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After checking out Rochford wineyard, we were rushing to final place and right opposite them got this new winery Levantine Hill Estate where just newly build as the tar road is still under construction for finishing touch and their exterior just capture our attention and we agreed that must visit before we leave.

Lavantine Hill (1)

Indeed it is brand new as Ezard @ Levantine Hill is a new kid in the block where they just started operating lass than a week or two (it was mid Aug 2015 when I visited them)

Lavantine Hill (2)

Right in front of the main entrance is their whole wine estate and they have another place that can host private event right at the mini hill top at the left that have a private house for the function.

In this wineyard, they are not only famous for their wine selection as they have estate-grown truffle.

Lavantine Hill (3)

Love how the design of the place with its sleek curvy roof and spans of glass, with stunning, barrel-shaped tasting booths.

Lavantine Hill (4)

Teage Ezard has taken his famed gourmet experience outside the city limits to offer locals and visitors to the Yarra Valley the perfect dining match to Levantine Hill’s critically acclaimed wines.

In amongst the stunning bucolic vineyard views, visitors can enjoy Levantine Hill wines matched to dishes inspired by the classic food styles of Europe, which Teage Ezard has enhanced with new flavours and combinations. (source from Levantinehill)

Lavantine Hill (5)

Lavantine Hill (6)

Lavantine Hill (7)

Lavantine Hill (8)

Lavantine Hill (9)

Lavantine Hill (10)

Here you go on the menu and also the experience of it. We went for their Levantine Hill Exclusive Wine tasting at Aud 25. (if you purchase any bottle from the range, it will be waived.)

Lavantine Hill (11)

Lavantine Hill (12)

Before it start, you will be given a wine tasting card to familiarise with the taste of it.

Lavantine Hill (13)

Lavantine Hill (14)

Lavantine Hill (15)

Lavantine Hill (16)

Lavantine Hill (17)

Lavantine Hill (18)

Lavantine Hill (19)

He is indeed a superb guy. Make the whole tasting journey memorable and fun. We ended up buy back 3 bottles. AS the texture and taste is pretty good.

Lavantine Hill (20)

We were lucky to make a quick stop here as we were making rounds around the wine yard around the area and still find that the dining experience here is much better. Too bad when we make a turn back here, they were closed.


  1. Yering Station
  2. Domaine Chandon

Food menu can check it out here.

882-886 Maroondah Hwy,
Coldstream VIC 3770, Australia

Phone:+61 3 8602 0850

Opening Hours:

Cellar Door:10am to 6pm Monday, Wednesday to Sunday
All Day Dining:10am to 6pm Monday, Wednesday to Sunday
Signature Restaurant:10am to 6pm Monday, Wednesday to Sunday

Starting my wine tour in Yarra Valley as time is pretty limited, I was highly introduce to visit this 3 wineyard from the 2 ladies at Tourist information center in the City. Of course Domaine Chandon is in my list to visit along with their recommendations is a plus to be top in the list.

Chandon (2)

How I got to know about this brand is during my first wine tasting about a few months ago before I flow off to Melbourne on mid Aug 2015- Dan Buckle that was hosting the new range of Chandon for the lunch pairing. (click here)

Chandon (3)

It was a bright sunny winter with temperature at 16 degree which is just perfect for a road trip.

At the entrance driving into the wineyard, is filled with with tress that are bold for winter season where you will reach a huge carpark after minutes driving into the property.

I got excited when walking towards their main entrance as love this classy  old English Classic house.

Chandon (4)

As walking into their show room, you are greeted with all their product labels and history.

Chandon (5)

Chandon (6)

Chandon (7)

and with your self discovery around the area, where it is a open tour, you can walk by yourself as it is filled with all the information you need at each station.

Chandon (8)

I love this walkway where modern meet classic.

Chandon (9)

At the far end right after the mini tour, you will reach their shop and also wine tasting session is also available at the bar.

Chandon (10)

There is a minimal charges for wine tasting and the list is pretty interesting.

Chandon (11)

Chandon (13)

Chandon (14)

Chandon (15)

Chandon (16)

Chandon (17)

For their restaurant, I am definately in for their seating nearby the window that overlook the wineyard.

Chandon (18)

Chandon (19)

Chandon (20)

Sitting outside here with a glass of wine, and overlook the entire wineyard with cool breeze blowing is just relaxing. I do not mind to glue myself in this area for 2-3 hours.

Chandon (21)

Chandon (22)

Chandon (23)

Chandon (24)
Chandon (25)

After finishing the whole experience, indeed it will be a great place for pre-wedding shoot or even host a wedding lunch here. Before we head off, we bought a few bottles back which is only available in this wineyard.

Indeed one of a few best wineyard to visit. You can visit their website for more info – Chandon

727 Maroondah Hwy,
Coldstream VIC 3770, Australia
Phone:+61 3 9738 9200

Open Daily: 10:30 AM – 4:30 PM

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