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It had been a while since I last had quite a good Japanese Food. Yakitori Dining FUKUDA is one of my latest discovery that located in Sri Hartamas or just a stone throw away from Home n Away Bar. To my surpise that they had been operating for 4 years and little did I notice even I pass by the road 3-4 times a week.

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As I walked into the restaurant, you will be greeted with the usual greetings. What surpise me that most of the diners there are filled with Japanese. Of course this makes the first impression that food in here will be quite authentic.

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Smoked and flavours from Yakitori that is grilling fills the air, that my eyes are attracted to the pit. Making my stomach growls instantly.

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Love the menu as the food here seem to be quite classic. Since there is 3 of us, we are starting off with:

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1. Iburi-Gakko (Smoked Radish) with Cream Cheese @ RM 18.80. One of a unique item that I am trying for the first time. Was explain by the manager that the Smoked raddish is carefully picked by the owner and air flown all the way from Japan. No wonder the texture is so different. Give you little cruch yet a little chewy end. Cream cheese add the smoothness of flavour on it. – Recommended.

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2. Karaage Fried Chicken @ RM 19.80

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One of the classic or widely in the menu in some Japanese restaurant. Bara Chirashi @ RM 49.80 that is filled with  Sake (Salmon), Kampachi (Yellowtail), Hotate (Scallop), Ikura (Fish Roe) and Ebi (Prawn). I would say for the price I am paying, it seems all worth it as the sashim is fresh and quite genrous too. Just that I wish the soy sauce they use is slightly lighter and more fragrant (personal taste preference)

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Spicy Miso Tori-Tonkotsu with Soup Ramen @ RM 28.80. Love the broth here, as it is slightly thick, pack with flavour and give you an instant punch of spicy yet it dissapear quite fast too. Great stuff.

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Iberico Pork & Chicken Spicy Chanko Nabe with Chicken White Rich Soup (Sumo Hot Pot) @ RM 88.80 is quite interesting. Never know that Japanese version of hotpot will be in this format, as I always thought of shabu shabu or the smaller pot shabu. This is the bigger version and it is pack with Iberico Pork, Chicken Meat, Chicken Meat Ball, Mushroom, Enoki, Carrot, Cabbage .

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Iberico pork balls, soft, tender and juicy. Punch with a hint of ginger too.

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Eringi Mushroom with Foie Gras is grill to perfection. It grill to a thin crust layer on the outer of the skin that just crack slightly in your mouth yet the center is cook to medium that near melts in your mouth. The salt and charred taste make it a perfect piece not to be missed.  RM 36.80

This is What we are here for actually. Was told that they are quite well know for their Grilled Skewers and I must say, top notch!

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the Skewers & Grilled pit is only available for dinner starting from 6pm-11pm

1. Negima @ RM 6.80
2. Cream Cheese with sweet soy sauce @ RM 9.80
3. Heart @ RM 5.80 (recommended)
4. Chicken Thighs *Momo @ RM 6.80
5. Iberico Pork Cheek Meat @ RM 12.80 (recommended)
6. Scallop @ RM 13.80
7. Chicken Skin @ RM 6.20 (recommended)
8. Japanese Leek @ RM 8.80
9. Japanese Ginko @ RM 8.80
10. Pork Belly @ RM 8.80 (recommended)
11. Scallop Butter @ RM 18.80 (recommended)
12. Clam Skewer *Limited Time Offer (Promo price RM8 *6-8pm; RM10 *from 8pm onwards) (recommended)

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With such menu, of course we must have alcohol to go along.
1. Suntory Beer @ RM 22.80
2. Kaku Highball @ RM 24.80
3. House Sake 180ml @ RM 46

This makes Yakitori Dining FUKUDA one of my recommended restaurant to be whenever you are craving for nice Japanese Yakitori in KL and especially their Yakitori is good! One of a good Japanese food in Hartamas

Yakitori Dining Fukuda by Torifuku
No.39-G,Jln 23/70A,
Desa Sri Hatamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6206 3526

Operating Hours:
12 pm – 2 pm / 6 pm – 12 am

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