. Love the moisture, less density, and flavor of choc is quite prominent, then drench with tamarind sauce. Serve warm and slightly crisp on the top crust.

Hakuna Matata (38)

Pair it with latte, is just perfect or even americano. One of a recommended cafe if you want to find a place to chill, less busy and nice ambiance also, it is quite rare to find a fusion cafe in Penang. Or i might be wrong.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, one of a recommended cafe in Penang !!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Hakuna Matata Cafe
3, Lebuh Carnarvon,
George Town, 10200 Penang

operating Hours:
Tuesday to Thurs: 11am – 6pm
Friday – Sunday : 11am – 11pm
(Closed Monday & Tuesday)

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