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Old Klang Road indeed famous for a mini food wonder. If you are craving for Japanese food around the area, there are actually 3 outlets which I constantly recommend. If you have more budget and looking for premium quality Japanese dining, Ishin in Old Klang Road is pretty well known to this neighbourhood and those from far like Cheras.

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This used to be my ex company farewell lunch area or any big celebration. Nothing much had change for the past round that we came which is about 6 years ago.

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Still constantly pack with people and best to do reservation on this.

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Love their sushi bar concept where it feels like you are eating a degustation menu from a great chef.

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If you looking for one of your favourite Japanese beer, they have Kirin on draft.

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Variety of sake available.

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Price wise is actually not that expensive.

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Its fun to see chef to do all their sushi, sashimi cutting infront of us.

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For our Sushi Kaiseki adventure, we started off with chef signature Tara Shirako, Angkimo, Maguro Roll with White Radish Sprout served with Ponzu Sauce. Shiro Baigai (sea snail) & Yamamomo Shu.

ishin (15) This is a very interesting combination as from the martini glass, the top ingredient is Cod Sperm, interesting texture, soft and slightly chewy with whale meat at the bottom, with special chef sauce to make the flavour combination very interesting.

ishin (16)

Sea Snail is awesome. Cook to perfection, soft, chewy yet have a very nice sweet hint of taste with freshness in it. End the starter with Yamano shu, which is hint of alcohol and sour plum finish. What a great way to start off the meal.

ishin (17)

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Mushimono Hokkaido King Crab Chawanmushi with Truffle. I must say this is by far the most expensive Chawanmushi that I have come across in my list of Japanese dining experience yet one of the best. @ RM 58 is definately value for money as they are using fresh Hokkaido King Crab with its meat are being steam along to give its sea taste, freshness of meat and sweet end which is steam effect with its shell aroma being brought out. Drink it its steam effect soup to its last drop.

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Let the Sushi Kaiseki experience begin. To those of you who comes across this term for the first time, Kaiseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner with collective of skills from chef preparation along with some conversations in between you and the chef on his dish that will be presented right in front of you. The journey beings with something simple, that will builds up to a center piece or the main ingredient and follow by an ending with a dessert.  Kaiseki is also focus more on traditional Japanese type of food preparation and presentation. In Ishin, they also scrap fresh wasabi for you to add on the spiciness for your experience. For this series, head chef had add in a twist of flavour in it to keep its originality and presented it slightly different.

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Among the journey, this is one of my favourite piece – Engawa with Truffle Sea Salt. Its a very interesting combination as there is a slight twist in it. Freshness of engawa is visible as chef pair it with sea salt to create a hint of sea saltiness along with hint of truffles to put the end taste up. I don mind to have another 3 more piece and it will pairs very well with a hot nice sake.  

ishin (24)

Sushi Shima Aji Wrapped with Radish Sprout is a combination with a hint of bitterness on radish sprouts yet crispiness of seaweed balance out the bitterness and fresh fish to end it.

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Sayori Topped with Spring Onion and Grated Ginger

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This is a build up to the mains where slightly more heavy taste and texture which is  is Salmon Belly Aburi. One of an amazing part of salmon that give you a little fattiness flavour in it. Torch it to get the maximum flavour. Just put the whole piece into your mouth and it burst with flavours.   

ishin (28)

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Maguro with Togarashi Powder, gives you a hint of mild volcanic spiciness. 

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Another great piece of sushi is this Uni with Caviar as sea urchin is so fresh, smooth and nice texture with caviar pairs well with the taste.

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To bring balance back your palate, this Sujiko with Grated Yuzu is to put up next where flavours is very interesting. Egg are burst with flavours and fresh grated yuzu skin being added to give a hint of sourness. 

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While chef perparing on the next sushi, I got all excited when I see this fatty slab of fish which known as Toro! Toro is place nicely and before it is serve, it is torch to get the slightly burn flavour and oil oozing out. Top with grated wasabi to bring hint of spiciness as to balance with its burnt taste. Amazing! Toro with Grated Wasabi 

ishin (33)

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Final sushi is Misuji Wagyu Beef with Truffle Paste Aburi. A masterpiece that carefully crated with fine cutleries to place on the top ingredients to make it look pretty. Not too heavy as wagyu did not over cook. 

ishin (36)

Slightly ending it with Hokkaido King Crab & Fresh Oyster Clear Soup. A perfect way to bring back palate with something clear, fresh and simple. Loving it as soup is pack with freshness and seafood taste.

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Usually I would crave for a chocolate or cakes to end my great meal. However this Musk Melon does it awesome. A simple way to end it as this slice cost RM58. Super sweet, fresh and crunchy texture. Loving it.

Our customise Sushi Kaiseki meal is at RM 350 per pax. However chef is very flexible where you can tell him your preferred budget which start as low as RM180 per pax to kick start this Sushi Kaiseki range. You can choose you would want to go quantity or quality or I do not want to think about it, Chef you help me decide base on my budget!

You can always called up chef and discuss with him on pre-book basis and best to go on Tuesday or Friday whereby all the fresh fish have just flown in.

It a great place to enjoy classic Japanese sushi as you can see it is really classic where the sashimi fish is longer then the sushi rice. Recommended!


ISHIN Japanese Dining
No. 202, Persiaran Kelang Off 3 3/4,
Jalan Kelang Lama, 58000 KL.
Business hours: 12pm- 3pm, 6pm-1am (kitchen closes at 10pm)

Tel: 03 7980 8228

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