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There is this new hidden gem in Bandar Baru Klang that serve Thai Authentic street food. Operate by a lovely couple with his wife from Thai. A home-cook now by bringing her learning experience from mom and aunt to our table. Baan Korat Thai Restaurant is indeed one of the places to visit as it was a highly recommended place by a reader.

I find that their Thai street food style is quite similar to those in Hatyai!

Baan Korat Thai Restaurant

They just started to run this place right after the first CMCO which is in June and now they are being hit again for CMCO 2. However, they are still operating now at this moment with limited seating.

their place is pack during lunchtime with their famous serving of that ala cart and their moo ping is a must-have according to many.

best thai food

What to eat in Klang, perhaps this menu could give you some idea for Thai food in Klang.

Baan Korat Thai Restaurant (3)

For the first time, I am here for their unique serving of Thai Claypot Steamboat (Jim Jum) @ RM 39.90 for 2 pax and also, of course, current famous street food Tomyum Mama Instant Noodle Pork @ RM 28 / Seafood @ RM 35 / Seafood & Mince Pork @ RM 38

Baan Korat Thai Restaurant (4)

Baan Korat Thai Restaurant (5)

their thai Ice tea is also pretty spot on. Thick Thai tea flavour and quite milky. Some of you might find it too sweet but then this drink I find it have to be sweet. One glass will do.

Baan Korat Thai Restaurant (6)

the reason I am here for this is I have never try Thai steamboat before and second, it is cook with charcoal.

Baan Korat Thai Restaurant (7)

Baan Korat Thai Restaurant (8)

The set comes with fresh prawns, squid, clams, slice pork , pork and chicken.

Baan Korat Thai Restaurant (9)

Serve along with 3 sauces which is homemade by the chef herself.

Baan Korat Thai Restaurant (10)

authentic thai food in kl

Baan Korat Thai Restaurant (11)

Baan Korat Thai Restaurant (12)

The soup is unique which is clear, fragrant, sweet from pork bone, yet add in with ginger, lemon grass, dry chili and hint of this leave that make the soup itself very unique and keep drinking on it.

Baan Korat Thai Restaurant (13)

After a while, we are ready to dig in. It is indeed pretty good as first time experiencing this.

Baan Korat Thai Restaurant (14)

authentic thai food in klang

Dipping with the sauce, it has its own flavour. Gren slightly sour, red a a bit spicy and sour. if were to choose, I personally felt the green chili taste better.

authentic thai food in pj

Baan Korat Thai Restaurant (18)

Here is the famous instant mama seafood pot at RM 35. Serve with Thai Roast Pork, Home made thai meat ball, clams, squid, eggs, and fresh prawns.

Baan Korat Thai Restaurant (19)

thai street food

The noodle is cook to perfection. Broth is sweet, milky, creamy, mild spicy and hint of sour end. The soup is cook upon order.

Indeed one of the best Instant mama noodle pot I have had so far! – recommended!

Baan Korat Thai Restaurant (22)

Another dish is chef special classic dish – Baan Korat Special. Serve in Thai Clear soup with minced pork slab, meatball, clams. Drinking the soup itself is quite interesting and if you are in for some taste experience then squeeze lime and add-in of chili powder. It totally enhances the whole bowl of soup.  @ RM 13.90

thai restaurant in kl

thai restaurant klang

thai restaurant

They also do serve mookata and other street food. I will definitely come back again to try out some of their other dishes. It seems like one of the best Thai Street food in Klang that I encounter at the moment. Maybe could beat some of the best thai street food in Klang or in Pj.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, good eh. Recommended!!!~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

No 10, Lorong Tiara 1b,
Bandar Baru Klang,
41150 Klang, Selangor

Operating Hours:
Tuesday – Sunday : 12pm – 3pm / 5pm – 11pm

Tel: 012-350 3003

I have not been exploring this neighborhood since I left my ex company that located at TPM. Not until recently was told that there is a nice Thai food that just open up and decided to check them out. Thai U Up is a new place that came out in Sri Petaling about 3 months ago and it is gaining its popularity among this neighborhood.

ThaiUup (1)

The place is slightly modern with a combination of street and restaurant ambiance.

ThaiUup (2)

ThaiUup (3)

ThaiUup (4)

I am surprise with the menu offerings as it is pretty huge menu and price is very reasonable. 

ThaiUup (5)

ThaiUup (6)

ThaiUup (7)

Their 3 signature drinks, Thai Ice Coffee, Lemon Grass and Thai Ice Tea.

ThaiUup (8)

For classic thai, a must have in my list is Phad Thai where it is very hard to find a nice one in KL. Over here, I think they have fried to perfection where it is slightly moist, and strong taste of flavour just to my liking, worth to order @ RM 15.90

ThaiUup (9)

Next is Tomyum as since they have both type of tomyum we ordered both version, Tom Yum Numsai– Clear Seafood Soup @ RM 29.90. Love the taste of it which is sourish and mild spicy at the end. A perfect starter to kick start off. Follow by Tom Kha Kai (chicken)  @ RM 25.90. More spicy than the clear soup as the milk base of it is very unique in taste. We just love it.

ThaiUup (10)

ThaiUup (11)

Some of the diners do come here for their street food bbq that offers quite a good range too. Fresh Grill Crab @ RM 78 and their home made special chili sauce is a bomb. Just exactly like what I had in Bangkok street food. Super spicy, sourish yet it is a good pairing.

ThaiUup (12)

ThaiUup (16)

We usually do have some fresh oyster that just pair it with lemon, eating oyster here will be slightly different, as the condiments at the side need to put onto the oyster like below and one big bite gulp the whole oyster. Their home made paste and chili make a unique combination in taste with mint leaves push the slight minty taste of it at the end.

ThaiUup (17)

ThaiUup (18)

BBQ prawns and lamb. Lamb is good which is marinated nicely @ RM 10

ThaiUup (19)

ThaiUup (20)

ThaiUup (22)

Pla Nung Manao – Fish with Lemon & Chilli, soup base of it does look clear but pack with flavours. Do stand on the name itself with strong flavour of sourish base and spicy end. Fish is fresh. @ RM 42

ThaiUup (13)

ThaiUup (15)

Otak-Otak Seafood in Coconut (Hor Mok Talay) @  RM18. This is a bomb where rich in flavour and just as to our likings.

ThaiUup (23)

King Nung Nom Sod – Prawns with Milk and Egg @ RM 32.90. Smooth egg base that steam to perfection and top with some ebiko is something worth to try out.

ThaiUup (14)

This might be a slightly different food presentation compare to others, as they are able to cater with special request or private function, where need to discuss with them 3 days in advance. 

ThaiUup (24)

Mango sticky rice is nice, where sticky rice is soft and a well balance in taste and mango is sweet. Tab Tim Krob version of this is very similar to thai street food as us Malaysians would prefer smoother ice base. I think if this drink is left a while after the ice had melted, I think its pretty good. @ RM 6.90

ThaiUup (25)

ThaiUup (26)

Steamed Tapioca is also another classic dessert of theirs.

If you are looking for nice Thai food with street food infuse, this place do offer pretty good food and I certainly will be back again. Got to know that their chef and crew are from Thailand too.

Parking here can be a big problem as limited space is available.

Thai U Up
76, Jalan Radin Anum 1,
57000 Kuala Lumpur,
Operating hours: 12pm – 3pm, 5pm – 12am daily.
Tel: 03-9054 6742

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